How Do I Use a Bosch Red Laser Rangefinder During the Day? – Complete Guide with FAQs & More

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How to use a Bosch Red Laser Rangefinder during the day?

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How to use a Bosch Red Laser Rangefinder during the day?

To do measurements outside with a laser rangefinder you would be needing an Optical scope or Digital point finder. Without these, you can only see the laser pointer at a maximum of 30 feet.

To use the Bosh laser Rangefinder during the day follow these steps.

  1. Hold the device firmly against your chosen starting point. like a wall, floor, or inside of a door frame.
  2. Turn on the laser distance measure.
  3. Point it where you would like to measure it.
  4. Press the measure button.
  5. Keep the laser still until the measurement appears on the screen.

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Laser Measuring Tools

Laser measuring tools are used by professionals who measure distances accurately. They’re very useful when you need to measure something accurately.

They’re also great for making sure your measurements are accurate. This tool is really helpful for people who do construction or remodeling.

The Bosch – GLM50C is a high-quality laser measuring tool that comes with many useful features. This device is compatible with Bluetooth technology, and it has a tilt sensor. The graphical user interface is very intuitive.

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Is a Green Laser Better for Outdoor Use?

A green laser beam will outshine a red laser beam. However, a red laser beam is better suited for outdoor use because it will perform better in bright sunlight. Red lasers are also cheaper than green lasers.

Laser levels are great tools for measuring distances. You should always use green lasers because they are easier to see than red ones. Red lasers require more energy and will drain your batteries faster.

Green lasers last longer and are more useful.

Red laser levels will continue to be used as well as green laser levels. Green laser levels are growing in usage due to their ability to see farther than red laser levels.

Green laser beams are brighter and more visible than red laser beams. Green laser levels are also easier to aim at.

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Important Features

Dewalt – DW099s Bosch – GLM20 Fluke – 414d Stakeout: When placing features like walls, fixtures, shelves, or other items at exact, regular intervals, use stakeout mode to mark those spots.

Bosch gives you an indication of where your mark is located on the inch-and-a-half tall screen as you slide the device over, while Leica just tells how far you have to go to reach your next mark.

Measurements are taken by using the measurement tool. Paint coverage is measured by adding up all the walls, subtracting from windows and doors, and adding up again to get an estimate of the total wall area needed.

Laser measurement tools typically include an automatic calculation function. This makes them very useful when checking the height of buildings or other features you can’t reach.

A laser level, angle finders, and tape measures are great tools for measuring walls. But, if you want to get more accurate measurements, then you’ll need to use a laser level.

The meter offers a foot-inch-and-fraction mode to mimic the measurements you’d get from an actual tape measure. There are also fraction mode, an inch mode, and a decimal Laser mode.

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How Do I Use a Bosch Red Laser Rangefinder During the Day?

How Do I Use a Bosch Red Laser Rangefinder During the Day?

Basic Use

Laser distance meters are used by many people to measure distances. The most common ones are Bosch GLM50C, Leica DISTO D2, Tacklife HD60, Klein Tools 93LDM65, and others.

These devices are designed to be used outdoors, but they may also be used indoors. Some laser distance meters can extend up to 165 inches or 330 feet.

Most of them have an adjustable reference leg, and some models even come with a tripod.

Bluetooth Compatibility

DEWALT DW099S Bluetooth Laser Level is a great example of an underwhelming product. While it does meet basic needs, it doesn’t do anything more than what the manufacturer says it can do. There are no other apps available that work with this model.

Unique Functions

A tilt sensor is the real blockbuster value in this package. It allows you to measure angles without having to guess if the line is plumb or not.

It also measures heights indirectly using the tilt sensor instead of having to rely on you making a 90-degree base measurement.


Laser distance measuring tools have come far since the early days when we used tape measures. We liked the ease of use and accuracy of the inexpensive laser rangefinders we tested.

These all worked well for taking room or DIY project measurement.

If you’re working outdoors on a larger job, you’ll want to spend more money to buy a tool with a sight glass or digital camera for accurate measurements at over 100 feet.

If you have any queries reach out in the comments section below.

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