How Do You Change a Bushnell Bowhunter Rangefinder From Meters to Yards? – Step-by-Step Guide with FAQs & More

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Bushnell Prime Rangefinders Instruction Manual

You should read this manual before using your laser rangefinder.


A laser rangefinder is a device used to measure distances by sending out a beam of light and measuring how long it takes for the beam to return to the device.

Laser rangefinders use lasers instead of radio waves because they do not bounce off objects as much as radio waves. This allows them to be accurate over longer ranges than other devices.

Note: You will get two different answers based on the target’s reflective properties. For instance, if you shoot at a white wall, you’ll get a much longer answer than if you shoot at a black wall. The reason is that the white wall reflects the laser towards the unit, allowing it to travel further. On the other hand, if you shoot at the black wall, the laser doesn’t reflect and therefore travels less far.

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How Do You Change a Bushnell Bowhunter Rangefinder From Meters to Yards?

How Do You Change a Bushnell Bowhunter Rangefinder From Meters to Yards?

Battery Activation and Battery Life Indication

Before using your camera, remove the battery cover by lifting the battery compartment cover tab and then rotating the cover counter-clock way. Remove and discard the black plastic disc covering the positive terminal, then replace the cover.

Displa Indicators

The rangefinder has an angle indicator, a battery level indicator, a target aiming circle, a bull’s eye dot, a line-of-sight distance indicator, a holdover indicator, a bullet drop indicator, a primary numeric display, a secondary numeric display, a setup mode indicator, an angle indicator, a Bushnell prime rangefinder instruction manual.

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Targeting Modes

When you set your target, you should use the bull’s eye mode. You can change the mode by pressing the Mode button once.

You can see the crosshairs moving across the screen as you can around your target. When you release the fire button, the rangefinder returns to the last position.

Targeting mode allows objects to be ignored. You can see the distance to objects by moving the aiming circle slowly over them. When more than one object is detected, only the furthest object will be shown.

You must press the fire button while moving the device slowly from object to object. This will cause the laser to hit multiple targets. Once the device shuts off, it will always default back to your last target mode.

Angle Range Compensation Arc

A laser rangefinder with an inclinometer is a great tool for hunting. You can use this device to measure distances while shooting. When you shoot, you need to know if there is a hill or a valley behind your target.

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Using the Setup Menu

The setup menu is used to select various settings, including the arc mode, distance units, and more. After powering on the device, hold the mode button down until “setup” appears in the display. You will remain in the setup menu until you change or confirm every setting, and “setup” is no longer displayed. When in the setup menu, press the mode button to scroll through or toggle the available items. Press fire to confirm and save the current setting. The first item you could select from the setup menu is the arc mode. Press the mode button until the icon for what you want is displayed, and press the fire button to confirm and continue changing other related settings.

Cleaning and General Care

Cleaning your laser rangefinder lenses properly is important. You should blow off any dust or debris on them before you clean them. Use a soft lens brush to clean them.

Cleaning lenses with a microfiber cloth is very easy. Breathe lightly on the lens to moisten it slightly, then gently rub the glass using a circular motion. Do this until you see the dust disappear. Then use the included microfiber cloth to wipe away any remaining residue.

Apply the fluid to the cleaning cloth – never directly on the lens. All exterior lens surfaces have an EXO barrier coating. EXO barrier is the best protective lens coatings technology Bushnell has ever produced. EXO barrier molecularly bonds to the glass and fills the microscopic pores. The result is an extremely slick coating that repels water, oil, fog, dirt, and debris. Rain, snow, fingerprints, and dust will not stick. EXO BARRIER is built to last: The bonded coating will not fade over time or normal wear and tear. The rangefinder is waterproofed to IPX4 standards, but should not be immersed.

You could get irreparable damage from unauthorized service attempts. Also, you could void the warranty by doing this. If the unit doesn’t turn on or doesn’t respond to button presses, check and replace the battery with a new one.

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Range finding is done by sending out a pulse of light and measuring how long it takes for the returning beam to reach the sensor.

This process is called time-of-flight (TOF) measurement. The range is calculated based on the speed of light and the distance traveled by the laser pulse.

When you press the fire button, the laser emits a short burst of energy. The sensor measures how much time passes between when the laser fires and when it returns. That time is used to calculate the distance to the object.

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