How Does the Atn Xsight 2 Rangefinder Work? – Here’s Everything You Need to Know & more

People often ask how does the ATN Xsight 2 Rangefinder work?

Let’s find out!

How Does the Atn Xsight 2 Rangefinder Work?

The Atn Xsight 2 is a Smart rangefinder that runs on four AA-lithium batteries. It is loaded with multiple useful features and functions that enhance your hunting skills.

The working and functions of the Atn Xsight 2 rangefinder are as follows.


The first screen you’ll see when you turn on your phone when you will turn on the rangefinder is the home screen. It consists of scales, status bar icons, and information widgets.

The e-compass scale shows yaw angle, the roll scale shows rifle cant, and the pitch scale shows rifle inclination.

Displays information about the current system status. When the battery is low, the icons become invisible. When there is no memory card, the red icon appears.

The calculator, Bluetooth, and Widgets wifi functions are disabled.

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System Settings

Night mode allows you to see your target better during low light conditions. Rangefinder helps you calculate the distance to your target.

Advanced shortcut lets you quickly access features such as zero reticles, rangefinder, night vision, etc.

  • The environment shows you what type of environment you’re shooting in.
  • WiFi gives you an idea of how long it takes to connect to a wireless network.
  • Zero reticle makes aiming easier by removing the crosshair from the screen.
  • Ballistics calculator calculates bullet drop and windage for you.
  • Gallery lets you view pictures taken with your camera.

You can navigate the carousel by clicking the left and right arrows. When you get to the last page, you can scroll back up using the scroll wheel or keypad buttons.

Shot Zero is an easy-to-use rifle scope. You can switch between day and night vision modes. You can also use the smart rangefinder to help you aim accurately.

Night Vision

Night Vision mode is only available in the x-sight 4k pro series. To turn night vision off, press the ok button. Then select day or night mode by clicking on either day or night mode.

You can also use shortcuts to quickly access the carousel containing your scopes features.

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Ballistic Calculator

Hunt responsibly by making sure your shots hit the targets each and every time. You must make sure you know how far away your target is, what kind of wind there is, whether or not you’re shooting at an angle, etc.

Advanced mode settings enable you to use the ballistics calculator. You need to enter all relevant information about the weapon being fired.

Auxiliary Ballistic Laser

This product is made by a company called “X-Sight”. It makes scopes for hunters. The laser rangefinder is optional. You can use this if you want to be more accurate.


You should adjust the diopter ring until you see an image as clearly as possible. Then you should leave it alone.

Rotating the adjustment ring is necessary to get the right focus at different distances.

Smart Mil-Dot Reticle

This reticle is smart, adjustable, dynamic, and gives instant POI adjustments. You can adjust the mil dots to be hash marks or MOA. You can also use the ballistic calculator to get an exact holdover.

Now depending on your load, mils can be programmed into this Smart Mil-Dot reticle. This reticle adjusts with magnification throughout the whole zoom range.

Reticle Style Adjustment

You can manage reticle style settings in the system settings.

To enter the system settings, follow these steps.

Step # 1: Open the shortcut carousel by pressing the ok button.

Step # 2: Select the wrench symbol with the right or left buttons.

Step # 3: Press the ok button to enter the menu.

Step # 4: Choose display in the tab menu. Movement between the tabs is carried using the left and right buttons using the scroll wheel or keypad buttons.

Step # 5: Select the reticle style sub-category.

Step # 6: Press the ok button to select it.

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Compass Calibration

Calibrating the compass requires rotating the device on three axes. The calibration word appears instead of the scale. The compass works best when held perpendicular to the ground.

Recoil Activated Video

Never miss that excellent hunting moment. Turn on RAV, and let the X-sight record directly to your SD card, recoil activated video (RAV).

Recoil Activated Video takes care of all your worry, just relax and focus on your Game and let the obsidian core do the heavy lifting.

The ultra-low power consumption of the new dual-core processor not only runs fast but runs cool.

Dual Stream Video

Obsidian 4 streams video at high definition quality. It also records to an SD card inside.

Charging the Device

A USB (type C) connector is located on the right side of this scope. There is a USB (type C)-to-USB (type A) cable included with your scope. Plug this cable into a USB wall adapter that outputs 2 amps.

Your scope should be charged for 6 hours using a 2A USB charger. Using a charger with lower amperages will take longer to charge the battery.

You should use a 2A USB charger, as recommended by the manufacturer. Charging time (from 0 to full) is 6 hours.

Xsight 2 is a rangefinder with 18 hrs of continuous battery power on a fully charged battery.

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How Does the Atn Xsight 2 Rangefinder Work?

How Does the Atn Xsight 2 Rangefinder Work?


The X-Sight 4k has a 3.5-inch eye relief, and can also be mounted using 30mm mounting rings. ATN provides two standard rings and one I-shaped ring (for X-Sight 4 K Pro only).

The I-shaped ring is for those instances where you need extra eye relief. For mounting the eye relief on your X-Sight 4k follow these simple steps.

Step # 1: First, choose your preferred rings and position them on your rails for optimal eye relief.

Step # 2: Then place the bottom portions of your mounts into the bottom half of your rings.

Step # 3: Place the top portions of your rings over the bottom halves of your rings, making sure the holes line up and the screws turn easily with an Allen wrench.

Step # 4: Tighten your rings evenly by applying equal torque to each screw with the supplied Allen wrench.

Step # 5: Make sure that your rings are secure on your rifle rails and won’t come loose due to recoil or other forces.

For mounting the X-Sights on the Picatinny rails follow the steps below.

Step # 1: Loosen the fixing screws on the side of the mounting rings.

Step # 2: Then place the riflescope on the rail so that the projection (the part that goes into the base) of the rail enters the recess (the part that goes inside).

Step # 3: Tighten the fixing screws.

Video Recording

You need to insert a memory card into the camera before using this feature. Videos will be saved on the memory card. The counter widget shows up while recording.

To start recording, press the shutter button once.

RAV widget appears when you start recording video. You can stop recording by pressing the RIGHT button again. The Time Counter shows how much time you’ve spent recording.


When you select a new reticle shape, you can use the arrow keys to move between them. You can also choose different colors by pressing the left or right buttons.

Once you’ve chosen your color, press the OK button to accept it.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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