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How to use Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder?

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Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Review

A golfer or a hunter should know how important the knowledge of distance is. You may lose a game if your caddy or you estimate the wrong distance. Similarly, you may lose your prey if your bow does not go far enough as the estimated distance to the target is not correct. You need a reliable, accurate, and long-lasting rangefinder to help you improve your game and hunt.

This product is very useful for golfing. You can easily get your target distance by using this device. It is also legal for use during tournaments. It is also a great gift for any golfer.

How to Use Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder?

How to Use Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder?

Features of Bushnell Medalist Laser Rangefinder

Our Bushnell Medalist Rangefinders reviews will start with the features.


A tiny device that you can wear around your neck or put in your pocket. It’s very light and doesn’t cause any disturbances. You can use it as an alarm clock, calculator, and even a flashlight.

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Batteries are used in many devices such as walkie-talkies, transistor radios, clocks, etc. So they are easily available in the market. Also, they are durable.


A camera that displays the measurements taken by the device.

X Magnification

A rangefinder with a magnification ability of 4x or higher is recommended. This model is among the best ones available. It also provides a steady view.

Pinseeker Technology

The Bushnell Laser Range Finder uses pin-seeker technology to help it focus on the flag while blocking out everything else around it. Pin-seeker technology allows the laser rangefinder to measure distance more accurately.

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The Bushnell Medalist is accurate to 1 yard or more than 100 yards. It doesn’t require any reflectors. Long-distance calculations may take a while, but you won’t be shooting that hard.


Accuracy matters in shooting games. A rifle should be accurate enough to hit targets within 2-3 yards. The Medalist provides an accuracy level of +/-1 meter, which is very good for a gun.


This product is designed for outdoor use. It has 4 different modes. Scan Mode, Rain Mode, Reflector Mode, and Night Vision Mode.

A pin seeker mode is used by soldiers to measure the distance to a target. This mode uses an extremely accurate gun that fires a projectile that is guided by a magnet.

Laser Beams

Laser beams are dangerous because they can damage your eyes if you’re not careful. The Medalist uses safe lasers to measure distances. The Medalist bounces the beam back to determine the distance.

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Medals are used by people who want to buy things. You can easily buy them using the Medalist. The Medalist is easy to use because it only requires you to point it towards an object and press a button. However, if you need help, you may need to read manuals or ask someone else to show you how to use the device.


A gun that is accurate up to +/-1 meter, and has a range of up to 100 meters. It is weatherproof and uses batteries. It also has a rain mode.

A robot that measures distances using lasers. The robot uses a rubber grip to help stabilize itself while measuring distances.


This camera is very easy to use. You can easily take pictures of your friends and family without having to worry about them. It also takes great pictures.

However, there are some problems with this camera.

First, it needs to be checked every once in a while to make sure everything works correctly.

Second, the battery cover may fall off if you drop it too many times.

Third, the LCD screen may fail if you drop it too much.

Lastly, the casing may crack if you drop it too often.

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Some people think that having black spots on the viewfinders is normal. But you should know that this is not true. You may be able to see these spots if your eyesight is weak or you’re nearsighted. In such cases, you need to get glasses.

A rangefinder is used to measure distances. It doesn’t vibrate when swinging. It measures distances accurately. Therefore, it is used to improve golf shots.

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