How Many Epson R-D1 Rangefinder Cameras Were Made? – All You Need to Know with Pro Tips & More

How many Epson RD1 rangefinder cameras were made?

Let’s find out!

How Many Epson R-D1 Rangefinder Cameras Were Made?

The total number of Epson R-D1 rangefinder cameras that were made is around 10,000. The original R-D1 rangefinder camera was introduced in 2004 and was discontinued in 2007.

The successors of R-D1 are the R-D1s, R-D1x, and R-D1xG.

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Epson RD Series Successor That Was Never Released

The new camera was revealed as part of an online event. Unfortunately, the event was live streamed, but you can still see some images from it. The new camera looks very similar to the original R-D1, but it’s much smaller and lighter.

However, this new camera was not meant to replace the R-D1. The rangefinder was discontinued in 2014, and the new camera doesn’t look like it’s meant to take over the R-D1’s place.

The successor to the R-D1 was a very interesting device. It features a large screen and a timeless design.

It’s neat to see a back-of-the-scene look at camera design and see a camera that never was! Sadly, the Epson rangefinders series ended but it’s great that in 2022, the R-D1 series gets another moment in the sun. And it’s cool that the fans get another chance to come together to celebrate an important part of photography history.

Epson RD Rangefinder

Exposure meters work by averaging out the whole image. This makes them more predictable than human judgment. However, this also limits creativity.

You need to decide what you want the exposure to be. You can use the intelligent matrix metering mode, but the viewfinder isn’t always accurate. You can also try to override the exposure by using manual settings.

How Many Epson rd1 Rangefinder Cameras Were Made?

How Many Epson R-D1 Rangefinder Cameras Were Made?

Status Gauge

This is an amazing piece of technology. Its design is minimalistic and simple. You can use it anywhere, anytime without any hassle.

Shutter Lever

The Epson R-D2 has a lever that cock the shutter. It will take pictures without you doing this first, but it’s an extra step.

Other cameras can get the same job done in simpler, quicker ways. It completes the illusion of using a film camera.

However, It’s disappointing that there isn’t a similar lever on the Leica M-10-D. But cocking the shutter by hand can save some battery life.

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Flippy Screen

There are three possible ways to position your camera. Either front, back, or ‘awkward 180° facing right’ screen positions are available on this model.

The good thing is you can live without it – all the essential dials and buttons are on the camera body. You go around, shoot photos, and forget about the preview image just taken. Also, you don’t have a live view – another reason to turn that screen backward.

Low Capacity

Epson R-D 1 is a digital camera that can hold up to 2GB of memory. It’s about 100 raw + jpeg pictures. Not as much as 36 exposures, but still, the fact that it holds only 2GB makes me shoot thriftily.

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Built Quality

This camera was made a long time ago when digital cameras were very expensive and fragile. It is heavy, but not too heavy, and it feels solid.

The rubber skin gets loose after some time, so I had to clean everything underneath and stick a new skin on top.

Jog Dial

The jog dial is an invisible feature that allows you to navigate the menus and images. You can use it to zoom in and out, move around the screen, and even adjust the picture quality and white-balance settings.

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Final Thoughts

The R-D1 produces very nice images, even if they’re not as sharp or detailed as some other cameras. You can easily scale them up and see the difference between the old-school analog film and the new digital world. There’s a little bit of noise, but nothing too bad.

Epson R-D1 is a great camera for beginners who want to get into photography. It’s challenging, and you’ll learn a lot about how to use your camera.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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