How to Change Suaoki Rangefinder From Meters to Yards? – All You Need to Know with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask How to change Suaoki Rangefinder from meters to yards?

Let’s find out!

How to Change Suaoki Rangefinder From Meters to Yards?

The rangefinder has two modes: “meters” and “yards.”

To switch between them, press the Menu button and select either mode.

How to Change Golf Rangefinder From Meters to Yards?

  • Turn off the unit before changing the settings.
  • Then, you need to press the button on the side of the unit until the screen says “Rangefinder Off”.
  • After this, you need to press and hold the button on the top of the unit until the display reads “Rangefinder On” (this may take a few seconds).
  • Finally, you need to press both buttons simultaneously until the display reads “Set Range” (again, this may take a few seconds)
  • Press the power button until the display shows “OK”.

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How to Fix Golf Rangefinder?

When fixing a golf rangefinder, follow these steps

  • Check if there is any damage to the display. If yes, consult a professional. If not, then proceed to the next step
  • Clean the batteries. If this fixes your problem, you can skip the next step.
  • Replace the batteries

If this doesn’t work, then you may need to replace the entire unit. We would advise you to have it checked out by a professional.

Solution to Common Problems of Golf Rangefinders

Blank Display

Rangefinder problems are often caused by changes in mode. Use the mode button to switch modes. You may need to refer to the manual to solve this problem.

However, if changing the mode does not work, then there may be a more serious issue. Loose connections can cause this issue but they should be fixed by experts only. Don’t try to fix this yourself.

Contacting the manufacturer is the best option. But, if you’re a pro, you can fix the loose connections. Just open the device, spot loose connections, and fix those.

Unclear readings

This is an error message. You should check if the device is working properly or not.

Try changing the mode by pressing the button on the side. If that doesn’t work, read the manual for possible solutions.

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How to Change Suaoki Rangefinder

How to Change Suaoki Rangefinder From Meters to Yards?

How to Hold Golf Rangefinder Steady?

To hold a rangefinder steady you should

  • Use a rangefinder that fits your hand well.
  • Use a bigger golf rangefinder because using two hands improves stability.
  • DosStrength exercises that help improve your dexterity.
  • Practice. To be successful at anything you must practice.

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How Do I Reset My Bushnell Rangefinder?

To reset a Bushnell rangefinders, there are four methods available.

Method # 1 – Re-Inserting Battery

You can use a screwdriver or a hammer to remove the battery cover.

Then, place the batteries back into the device.

Method # 2 – Dial Counter

If you’re using an older model, you can simply turn the dial counter clockwise until the green light comes on.

Method # 3 – Resetting the Batteries

  • Remove the battery cap on the front of the unit.
  • Take the battery out and put it back in.
  • Push down on both buttons simultaneously for two seconds.

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Method # 4 – Using Clear Display Button

Clear the display by pressing the Clear button on the back of your Bushnell rangefinder.

Final Thoughts

Golf rangefinders are used by people who play golf. They help them locate the distance to the hole. This device is very useful because it helps players improve their game. You can use a rangefinder to measure distances to holes.

However, if your rangefinder breaks down, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible.

We hope this article helped you. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.

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