How to Connect Rangefinder to X Sight 2? – Here’s What You Can Do About it!

People often ask, how to connect Rangefinder to X Sight 2?

Let’s find out!

How to Connect Rangefinder to X Sight 2?

The rangefinder connects to the camera using a USB cable. It will automatically detect the camera and display the settings.

Tips for Using the Rangefinder

MicroSD USB and HDMI Ports

The device is equipped with a Micro SD Card, Micro USB, and a Micro HDMI port. You can find them underneath the cap near the battery. To open the cap you need to unscrew it clockwise. Make sure that your device is turned off before plugging the card into the slot!

A new card should be formatted after use. You can insert a MicroSD card by Pushing it with a thin object (small coin, paper clip, or toothpick) to lock them in place. Return the cap into the housing (clockwise until finger tight).

Don’t try to force the card into the reader. You might break the scope. Use a thin object to pull out the card.

You need to make sure your SD card is fast enough to record high-quality video.

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Installation of Batteries

This product requires 4 x AA batteries. Do not use alkaline or rechargeable batteries. Replace the battery caps when you change batteries.

Do not over-tighten as it may cause damage to your device. After replacing batteries, make sure that the red o-ring is not visible. This will prevent shutdown issues due to recoil. Turn off the device before changing the source of energy.

How to Update the Firmware

You should always check if there are any updates for your device before using it. This is especially true for smartphones and tablets.

Firmware updates should be done using ATN’s official website. Do not use any other sources of power while updating the firmware.

Firmware updates are automatic. You do not need to turn on your device manually. Your device will automatically reboot when the firmware update counter reaches 100%.

The motion-sensing platform will be configured when turned on. Once the firmware update completes, please do a factory reset before using the device. Please remember to delete the firmware file off of the micro SD card after all steps are complete.

If the device doesn’t restart within 30 seconds, remove and re-insert the batteries, and again powered up the device. Once the device has been updated you will want to either format the card or delete the update file manually.

In the event you do not follow the previous steps, the system will ask you if you wish to update the device each time you turn it on.

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Pressing the power button should shut down your device. You should also be able to choose whether or not to turn off the device.

Using the Keypad

The keyboard is programmed to be used for both short taps and quick taps. When you press and hold down a button, it will open up a shortcut menu. To exit this menu, use the left or right arrow keys. Use the space bar to zoom in and out.

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When adjusting the diopter, make sure to look through the eyepiece and focus on the reticle on your screen. Don’t remove the rubber cap from the objective lens.

Focus your camera by adjusting the focus ring on the lens. Rotate the adjustment dial to adjust the focus.


Mount your X-Sight 2 as follows: Loosen the fixing screws on the Picatinny mount built inside the scope. Place the Scope on the Picatinny Rail of the Firearm. Tighten the fixing Screws. Fixing screws may require retightening after the continuous shooting. We suggest using Loctite to ensure the screws won’t loosen during shooting.

Long Range MW Infrared Illuminator

This device is used for hunting, law enforcement, and search and rescue. It is very powerful and long-range. You should read the manual before you use it. If there is a problem, refer to the troubleshooting tips.

This flashlight has an aluminum body, waterproof to IPX-8 standards, easy to mount, flawlessly white beam, and a one-year warranty. It also comes with a battery tube.

The IR850 has three stages of output. Low at 5% (low), medium at 30% (medium) and high at 100% (high). The IR850 uses low power when you need to use your flashlight as a night light or emergency light. When you want to be seen by others, turn up the power to high. The factory presets to control the brightness of the LED lights.

The three modes are distinguished by the size of the dots on the tail cap. Small dot low power mode, medium dot medium power mode, large dot high power mode.

The IR850 illuminator is activated by turning the tail cap until the dot indicator aligns with the desired power output (on or off). Turning the tail cap back to the off position will deactivate the IR850 illuminators.

Turn the light off maximum output and shine it onto a wall 8~10 meters away. To focus the light, hold the head in your hand and turn the neck part with your other hand clockwise or anti-clockwise. Mount the IR850 to an adjustable mount as follows: Unscrew the two screws.

Place the insert in the mount, then insert the illuminator into the mount with the insert. Secure two screws using an align tool. Don’t over-tighten the screws. Aligning the IR beam to your scope. After you’ve aligned the IR beam to your rifle scope, slightly loosen the two bolts holding the illuminator in place.

You should use the align tool to make sure that the IR light is centered inside the camera’s viewfinder.

Maintenance – Preventing wear and retaining water resistance is a good idea. Troubleshooting – Light dimming. The battery might be faulty. Try another battery. Charging the battery and re-try

Compass Calibration

Calibrated means that the compass is working properly. You need to rotate the device in three axes to calibrate it. When you’re done, remember to hold the X-Sight perpendicular to the ground.

ERR an error was detected. SMF your device may become unstable if you’re near a strong magnetic field. UPD your firmware requires updating.

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Home Screen

You can use the gyroscopes to measure pitch and roll angles. These measurements are used by the app to display the compass scale.

When you turn off your device, the battery icon disappears. You can also see the memory card icon disappear, as well as the shooting solution icon. A red icon means that there is no memory card inserted into the camera, while green indicates that the memory card is present. The GPS icon becomes visible if the GPS receiver is turned on. The WiFi icon becomes visible if the WiFi module is active.

Widgets are interface elements that provide easy access to useful information. Icons without values are used for modes displaying (photo and video modes), only numerical values (detailed roll and pitch values), and icons with a numerical value (range, zoom, time, reticle correction, wind speed). Photos preview appears at the bottom of the screen after the photo was taken.

Displays can be turned off by selecting the widget and then clicking on the OFF button. You can also turn displays on and off from the system menu.

The current zoom level is displayed at the zoom widget on the home screen. You can configure the lens option in a pop-up window before zooming. Your reticle can be offset from the center point of the screen while using a smart shooting solution. During zoom-in action it moves to the center.

Pressing the left button takes pictures and starts recording the video. Pressing the right button starts recording the video.

You can switch the video recording mode in the system menu. Your recording will automatically stop when the memory card is empty or the battery is out. Pressing the center button opens the menu and closes it down when pressed again.

Shortcut Carousel

You can use the carousel to quickly switch between different shortcuts. Each item represents a feature. Clicking on an item opens the corresponding screen.

how to connect rangefinder to x sight 2

How to Connect Rangefinder to X Sight 2?


If a smart shooting solution is on, the rangefinder will be used to shift the reticle to adjust movement for a drop. Distance entry manually or adjust the distance to be used by the smart shooting solution.

We hope that this article would have helped you in learning how to operate a rangefinder. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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