How to Shoot a Bessa T Rangefinder? – In-Depth guide with FAQs, Tips, Advice, & More

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How to Shoot a Bessa T Rangefinder?

The rangefinder has a built-in display screen which allows you to see the distance to objects at different angles. It will show you what the target looks like from various distances and heights. This helps you choose the best shooting angle and aim point.

The Bessa T is a simple camera with a rangefinder. You must use the rangefinder to get an accurate focus. After you take a picture, you need to move your eyes from the rangefinder window to the viewfinder window to see if the image is sharp enough.

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Voigtlander Bessa T Rangefinder

The Bessa T is a rangefinder camera with a square viewfinder window. Most other rangefinder cameras have a rectangular viewfinder window.

The rangefinder is an optical system used to measure distances by projecting a pattern onto the subject or object being measured. This allows the operator to focus the camera without having to use the viewfinder. The rangefinder also provides information about the distance to the subject or object being photographed.

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Leica M vs Voigtlander Bessa T

Leica M6 classic camera price is too high. The build quality of the older Leica M3 or M2 cameras is preferred. We can use Leica M mount lenses on his digital Leica M8, Leica M9, Leica M240, Leica M10 camera, then he could get a Leica M mount film body.

There are many choices available. The Voigt-Lander Bessamatic T is one of several M mount cameras that you could use with your Leica M lens.

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Reasons to Buy the Voigtlander Bessa T

There are two real options when you want a cheaper Leica M film camera. You could get the Minolta CL, but I prefer the Leica M3. Wide lenses and stopping down give a great depth of field, so the rangefinder doesn’t need to be accurate. Portraits don’t work well with the rangefinder, so I use the viewfinder instead.


A rangefinder is an optical device used to measure distances by projecting a beam of light onto a target object and measuring the time taken for the reflected beam to return to the instrument. Rangefinders were invented in 1842 by Carl Zeiss Jena optician Friedrich von Voigtländer.

The first practical rangefinder was the Leitz Pocket Model No. 1, introduced in 1899. In the 1930s, rangefinders became popular among photographers because they allowed them to focus more precisely without having to move the camera or tripod.

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how to shoot a bessa t rangefinder

How to Shoot a Bessa T Rangefinder?


The cheapest option for a rangefinder camera is the Bessa R. It is cheaper than the Leica M system. You can get Leica M mount lenses for this camera. This camera is great for wide-angle photography.

The Leica M3 is still the best camera for portraiture. However, if you’re looking for something lighter, then the Bessa T is your best bet.

It is easy to shoot with Bessa T

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