How to Sight in Your IQ Define Rangefinder Sight? – Quick and Easy Guide with FAQs, Pro Advice, FAQs, & More

How to sight in your IQ define rangefinder sight?
Let’s find out!

How to Sight in Your IQ Define Rangefinder Sight?

The best way to sight in your rifle scope is by using a reticle. This is simply a dot pattern that you align with the target. There are many different types of reticles available, but they all share one thing in common — they allow you to see exactly where you’re aiming.

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IQ Define Range Finding Sight

A range-finding bow sight is not new, but it is a completely new product for the brand IQ Sights. The Define is set for greatness, but is the combined tech any better than two separate optics?

Laser rangefinders are used by both rifle and bow hunters. Bowhunters use them in their bows, while riflemen use them in their rifles.

OLED Display

A blue OLED display built into the sight window allows you to see right through the peeps all the information you need: target, pin, and distance reading. The red dot laser helps you align the range finder with where you’re aiming.

Laser Sights

Laser sights are easy to remove. This model has a built-in sight light with 5 brightness levels and an off button. The site also has second and third axis adjustments, micro-adjustable windage and elevation dial, tool-free locking knobs, and full capture, removable .019-inch pins.


This new bow sight is loaded to its maximum capacity. It seems to have no effect on the user of the Define. The Define is a brand new optic, but it’s already creating a buzz in the market.


  • Price
  • Aluminum
  • Adjustable
  • 2/3 axis
  • Integrated sight light


  • Heavy
  • IQ Defined Range Finder

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What Is the Cable with the Button Included with the IQ Bow Sight?

This is the trigger to activate the laser rangefinder. There is a port that has a rubber opening on the sight. Remove the cap and put the cable into the port, then turn the switch to the right to make sure you have activated the laser rangefinder.

Define Range Finder Won’t Turn On?

You need to remove the battery cover before using the Define.

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Is the Range Finder a “True” Range Finder?

This device is used to measure distances. It does not use lasers or other fancy equipment. Instead, it uses mirrors and light to determine distance. It is a simple device, but it works well enough.

This saves costs which means a low cost for you.

What is the Ranging Distance on the IQ Define?

The laser range finding feature can be used to measure distances up to 99 yards. The accuracy of this device is +/-1 yard.

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What is the Laser Range Finders Features?

Range finders measure distance using radio waves.

  • This device measure distances up to 99 yards
  • Has a scan mode that lasts 2 minutes
  • It also has built-in angle compensation to calculate the correct yardage when on an inclined or declined surface.

What is Angle Compensation?

Horizontal angles are used to calculate the horizontal distance to the target. An arrow’s flight path and trajectory follow the horizontal distance instead of the actual distance to the targets. The distances displayed on an OLED screen will be horizontal distances.

This device is an integrated angle compensation range finder. It has five levels of brightness and two axes for fine adjustments. It is used for hunting games.

how to sight in your iq define rangefinder sight

How to Sight in Your IQ Define Rangefinder Sight?

Our Verdict on the IQ Define Range Finding Sight

IQ Bow Sights change the way we hunt once more. They did it with Retina Lock technology, now they’re doing it again with IQ Define Range Finding Technology.

These sights might be great for hunters who want to spend less money. But, if you’re looking for accuracy, then you should get a better quality scope. This product doesn’t offer anything extra over other products.

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