How to Stop Your Hands From Shaking When Using a Golf Rangefinder? – Everything You Need to Know with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask how to stop your hands from shaking when using a golf rangefinder.
Let’s find out!

How to Keep the Rangefinder Steady While Aiming?

Laser golf rangefinders are used to measure distances. When aiming, you might feel nervous and can’t keep hands steady. You might be confused when aligning the rangefinder. Some people find it hard to focus, aim and push the button at the same moment.

Here are some techniques which you should use to keep your hands stable when aiming.

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You should adjust the zoom function on your camera to get perfect focus. If you do not adjust the zoom function according to the target distance you might miss the aim and shoot at something else.

Posture and Grip

Stand up straight, put equal weight on both feet, hold the device firmly, use your dominant hand to hold it, angle your shoulders and arms so you can easily hold it, and stand up straight.

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Don’t Shake Your Fingers

Pressing the button while shaking your fingers tends to make you miss the target.

Keep the Rangefinder Steady after Pressing the Button

Hold the rangefinder steady after pressing the button!

Aim on Large Targets

You must practice on smaller targets before trying to shoot bigger ones. Smaller targets are easier to aim at than big ones. Practice on small targets until you feel comfortable shooting at them.

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Practice with Trained People

Practice makes perfect. You need to practice your swing with someone who knows how a golf rangefinder works. You should practice using this device before going out to play.

Watch Videos

You should also watch some videos about how to use it properly.

Take Criticism

Take criticism positively and work on improving yourself.

Steps to Keep Rangefinder Steady

A golf rangefinder device is a very useful tool to help people get better shots.

Step 1: Use your mouse to move the crosshair around the screen.

Step 2: When you see the target, click the left mouse button.

Step 3: You must be sure that the crosshair is over the target before clicking.

Step 4: Your score is based on how fast you shoot.

Step 5: Try to get as many points as possible!

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how to stop your hands from shaking when using a golf rangefinder

How to Stop Your Hands From Shaking When Using a Golf Rangefinder?


Aiming for the golf rangefinder is easy if you know the correct technique. You need to practice until you get it right. Practice makes perfect!

Optical rangefinders are devices used to measure distances. A laser beam is sent out and reflected back by an object. This gives the distance to the object.

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