How to Switch Modes on Bushnell 1600 Golf Rangefinder? – Step-by-Step Guide with Tips, Tricks, & More

Finding it hard to switch modes on Bushnell 1600 Golf Rangefinder?

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How to Switch Modes on Bushnell 1600 Golf Rangefinder?

How to Switch Modes on Bushnell 1600 Golf Rangefinder?

How to Switch Modes on Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

Golf rangefinders are used by golfers to measure distances accurately. A laser rangefinder helps golfers estimate the distance from their target. This Bushnell golf rangefinder is an excellent choice for golfers who need an accurate measuring device.

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Modes in Bushnell Golf Rangefinder

There are mainly two modes in the Bushnell rangefinders which are PinSeeker (Pin) and Standard (Std). However, there is an additional mode in the 20-5110 model, which is the pin seeker with slope mode (SLP).

Switching Modes

You need to turn on the device first. Press the power button once. Look through the eyepiece then press the mode button very shortly and release it quickly. PinSeekers help you get closer to your target.

You must press the power button to start the device. Look through the eyepiece and aim the laser at the target. Press and hold the power button until the aiming circle reticle is surrounded by a circle, then point the laser at the target by pressing and holding the power button.

Recognizing One Object

Laser beams can detect only one target. If the target is a flag, the distance will be shown. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

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Recognizing More Than One Object

A rangefinder can recognize an object even if there is another object nearby. When this happens, the flag indicator will appear inside a circle. This means that more than one object was detected by the laser beam.

Standard Mode – This mode allows you to scan an entire area. You can zoom in and out by pressing the power button. When you press the power button for about three seconds, the system will start scanning the area. Once it finds an object, it will show up on the screen. To select a specific object, simply press the power button again.

Range Finder Mode – This mode allows the user to select a specific object within a certain range. To do this, you first need to set the desired range. After setting the range, press the power button to activate the Range Finder. Now you can use the crosshairs to move around the selected object. Once you have found your target, press the power button again to lock onto the object.

When you start playing the game, you see a screen with a green background and a red pin. You must aim the red pin at the green pin. To make sure you’re pointing at the right spot, you’ll see a blue dot moving around the green pin. You can move your device up and down to adjust the tilt of the camera. Pressing the power button starts recording the video. You can also change the settings by pressing the Menu button.

You should insert the batteries into the battery compartment first before inserting them into the rangefinder. Don’t try to use any other type of battery than those listed above. If you do, the rangefinder won’t work.

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Switch from Slope to Nonslope or Yard to Meter

Switching modes from slope to non-slope was once a hassle for the previous rangefinder. Now, the new rangefinder has a button with the letter ‘B’ that lets you switch from slope to non- slope by just sliding it.

buttons are very useful when you want to switch from yard to meter or meter to yard. You can easily change your settings by pressing the button.

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Jolt Technology

This technology helps the rangefinder be more accurate by locking on to the specific target. You feel a slight vibration in the hands when the target is locked. You also see a red ring around the lens.


The rangefinder is one of the most popular golf rangefinders because it provides excellent accuracy and features. Although it is old, it still works well.

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