How to Take Apart a Bushnell Rangefinder? – Step-by-Step Guide with Tips, Advice, & More

Taking things apart is fun. How to take apart a Bushnell Rangefinder is what we are going to cover in this article.

Let’s go! 

How to Take Apart a Bushnell Rangefinder?

To take apart a Bushnell rangefinder, follow the steps below

  1. Peel apart the rubber cover of your rangefinder.
  2. Loosen the screws on the front and back.
  3. Take the cover off

Now you have your Bushnell Rangefinder disassembled.

Bushnell won’t be liable for any injuries or damages caused by your use of this product.

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Bushnell Golf GPS Website

This website is the best source of information about golf GPS devices. It provides product support, FAQs, and other useful resources. It also allows users to download new course data. Registration is not required.

Charging the Battery

Your battery lasts longer than you think. You should always turn off your NEO Ghost before you finish playing a round of golf.

You can check the battery level by pressing the power button.

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How to Take Apart a Bushnell Rangefinder

How to Take Apart a Bushnell Rangefinder?


I have a Bushnell range finder tour v, and it is reading e why and how do I fix it?

E31 is an error code meaning your Bushnell device is broken. You should contact Bushnell customer support to see if they can fix or replace it.

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Difficulty in capturing the target?

Golf rangefinders are used to measure distances. When the lens is dirty or there are problems with the battery, the distance reading may be inaccurate. Cleaning the lens or replacing the battery should help.

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Batteries should always be replaced after testing. When replacing batteries, make sure to test each step first. Refer to the user manual if there is any problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments below.

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