How to Wire Rangefinder CJMCU981 to APM26? – In-Depth Guide with FAQs

People often ask, how to wire rangefinder CJMCU981 to APM 26?

Let’s find out!

How to Wire Rangefinder CJMCU981 to APM 26?

The rangefinder has two wires connected to it – one for power (positive) and another for ground (negative). These wires connect to the pins marked “+” and “–” on the back of the unit.

Connect the positive wire from the rangefinder to the pin marked + on the back of the APM26.

Connect the negative wire from the rangefinder directly to the ground pin on the back of the device.

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how to wire rangefinder cjmcu981 to apm26

How to Wire Rangefinder CJMCU981 to APM26?

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you aim a rangefinder?

Aiming downrange is the most accurate method of shooting. You must be sure to focus on the target before firing. Your rangefinder should show the distance to the target when you aim.

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How do you use a laser rangefinder?

A simple device used to measure distances. You hold the device steady and press the power button once to get the distance.

What do you use a range finder for?

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance from the observer (the hunter) to the target (the game). Ranging is done by using a telescope or binoculars.

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Do I need a slope on my rangefinder?

The slope is useful when measuring distance on a rangefinder. Golfers should practice with slope features on their rangefinders. Using slope while practicing can improve a player’s game.

How do rangefinders calculate slope?

A rangefinder calculates slope by measuring the distance between two points. The laser sends out a beam of light and returns after bouncing off the object. The time difference between sending the beam out and receiving it back tells how far away the target is.

How do hunters measure distance?

Laser rangefinders work by sending out a beam of light. The faster the beam travels, the farther away the object is. A laser rangefinder measures how long it takes for the beam of light to return. The longer the beam stays in the air, the further away the object is.

What does the angle mean on a range finder?

Bow hunters used to be able to estimate distances by looking at the terrain. Nowadays, we have laser rangefinders that help us measure distances more accurately. We still need to know how far away our target is, but now we can do this without having to guess.

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Is a rangefinder necessary?

A golf rangefinder helps you improve your game. You need to estimate the distance and accuracy of your shots.

Are rangefinders worth it?

Pin locks are used to measure distances. A pin lock will give you an exact distance measurement. You will know exactly how far away the target is.

How does a rangefinder work golf?

Laser rangefinders utilize an infrared laser beam to read distance, while GPS rangefinder uses preloaded maps and a satellite signal to determine distance.

Why do some rangefinders have lenses?

Triangulation is when two or more devices measure the distance to something using different methods. In this case, the optical rangefinder uses triangulation to give an accurate distance. When both lenses focus on the same target (the pin), the device uses trigonometry to calculate the distance to the flag using the scale.

Do rangefinders measure in feet?

This product measures in feet, yards, and meters. It updates the range 4 times per second for fast, accurate ranging across all distances on the course.

How accurate is Slope on rangefinder?

A laser rangefinder is accurate within +/- 1 yard. A Bushnell pro 1m slope is accurate within +/- 1yard. A Callaway IQ is accurate up to +/- 0.1 yards. A Callaway Razr is accurate up to +/-0.1 yards. Laser link quick shot is accurate within +/- 1%

What is Bushnell slope technology?

Slope Switch Technology allows golfers to toggle in and out of the Slope function. This feature makes it easy to use Slope to get compensated distance around the course when you want it and have a U.S. Golf Association (USGA) conforming device when you need it.

What is non slope rangefinder?

This golf rangefinder provides accurate distance measurements within one yard. It vibrates when you shoot the target, and it’s easy to use.

What is the process of determining yardage?

Subtending is measuring distance using the size of an animal relative to your eyesight. A normal-sized deer in your location may appear twice

What is rangefinder angle compensation?

The rangefinder calculates the correct distance to the target and then adjusts the sight accordingly. You can see how accurate this device is by looking at the five-yard mark.


A revolutionary bow-mounted rangefinder. This device allows hunters to use a bow as an accurate weapon. With this device, you’ll be able to shoot more accurately than ever before.

We hope this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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