How to Use Bushnell Rangefinder? – All You Need to Know with Tips, Tricks, & Advice

How to use Bushnell Rangefinder?

It is one of the most asked questions.

Let’s find out.

Bushnell Prime Rangefinder Guide…


This product is an ultra-compact, high-quality laser rangefinder. It can measure up to 1300 yards or 1189 meters. It has a very fast response time. It provides accurate results. It is waterproof. It is easy to use. It is lightweight. It is affordable.

Note: You will get two different results based on the reflections of the target. The first result is the maximum distance you can see the target. The second result is the actual distance the target is from your weapon. For example, if you shoot at a target at a distance of 100 meters, but you see the target at 150 meters, then you know the target was closer than 100 meters.

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How our technology works?

The Primelaser range ner emits an invisible, eye-safe infrared energy pulse. The Primelaser range fi ner’s microprocessor results in instant and accurate readings every time, and sophisticated digital technology instantly calculates distances by measuring the times it takes for each pulse (from the range finer) to travel to the target, and then return.

Battery activation and battery life

Before using your camera, remove the battery cover by lifting the battery compartment cover tab and then rotating the cover counter-clockwise more…

A rangefinder instruction manual is an instruction book for a particular type of product.

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Basic operation

Laser rangefinders are used by hunters to measure distances. Pressing and releasing the power button activates the display. Rotating the diopter adjustment in either direction makes the display sharper. Holding down the fire button displays the range reading below the aiming circle.

Laser sights are used by snipers to help them aim accurately. When the laser sight is turned off, the sniper must use other methods to aim accurately.

When you fire your weapon, you can press the Fire button to check the range to the next target. To re-shoot, press the button again while holding it down. Scanning the laser across an area will update the range constantly.

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Display indicators

The Prime rangefinder’s display includes the following illuminated indicators:

  1. angle range compensation modes
  2. bow mode
  3. rifle mode
  4. battery level indicator
  5. aiming circle/dot
  6. active/scan laser indicator
  7. targeting modes
  8. bull’s eye mode
  9. brush mode
  10. primary numeric display displays line-of-sight distance
  11. holdover/bullet drop horizontal distance indicators for rifle mode
  12. moa holdover units selected
  13. mil (holdover units selected 10)
  14. inch or cm holdover units selected
  15. sd variable sight-in distance
  16. range (distance) units
  17. yards meters secondary numeric display
  18. setup mode
  19. angle indicator
  20. Bushnell prime rangefinders instruction manual.

Targeting models

The Prime laser rangefinder can operate in three different modes: Standard, BullsEye, and Brush.

Pressing the Mode button once changes the mode to the next mode. Pressing the Mode again returns to the previous model.

When you fire your gun, there is an LCD indicator showing you how far away the target is. You may also see crosshairs flashing when you’re shooting. These features help you aim better.

When using the laser pointer, you must be careful when moving the device around quickly or accidentally hitting other objects. You can use the laser to target multiple objects at once.

Angle range compensation arc

The laser rangefinder shows the true horizontal distance (THD) and the angle of incline. It also displays the bullet drop/holdover.

The setup menu

There are three different modes of fire. Each mode has a different type of shot. When using the bow, there are two types of shots. Bowshot and Arrow Shot. The arrow shot is the most powerful type of shot. The bowshot is more accurate than the arrow shot but less powerful than the arrow shot. The second type of shot is the rifle shot. This shot is the least powerful of the three shots. The third type of shot is the shotgun shot. This shot is also the least powerful of the shots.

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Cleaning and care

Your Bushnell Prime laser rangefinders are fully multi-coating for the highest light transmission. You should blow away any dust or debris before using them. Cleaning with the supplied microfiber cloth is ideal for the regular cleaning of your optics. Breathe lightly on the lens to moisten it slightly, then gently rub the glass with the microfiber cleaning cloth. Don’t use too much pressure as you might scratch the lens.

Lens cleaning fluids are safe to use on digital cameras. Never clean lenses with your fingers! Use a soft lens cleaning cloth and lens cleaning fluid. Apply the fluid to the cleaning pad, and wipe off any excess fluid. Don’t let the camera get wet while you’re cleaning it!

How to Use Bushnell Rangefinder?

How to Use Bushnell Rangefinder?


Never disassemble your laser, because you’ll lose your warranty! Battery replacement is required if the laser won’t turn on. If the laser doesn’t work, check and replace the battery.

A laser rangefinder should be aimed at the target, then the user presses the fire button to measure the distance.

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