How to Use Leica Lrf 800 Rangefinder? – Everything You Need to Know

People often ask, how to use Leica LRF 800 Rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

How to Use Leica Lrf 800 Rangefinder?

The LRF 800 has two modes: manual and automatic. In manual mode, you manually move the camera around the subject and press the shutter button to take a picture.

In automatic mode, the camera automatically moves around the subject and takes pictures at regular intervals.

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Leica LRF Rangefinder

A Leica LRF-800 is a great choice for you. It’s a very well-built camera, and it’s much cheaper than the Leica M9 or M10.

Range-finding binoculars are useful tools. They are light and easy to carry around. You don’t need much space to store them. They are also cheap.

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There might be a lot to say about having separate units because you lose less money if you fail. Wrens Mew is an example of this.

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how to use leica lrf 800 rangefinder

How to Use Leica Lrf 800 Rangefinder?

Leica’s LRF Laser Rangefinder

Leica’s LRF 800 Laser Ranging Leica’s LRF 800 is an excellent hunting tool. It is lightweight, accurate out to 800 yards and is easy to use. It also doubles as a 7x monocular.  

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We hope that you have a better insight about this rangefinder. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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