How to Use Rangefinder Super Graphic? – Tips, Tricks, FAQs, & More

People often ask, how to use a super graphic rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

How to use Rangefinder Super Graphic?

The rangefinder will show you the distance between you and your target. It has three modes – laser mode, infrared mode, and visible light mode. Laser mode uses infrared light to measure distances.

Infrared light does not reflect off surfaces so it penetrates through the fog, smoke, dust, and water vapor. Visible light works by bouncing back the reflected light from your target. This means it can only see objects that are lit by the sun.

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how to use rangefinder super graphic

How to Use Rangefinder Super Graphic?

Thread Rangefinder on Super Speed Graphic

The rangefinder on Super Speed Graphic is probably out of alignment. You should try to adjust the rangefinder manually by turning the screw located on the side of the rangefinder.

There is also a dial indicator on the top of the camera that shows the distance for focusing.

This dial is not calibrated correctly. You should check whether the dial indicator is working correctly or not. You may need to buy new tools or parts to repair your camera.

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Rangefinder on Super Speed Graphic

The rangefinder on Super Speed Graphic. It may be cammed with a different lens. We have seen information about calibrating them online, but I don’t remember exactly where.

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LF Lenses for Super Speed Graphic

A rangefinder cam is a camera lens that allows you to focus your camera by looking through the viewfinder instead of having to manually adjust the focus.

This is useful when shooting fast-moving subjects because you can get them into focus without having to stop the action.

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We hope that now you know how to use a super graphic rangefinder. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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