How to Use Russian 400M Siminov Rangefinder? – All You Need to Know!

People often ask, how to use the Russian 400m Siminov Rangefinder?

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How to Use Russian 400M Siminov Rangefinder?

The Siminov rangefinder has a built-in laser pointer which allows you to accurately measure distances from 0.5 meters to 100 meters.

It uses a “triangulation” method of measuring distance by using three lasers. This means it doesn’t require a line of sight, so you don’t need to stand directly under the target.

Optical Specifications

Magnification: 4x, fixed. Objective lens: 24mm. Ocular lens: 32 mm. Field of view: 6° (107 mils). Eye relief: 2.68″ (68mm). Resolution limit: 12° / s (213 mils / s). Reticle: Stadiametric rangefinder.

Physical Specifications

This is a great camera! I love how you can see the lens inside of the body. It’s made out of magnesium alloy, but it doesn’t feel heavy.

Russian 400M Siminov Rangefinder

This weapon was designed for the Soviet Union’s most elite units. It was used by the KGB and other secret police forces. The PSO-2 scope was also made for the AKM assault rifle.

The PSO-1 is a portable laser designator used by the Russian army and police forces. It provides an accurate aiming point for artillery or air strikes. This rangefinder allows for quick target acquisition and firing. It is equipped with a BDC rangefinder. It is made of plastic and weighs about 1 pound.

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The “Simonov” Reticle and BDC Chevrons

This rifle scope has a 400-meter rangefinder and bullet drop compensation point of aim. The scope is used for the AK-47 and 7.62×39 mm rounds. The scope is also used for the 7.62 x 54R round. The scope is made for civilians.

A target’s legs should be placed on the horizontal lines, and the target’s head should touch the curved line. The target’s height should be 5’7″ inches. The target’s height is correct.

Both x39 and x54r scopes use the same reticle. The first chevron is used for targets up to 200m away. The second and third are used for targets at 200m and 400m away. For x39 scopes, these chevrons are used for distances up to 200m. For x54r scopes, these chevrons are for distances up to 1,100m.

Windage elevation and holdovers are used to calculate and execute holds over, compensate for windage and estimate distance. Each tick mark on the scale measures 1 mil apart.

Moving one mil left or right shifts the point of impact by four inches for every hundred meters. The distance between one-half of the scale and the tip of the first Chevron measures 1 meter wide at 100 meters of range.

The windage scale is used to measure distance. Various distances can be measured using the windage scale. Chevrons and holdovers are used to calculate the range. A shooter with experience uses the Simonov reticle.

Low-light illumination allows the reticle of a rifle scope to be seen in low light and nighttime conditions. A resistor was added to allow the original 2.5-volt bulbs to work with newer 1.5 volts bulbs. This was later phased out when the 1.5 volts bulbs were adopted as the standard.

Now, all riflescopes use 1.5 volts bulbs and AA batteries. An adapter allows the original batteries to fit into the larger cell. A plastic spacer can also be used with two 1.5 volts Duracell D357 batteries to power a 3 volt LED bulb.

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IR Detection

The original PSO-1 scope was designed to be used in daylight conditions without the need for an IR filter. This new model does come with an IR filter, but it doesn’t work when exposed to sunlight.

Night vision goggles were used during World War II to see in the dark. In the 1970s, night vision technology improved dramatically.

However, this system was still limited because it could only be used when there was enough ambient light. Modern night vision equipment uses an internal amplifier to amplify the image received by the eyes.

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how to use russian 400m siminov rangefinder

How to Use Russian 400M Siminov Rangefinder?

Lenses Scope Material Body

The SVD scope wasn’t just ahead of its time. It was also the first scope designed to abuse like the rifle it sat atop. It was the first rifle scope to use a lightweight but strong alloy body. It was the first sniper scope to use a tough baked enamel coating.

The scope’s reticle is ground and etched directly into the new type of multi-coat glass. The etched reticle ditch the need for thin, fragile reticle wires that could break or loosen when shaken. The optics are all sealed and filled with Nitrogen to prevent moisture from ever forming inside.

The new lenses are more resistant to cracking and scratches and mitigate dust, water, reflections, and glare.

The battery compartments are made of a low profile and rugged, with a thicker seal to keep water out, heavy gauge wire is used and the illuminating module is easily serviceable.

Compartment and mounts open with flat head screws and bolts. An integral “Warsaw Pact” rail mount provides rigidity and further strengthens the scope’s body.

In short, this is the grandfather of the battle-proof glass optics produced by thlikeske of Trijicon, Aimpoint, and EOTech.

There are two types of current-issue sniper rifles. Factory-matched ones are marked with the serial numbers of their respective rifles engraved onto their stocks.

CommerciaTiger gr rifles are marked with the serial number of their scope engraved onto the side mount.

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The Modern PSO Review

This rifle was made in the 1970s. The scope is very old. It is hard to use because it does not have a lot of features.

This scope is a Russian-made version of an American made scope. It has a Cyrillic name but is called by a different name in America. It is a great scope, but it isn’t worth much money.

Using an SVD Scope Mount on AK Rail

A PSO scope should be used with an AK-style rifle. The scope should be Magnesium placed as high up on the receiver as possible without touching the receiver. The scope should be mounted on This side of the receiver, away from the stock.

Available Variants of the PSO

This scope is very similar to the original PSO-1 but has a different rangefinder height. It is also called the PO4x24.

to buy. NPZ does not maintain a large presence outside of Russia. Finding and buying an NPZ scope will probably require ordering from overseas vendors. We obtained our NPZ scope from an online vendor named Ivan Tactical while they still offered them in stock.

NPZ optics are sometimes available for purchase and shipping to the United States, but they’re hard to get your hands on. Shipping from Russia to the United States usually takes about 14 to 21 days.

ZenitBelOMO Series Commercial

This model is a great scope for the price. It has a nice rangefinder and comes with an adapter for AK optics. I recommend this scope.

Unlike NPZ, BELOMO fulfills orders worldwide via Amazon, making the g purchases easy. You can get the SVD type POSP 4×24 (1,000m) here, dubbed the 4X24M.

If you’re installing your scope on a PSS or VEPR and want to have the scope rest higher on your receiver, you can opt to get a POSP with an Ak mount and 1,000 m rangefinder, called the4X24VM.

Rifles chambered in 7,62×39 should be fixed with the 400 m version, called the 4X24V. Shipments from Belarus to the US take approximately 14 to 21 days.”

Military Surplus Auction or Private Sale

A model name is a description of the product. In this case, the model names are PSO-1, 1C, and M2. If you want the real thing, you should buy a used military surplus scope.

You can find these scopes for sale online. These scopes are harder to find than other models because they were made during wartime.

They may have missing parts such as rubber eyepieces, scope caps, or even non-functional illuminators. Some of them may also have non-working IR detectors.

For collector value, finding an old PSO with the IR Detector will command a higher price than other models. Old scopes with lighter metal finish also command a higher price.


These scopes are not considered firearms, so you can buy them online without having to go through a background check. Popular auction sites like eBay, GunBroker, and ArmsList are the best place to start your search.

You should also consider checking out popular gun forums like The AK Forum and AK Files. These communities maintain boards where people advertise the sale of private and used AK parts and Eastern Blok military gear, and scoped rifles are sometimes listed for sale by community members as well.

We hope that this article was helpful. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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