Maplestory Marksman How Does Rangefinder Work? – Everything You Need to Know with FAQs, Tips, & More

People often ask, how does Maplestory Marksman work?

Let’s find out!

How does Maplestory Marksman work?

The game itself is free to play but it has various microtransactions that allow players to unlock new content. These include items like the ability to change your character’s appearance, which costs real money, and the ability to add skills to your characters, which cost between $1.99 and $3.99 each.

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Marksman Overview

Bowsmen are very powerful weapons that shoot arrows. They use them to attack monsters or people. They also use them to fight other bowsmen. Their main difference from bowmasters is that they do not need to be reloaded after firing an arrow.

Marksmen are ranged attackers who rely on sniping to hit mobs. They can jump to distant platforms using the Hookshot skill.

Marksman use Snipes to shoot single arrows at targets dealing heavy damage. They are auto-targeted and make sure to hit mobs. Their 4th job attacks are clunky to play, and their 5th job skill is unreliable.

Marksman are great for boss fights, but they aren’t as strong as Bowmaster. Marksman is also great for boss fights because they’re cheap. You can buy them off the cash shop for less than 10 million gold.

Bowmaster are better for boss fights because they deal more damage, and you can use them without needing to spend money.

Bowmaster are also better for boss fights because you get a bonus critical rate when using them. Marksman are great for bosses because they’re cheap.

Primary stat dex is +1 attack speed inner ability.

Did you know? Maple Story Explorer classes can switch between jobs once you reach level 101+. For example, a dark knight can job change to a paladin. They can only job change to characters within their classbranch (i.e.archers to archers, thieves to thieves, etc). You cannot job change a dark knight to a bishop.

To do a job change, you must first buy Mesos using real money. Then, speak to your 4th job advance NPC in Leafre to change jobs.

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maplestory marksman how does rangefinder work

Maplestory Marksman How Does Rangefinder Work?

Archer First Job Skill Build

You can max all skills in your first job. As an archer, you’ll get lots of crits and crit rates. Your main mobing skill is arrow bow, which is pretty decent. Max double jump as early as possible to help with speed and training faster.

Skill Description Overview

Icon skills are used to attack multiple enemies. Double Jump allows you to jump twice while in mid air. Flash Jump increases your movement speed while in mid-air. Critical shot increases critical rate. Archery mastery gives you proficiency in archery. You gain range, movement speed, and max movement speed.

Iron Arrows are made out of iron, and can pierce through enemy defenses. Soul Arrows are made out of soul, and allow you to use a Cross Bow without bolts for a short period of time.

Rangefinders are used to locate distant targets, increasing your ignore defense. Physical Training permanently increases your strength and dexterity. Net Tosses nets thrown at enemies, limiting their movement and inflicting damage.

Final Attacks are attacks that deal extra damage when used. Crossbows are weapons that shoot arrows. Crossbow Mastery increases your mastery over them. Crossbow Boosters use MP to temporarily increase the power of your Crossbow by two levels.

Dragons breath is a powerful attack that pushes enemies away. It can be resisted by some monsters, but it increases as more enemies are hit. Icon Skill description type is “Explosive bolt” and icon skill name type is “Bolt”.

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Sniper Third Job Skill Build

Maxing out all three jobs is a challenge. Explosive Bolt is slow but powerful. Marksmanship is fast but weak. Mortal Blow is strong but slow. Evasion Boost is fast but weak. Reckless Hunt: Crossbows is a ranged attack that can be used as an alternative to explosive bolt.

Frostprey is a summon that can help you fight off mobs. Hookshot is a teleport skill that helps you get away from danger. Dragons Breath is a breath attack that deals damage over time. Pain Killer is a healing skill. Aggressive Resistance is a defense skill.

Marksman Fourth Job Skill Build

You can max all skills in Third Job. Follow this build: piercing arrow (1), crossbow expert (1), bolt surplus (1). piercing arrow (10). crossbow expert (10). sharp eyes (10). maple warrior (10). piercing arrow (max). crossbow expert (max). sharp eyes (max). maple warrior (max). arrow illusion (max). bolt surplus (max).

Hunter (MAX) is an illusion step that allows you to teleport behind enemies and attack them. Illusion Step (MAX) is a great mobbing skill that allows you to teleport back to your allies after attacking an enemy.

Last Man Standing (MAX) is a good mobbing skill that helps you last longer in fights. Hero’s Will (MAX) is a very powerful mobbing skill that makes you immune to debuffs and increases your movement speed.

Finally, Piercing Arrow (MAX) is a piercing arrow skill that lets you shoot arrows at multiple targets.

This character has a piercing arrow skill. Their main attack skill is sniping. The further away from the enemy they are, the weaker their defense will be.

Their passive buff is sharp eyes, which makes them able to see the weakness of the enemy. They also have a buff called last man standing, which greatly increases their damage when fighting alone.

Marksman Hyper Skill Build

Hyper Skills are available at level 140, and you get more points as you level up. Choose these skills carefully because they mostly increase the damage of your existing skills. Piercing Arrow – Enhance. Piercing Arrow – Extra Damage. Snipe – Cooldown Reduction.

are fast-moving birds that use their speed to hunt prey. They are very agile and quick, but they have a short range. Their main weapon is their high-speed shot. They also have an epic adventure and bullseye shot.

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Marksman Fifth Job Skill Build

Your V matrix is your new fifth job skill. Each class gets their unique skills to use, alongside boosting nodes to increase the power of existing skills.

To get new skills, you need to collect nodestones, which drop from mobs in Arcane river. You have limited number slots in your V matrix, so you want to collect perfect nodes to maximize your character’s damage output.


We hope that this article answered all of your questions. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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