Ncstar 39 Rangefinder What Magnification to Use? – Quick and Easy Guide

People often ask, what magnification to use in NcSTAR 39 Rangefinder?

Let’s find out!

Ncstar 39 Rangefinder What Magnification to Use?

The NcSTAR 39 has a rangefinder mode which allows you to measure distances from 0.5m to 100m. It will automatically switch between this mode and the regular shooting mode when it detects movement. This means you don’t need to change modes manually.

The maximum magnification you can use is 9 and the minimum is 3.

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How to Sight in a Rifle Scope?

The scope should be sighted in before every hunt. We want to make sure that your scope is accurate. You need to know how far away your target is when you shoot. This is important because if you miss the shot, you could end up killing someone else.

Getting a Rifle Scope Set Up

Rifle scopes are great tools for hunting. Make sure your scope is mounted correctly before shooting. Tighten rings and check eye relief to make sure you’re not affected by recoil. Safety first!

Clear our Rifles

We should always clear our rifles before using them. This includes removing any ammunition from the chamber.

Step 1: Once the chamber is empty, we need to make sure there aren’t any rounds in the magazine.

Step 2: After this, we need to take care of the sights.

Step 3: We should remove the rear sight if it’s attached to the stock, and then check the front sight. If either of these two items is damaged, we’ll need to replace them.

Step 4: We should always make sure that the gun is completely unloaded before we start cleaning it.

Step 5: After that, we need to put the gun on a secure rest and aim it down range.

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Resting and Centering the Bore and Scope

To bore sight a rifle, we’ll need to use a shooting rest. We’ll be standing behind the rifle while looking through the bore. We’ll make slight adjustments by moving the gun carefully.

The next step is to adjust your scope to the center without moving your rifle. You want to get the reticule centered on the same target you’re looking at down the barrel.

Precision and Boresighting

Boresights are used to make guns more accurate. A boresight attaches to the barrel of a gun and helps aim it. There are two types of boresights.

Manual boresights use a tool to adjust the position of the boresight. Laser boresights use lasers to help aim the gun. Bushnell’s 74333 is a great example of a manual boresight.

We should be careful about moving the scope while aiming. We shouldn’t move the scope or sight when aiming.

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Focusing on the Target

Once the reticle is focused, we should tighten the focus by focusing on the target. Focusing on the target means we’re aiming at the target. When we aim at something, we point the gun at it. To do this,

Step 1: We first look at the target.

Step 2: Then, we bring our eyes back to the gun.

Step 3: When you bring your eyes back to the scope after using the scope, make sure it is immediately sharp and focused.

Step 4: Don’t wait for your eyes to get used to the new sight.

Step 5: Adjust the diopter if needed.

Step 6: We need to make sure that the reticle looks like a perfect cross when looking through the scope. This means that the reticle must be parallel and perfectly aligned to both elevation and windage.

Step 7: Reticles should always look like this when looking through the scope, but sometimes they do not.

Time to Start Shooting

Shooting is an important part of hunting. Always use the same ammunition you plan to shoot with. This will help you know if your gun works well or not.

Boresighting is used to aim rifles accurately at 25 yards. Sandbags or a shooting rest should be used to stabilize the rifle. Shoot at the center of the targets and return the rifle to the center after each shot. Adjust the crosshairs until you see an impact mark on the target. Repeat the process until you’re satisfied with your accuracy.

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Once the shot is on center we go out to a further range.

ncstar 39 rangefinder what magnification to use

Ncstar 39 Rangefinder What Magnification to Use?


Ncstar 39 Rangefinder uses magnification of 3-9.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

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