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People often ask, How to use Saybien Golf Rangefinder?

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How To Use Saybien Golf Range Finder?

The Saybien Golf Ranger is an excellent choice for beginners who want to play golf without having to spend too much money. All you need to do is point the Saybien Golf Ranger at your target and then wait for the buzzer to tell you how far away the target is. You can also use the Saybien Golf Rangefinder to get more accurate readings.

Saybien Rangefinder

Saybien is a golf course finder brand that makes some of the top-end products in the industry. Their how-to tutorials are the same as any other golf course finders on the market, but they also make laser range finders. So, their tutorial is the same as laser range finders. And, there are four modes so let’s look at each of them.

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Normal Mode

Normal Mode is the basic or the normal mode of all the Sayben golf range finders. Normal mode is mainly used when there isn’t much going around in the backgound. Also, it‘s the fastest way to calculate the distance because you don’t have to do much else but aim at the object through the eye piece.

Targeting an object at long distances requires a steady hand. You must aim carefully and then press the power button once. This will show the distance to your target. Sometimes the results may be off due to shaking hands. Try to keep a steady hand when aiming.

Scan Mode

Scan mode is an upgraded version of the normal camera mode. When you use this mode, you can see the target better than before. However, there are times when you may miss the target because you’re looking at something else.

You can use this mode to measure distances between objects. Aim at the first object through the eyepieces. Then, sweep the rangefinder to the second object while pressing the Power button. The display screen will show the measured distance between them.

You can measure distances between more than 2 objects at the same time by using the same method as measuring distances between 2 objects. The screen shows the calculated distance continuously.

Flag mode

Flag mode is similar to the Pin Sensor Mode in usual Laser Range Finders. It is used when you want to measure the distance of the flag without picking up any background object or trees. This is useful if the flag has a forest behind it. There is no chance of error measuring wrong distances.

Aim the range finder behind an object behind the flag. Press down the power button and sweep over the flagstick slowly. Then the range finder locks on the nearest target, the flag. It also makes a buzzing sound when locked on the flag. So the golfers know they got the correct distance.

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Slope Mode

Slope mode is an advanced feature of Saybien rangefinders. It calculates the elevation change and allows calculating any angle-compensate distance. You must use the slope mode to select your clubs.

saybien golf rangefinder how to use

Saybien Golf Rangefinder How to Use?

Range Capability And Optical Feature

The TR5500 is a great choice for golfers who want to play longer courses. With high-quality optics, this gun can see far-away objects. The range finder is extremely accurate, allowing you to measure distance quickly. This gun also has a built-in laser rangefinder.


The TR500 has two modes: Scan Mode and Slope Mode. In Scan Mode, the distance is measured continuously. In Slope Mode, the distance is calculated based on elevation.

Flag Lock

Flag mode makes a buzzing noise whenever the rangefinder locks onto the target. This helps increase the accuracy of the shot because it ensures that you aim at the right target. When there are trees or other obstacles in the background of the targeted object.

Saybien rangefinders are fully waterproof. You don’t need to worry about getting your hands wet in the rain because all Saybien rangefinder models are fully waterproof.

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How to Utilize the Features of Saybien TR Golf Rangefinder

This device is a high-tech gadget that allows you to measure distances up to 500 meters accurately. It comes with an LCD screen display, and offers many useful features such as measuring distance, angle, time, speed, altitude, and more. It also includes a built-in GPS receiver that enables you to locate your position on a map.

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Brand like SayBien over more popular ones may not be your first choice but once you compare these products you will see that it’s straightforward to operate the SayBien rangefinders even with all the hi-tech features. Legal Tournament or Casual Play, you can get the Best Use of it with a Few Simple Steps.

We hope that now you know how to use a Saybien rangefinder. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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