Best Rifle Scope Under 100 – Top 5 Reviews, Ratings, FAQs, Guide & More

Yes, it is challenging to find budget-friendly rifle scopes under $100 that offer great magnification, optimal light transmission, multi-coated lenses, adjustable objective lenses, and many more.

However, don’t worry. In this article we will review the best rifle scope under 100 dollars.

This review post will help you to find a suitable scope for your needs. Moreover, we will discuss its features, pros and cons, and will point out things that you need to look out for before you go for it


CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50

best rifle scope under 100

The scope is of top quality and comes with an eyepiece that can be used by people with any eyesight. It can be used in any weather condition while giving accurate target imagery. 

Runner Up

 Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

best rifle scope under 100

The runner up isn’t too shabby. Considering in what price range it falls, it has so much to offer and is a low light maestro. Take a look for yourself! 

Also Great

BSA Sweet .22, 3-12x40mm

best rifle scope under 100

This one is perfect for both short and long ranged encounters. It’s durable and will withstand fog and water hence allowing you to use it in any condition. Have a look!

Best Rifle Scope Under $100 – Top 5 Reviews

#1. Best Long Range Scope under $100 – CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 Review


best rifle scope under 100



The CVLIFE Hunting scope is an economical and a high quality scope. Its multi-coated lens gives a clearer and more accurate target imaging, while its coating won’t give out for a long time.

Its adjustable objective lens is adjustable through a parallax dial. It allows you to see a sharper target, and offers range estimation. It eliminates any form of parallax, hence making it easy for you to aim down your sights.

It’s ok if you’re near or far sighted, its adjustable eyepiece will eliminate any image distortion. Besides, its reliable windage and elevation adjustments will allow you to aim quickly at anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the eye relief it provides is amazing and it comes well within your price range.

Features of CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50

  • 6-24x Magnification 
  • 50mm objective lens
  • ⅛ inch click value
  • 28 feet field of view
  • 50mm objective lens diameter 
  • Illuminated crosshairs
  • Red and green reticle
  • Reliable windage and elevation
  • Adjustable objective (AO) lens


  • Solid construction
  • Adjustable objective lens
  • Durable
  • Clear targeting
  • Shockproof
  • Adjustable turrets
  • Elimination of parallax
  • Fast eyepiece 
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Easy to mount


  • Is not mountable on every rifle

Best Long Range Scope under $100

CVLIFE Hunting is an amazing long range scope because it allows you to keep up with your target and adjust your brightness according to your conditions.

#2. Best Rifle Scope for 243 Win under $100 – Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Review


best rifle scope under 100



The most eminent characteristic of this Bushnell model is its reasonable cost. You might think that because it’s cheap it won’t be a good scope, but trust us it is a high quality one.  

For instance, it includes a lot of remarkable focal points that are explicitly intended to give better transmission of light, and a noteworthy sight picture in any event including long periods of nightfall or day break. 

Its windage and elevation are easily adjustable allowing you to aim down your sights with ease and will last for a long period of time. It may just be the high quality scope you need and can get it at a low price. 

Features of Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn

  • ¼ MOA fingertip adjustment
  • Windage and elevation adjustment knobs
  • 3-9x Magnification
  • 40mm objective lens diameter
  • 3.3 inch eye relief
  • SFP reticle 
  • Dry-nitrogen filled
  • DDB coating


  • HD clarity
  • Waterproof
  • Fast focus eyepiece
  • Fog proof
  • Easily adjustable 
  • Longer eye relief 
  • Durable 
  • Low light reliability


  • Cannot withstand heavy recoil
  • Thin crosshairs

Best Rifle Scope for 243 Win under $100

Bushnell Banner Dusk is a top scope for 243 Win because it is reliable in low light conditions. Also, it has amazing features to offer.

#3. Best Scope for Beginners under $100 – BSA Sweet .22, 3-12x40mm Review


best rifle scope under 100



This BSA Sweet .22 3-12×40 mm model is aligned explicitly for the .22 LR round. It offers a high scope of amplification power and a decent target imagery. By and large, this one is suitable for both long and short range targets. Let it be hunting or casual shooting, it’ll get you good results in either way. 

With its optics, it gives a sharp and clear image while you aim down your sights. BSA Sweet .22 scope has an optical covering, is 100% water and haze proof. Additionally, it is of high quality as it is one of the top rifle scopes in the market so you might have to get it as soon as possible.

Features of BSA Sweet .22, 3-12x40mm

  • 3-12x Magnification 
  • 100 yards field of view 
  • 40mm objective lens diameter 
  • ¼ MOA adjustment 
  • SFP duplex reticle 
  • Matte black finish
  • BSA optics
  • Windage and elevation knobs
  • Fully coated lens


  • Adjustable lens
  • Fog proof
  • Shockproof
  • Better eye relief
  • Eliminates parallax 
  • High optical power
  • Clear precision
  • Waterproof
  • Light-weight


  • Not durable enough
  • Does not hold to zero

Best Scope for Beginners under $100

BSA sweet .22 is a top scope for beginners because it’s light-weight and provides a better and longer eye relief when you aim down your sights.  As a beginner, you’ll love it.

#4. Best Scope with Duplex Reticle under $100 – TruGlo Trushot 3-9×32 Review


best rifle scope under 100



This TruGlo Trushot model will assist you with your shooting skills. Regardless of its price the scope comes with amazing features, and also comes well within one’s price range.

Moreover, it gives you a clear field of view and provides you with a clear line of sight. While it’s also compact and tough with a multi-covered lens, allowing maximum transmission of light. 

If you wanna get your hands on a top-notch scope then this is the one you may have to take a closer look at.

Features of TruGlo Trushot 3-9×32 Scope

  • Aircraft-quality aluminium built  
  • One piece tube
  • 3-9x Magnification
  • 32mm objective lens diameter 
  • Black colorway
  • Duplex reticle 
  • Finger elevation and windage knobs  
  • Nitrogen gas-filled


  • Precise shot placement
  • Waterproof
  • Clear field of view
  • Bright imagery 
  • Quick target acquisition 
  • Durable
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Fog proof
  • Generous eye relief


  • Parallax adjustment is not up to the mark
  • Not reliable for close encounters

Best Rifle Scope with Duplex Reticle under $100

The TruGlo Trushot is an amazing scope with duplex reticle because of its illuminated reticle, and will allow you to use it in various weather conditions. 

#5. Best Air Rifle Scope under $100 – Pursuit Vintage Universal 7 X 20 Review


best rifle scope under 100



The Pursuit Vintage Universal offers transmits up to 98% light. It allows you to execute low differentiation and low light-based hunting. But one flaw is that it is only compatible with the air gun and nothing else.

Certainly, it tends to provide you with great ease and comfort you are looking for when you aim down your sights and will give you a clear image of your designated target. It will allow you to get the results you are looking for.

If you are looking for a scope in this price range, this one may just intrigue you and will be among the scopes that will give you a clear field of view till a 100 yards. 

Features of Pursuit Vintage Universal 7 X 20 

  • Fully coated lens system
  • 20mm objective lens 
  • Lens cover
  • Ring mounts
  • 3-7x magnification 
  • 30 yards parallax set up


  • Easily mountable 
  • Parallax elimination
  • Easily usable 
  • Fully coated lens
  • Clear lens


  • Only compatible with an air rifle

Best Air Rifle Scope under $100 

The Pursuit Vintage Universal is an exceptional air rifle scope because it’s easily mountable on air rifles and eliminates parallax error when aiming at your target.  

Buyers’ Guide

rifle scope

What to expect from the rifle scope under $100?

It’s understandable that you might think that just because the scope is under $100 it might lack several features and wouldn’t be as good as other more expensive ones, but that is not the case. 

It is true that expensive rifle scopes might offer more, but scopes under $100 are of top quality as well and will be well suited to your needs. Moreover, we have listed the top scopes in this price range and made it easier for you to get a one for yourself!

The aiming sight ought to, likewise, have great turret elements. You can change your line of sight by considering the impacts of speed and wind direction. Moreover, the scope tends to hold its zero. Also, it will help you aim down your sights for a longer period of time owing to its longer eye relief. 

The reticle should provide you with a clear image. Magnifying the scope shouldnt lead to it losing its clarity. In order to help you aim better at your designated target, it should come up with reticle illumination.

You can expect it to assist you with aiming at your target from a certain range and be precise when it comes to using your rifle. The scopes under this price range tend to revolve around short and medium ranges. 

When you are looking for a scope in this price range just know that not all scopes that you will come across will turn out to be great, but regardless you’ll be able to find a top-notch one in this price and will surely fulfills your needs.

How to choose the best scope under $100?

Even though the scope comes well within your budget, it still requires you to research extensively so that you know what you want and can easily buy what you need without any hesitation. You have to keep the following factors in mind: 

  • Determine the Purpose

It’s really important for you to determine why you need to purchase the scope. If it’s for casual shooting and you just started out then you’ll get a mediocre one. 

If you want it for tactical shooting or hunting then your needs would be different and you would want a scope that would make it easier for you to execute. Once you know why you need a scope it’ll be easier for you to pick one out. 

  • Check the Power and Reticle

The use of the red dot sight makes it easy for you to aim and keep track of your target. Not all scopes come up with a red dot sight so be on the lookout for what the scope offers in terms of reticles. 

Moreover, reticles can come in different colors as well such as red and green. You have to ensure that your scope is adequately powered magnification otherwise a low powered one will result in difficulties. 

  • Check the Size and Quality of Lens

The larger the diameter of the objective lens, the more light is transmitted. It allows greater clarity and allows you to keep track of your target. This really helps in low light conditions and brightens your field of view.  

Whereas, when it comes to the glass, the higher the quality the better image quality.

  • Assess the Dynamics of the Turrets

The turret not only keeps parallax adjustment in check, but also looks at the scope’s windage and elevation adjustment. Furthermore, you’ll have to make sure that your measurements are calibrated with that of the reticle of the scope. 

Are rifle scopes under $100 any good?

Rifle scopes under $100 comes as a huge sigh of relief for your wallet! It comes with many features and may just be the answer to your needs. Obviously, you cannot compare a $100 scope to a $1000 one in terms of features. But for a scope in such a price range will give you features that will surely intrigue you.

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that the scope is cheap. Scopes under this price range are good as well, just be on the lookout for the features and see what really suits your needs, and you’ll be good to go! 


What scope do I need for 100 yards?

You can go for Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn scope for 100 yards. This 3-9x40mm scope will  provide you the adequate magnification needed for this distance. It proves to be a high-quality rimfire scope for 100 yards. Moreover, it’s budget-friendly and won’t betray you.

What’s the best scope for the money?

Following are some best rifle scopes for money.

  • CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 – Great Long Range Scope
  • Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn – Great Scope for 243 Win
  • BSA Sweet .22, 3-9x40mm – Best Scope for Beginners

What is the best budget air rifle scope?

CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 scope is the great budget scope for an air rifle. It features a red and green illuminated reticle which works great for different lighting conditions. Its windage and elevation turrets are smooth and placed nicely. Moreover, it holds zero and can withstand the recoils of your firearm. 

Are cheap scopes any good?

Yes, cheap scopes can prove to be great. Today such scopes do offer good optical quality. However, on some cheap scopes the image quality is not convex rather it’s flat. Also, to the edges there’s a small degree of aberration, but the optics are clear and provide maximum transmission of light.

Should I zero my rifle at 100 or 200 yards?

We’d recommend you to keep the things simple and zero everything at 100 yards. On your hunting trips, if you want a 200 yard zero then start up from 100 yards and leave it where you need it to be. Moreover, dial it in from 100 yard zero if you want a max point blank range.

What magnification do you need for an air rifle scope?

You may need a scope that offers a high magnification range for your airgun, due to its small size.  For most of the hunting, you can go for 3-12x or 4-16x magnifying ranges. However, some hunters like 6-24x or 10-40x scopes for long range shooting.

Are expensive rifle scopes worth the money?

It depends on the range you are hitting your target. If you are shooting your prey at a short range, then any scope would get the job done. Whereas, for long range shooting you need a scope that guarantees precision and accuracy. So, a long range scope is certainly worth the money. Also, an expensive scope can’t give you skill to shoot upto 1000 yards or more.

Do I really need parallax adjustment?

Yes, the parallax needs to be adjusted every time the distance changes. Certainly, you want both the reticle and the target to be on the same focal plane. However, if you are shooting at 100 or 250 yards, the parallax won’t be an issue. Although, for long ranges you need to adjust the parallax of your scope.

Does magnification change MOA?

If your scope is the first focal plane, then whatever the magnification is there’s no effect on MOA. Generally, at highest magnification settings MOA is correct. So, when the scope is set to 10x magnification, it  has 1 MOA at 100 yards.

Does scope magnification affect accuracy?

Yes, the magnification can affect the accuracy. Your scope’s reticle would be in the first focal plane if reticle markings change with the change in magnification. Whereas, if you change the magnification of your sight and the reticle stays the same, then your scope is a second focal plane one.

Final Thoughts

We have gone over numerous rifle scopes that come under the one hundred dollar bracket, and we have come to the conclusion that CVLIFE Hunting 6-24×50 is at the top of the table.

Despite its low price, it provides you with so many features and it’s a little surprising that at such low price, this scope can offer you so much. It’s perfect for both hunting and casual shooting. 

You wont regret purchasing this scope. Go over what it has to offer and you’ll surely be intrigued. 

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