What Battery Does the Bushnell Tour v4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder Use? – All You Need to Know with FAQs & More

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What battery does the Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder use?

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Bushnell Tour V Slope Laser Review

The Bushnell Tour V4 is a compact laser rangefinder that delivers a lot in return. It is designed to fit well in your hand and your pocket.

The smaller size of the Tour v4 slope makes it easier to hold. The contoured design of the lens makes you feel you’re holding the laser more securely, and the rough gripping pads also help to secure your grip. This is a good thing because the focus is now controlled using a rotatable dial in front of the eyepiece.

There are two versions of the tour v4. The standard version is grey and measures distance. The sloped version is red and also measures the effect slope has on distance. You will need to spend an extra £40, but this makes it £80 cheaper than the tour x jolt.

You switch the red cover for the blue cover to disable the slope measurement. This makes it legal for use in competitive play.

This is a great new feature for the GPSr. It makes it easy to see how much elevation changes your yardage. You can also see how long it takes to get there.

This gun is easy to use. Just aim and shoot! You can see the distance in yards or meters. There’s also an option to adjust the angle of elevation.

When you lock on, your phone will vibrate. This means you’ve successfully found the flag. You can also see the distance to the flag by looking at the screen.

The Bushnell Tour V4 is an excellent rangefinder. It picks out flags at up to 400 yards and the larger objects like bars at 1,000 yards away. Once you get over 250 yards, you need to be able to stay still to pick up the flag or object.

This scope is designed for use with rifles, but it also works well with pistols. It features an illuminated reticle and a flip-up lens cover.

The Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder is a great laser rangefinder that combines speed, functionality, and compactness. You don’t need to zip it up when you’re playing golf.

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Bushnell Tour V Slope Shift Laser Review

A slider switch is used to activate the slope function. When the switch is in normal position, the word “Tour” appears. When the switch is slid up, the word “Slope” appears.

The V5 Laser is a lot easier to use than the V4. You can easily toggle between practice and competitive modes by pressing the button once. This makes it much easier to change the slope mode without having to hold down the power button.

What Battery Does the Bushnell Tour v4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder Use?

What Battery Does the Bushnell Tour v4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder Use?

Bushnell Tour V Golf GPS Rangefinder Product Details

This device is a laser pointer. It measures 32x72x104 mm and weighs 159 g. It has an elevation feature and battery power options.

Bushnell Launches Phantom GPS

Golf courses are ideal for quick, easy yardage outs on the golf course.

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Bushnell Tour V JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder Product Review

Bushnell laser rangefinders have been used by professionals since the 1990s. This Laser Rangefinder is the most popular among them. It has an excellent battery life, and it’s easy to use. However, some users complain about the lack of features.


Golf pros use this model because it’s easy to carry around and has a high-quality display. It also has a long-lasting battery.

General Features

This is a very nice telescope! It’s made of high-quality materials, and it has Bushnell’s patented Stabil-Grip Technology. It’s ergonomic and has an elastic eye hook with a multi-coated glass covering.

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Laser rangefinders are usually about the same size and weigh the same amount. However, the Bushnell Tour V4 has a smaller size than its predecessor, the Bushnell Tour v3. This makes it more portable.

The Tour V4 is one large rangefinder, but it’s still very light. It weighs around 6.6 ounces. It’s got a magnification power of 0.5x-1.0x. You can get better magnification powers if you spend more money, but this model is still pretty good.

This rifle scope has a magnification of 5X. It has a range of 5 – 1000 yards. It has a field of view of 370 feet at 1000 yards. It has an objective lens diameter of 22 millimeters and an exit pupil diameter of 4.8 millimeters.

This can be considered one of Bushnell’s cons as it doesn’t offer a Bluetooth connection or an adjustable slope scope. The numbers displayed on the display are also small, with some users complaining about them being difficult to read at times.

The JOLT technology is certainly one of Bushnell’s trademarks, but this model does not come with it.

The JOLT works as its name suggests, it provides golfers with short bursts of vibration when the ball is found. The Tour V4 laser rangefinder comes with a standard rechargable battery. There is not much to say about the battery, just told The AAs. (It does not use AAs) These three-volt cr2 lithium batteries have a lifespan of around 1 year, after which it is easy to replace them.

Bushnell This Tour V4 does not have a slope. That This means it’s harder for people We’re who aren’t used to using lasers to get accurate readings. But most reviews say that it doesn’t matter because it’s easy to set up and use. It’s compact, light, and it’s easy to use.

Tour V4 is a great rangefinder for golfers who want to improve their distance and accuracy. It uses the PinSeeker technology to provide accurate readings. It also comes with the Bushnell Golf app.

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Tour V4’s range is one of its most noticeable features. Its fast focus system makes it easy to adjust sight clarity and target accuracy. With the new focus ring, it’s possible to quickly adjust sight clarity and target precision.

PinSeeker spec makes it easy to pinpoint the flag. The older models vibrate on a large range, but the Tour V4 uses the Jolt tech to help you pinpoint your target. Sometimes it takes two or three shots to get exact yardage.

Bushnell Golf App gives you free access to 36,000 golf courses around the world. It also includes a great guide to different aspects of each course.

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