What Battery for Leopold 600 Rangefinder? – In-Depth Guide with FAQs & More

People often ask, What battery does the Leupold 600 Rangefinder use?
Let’s find out!

What Battery For Leupold 600 Rangefinder Use?

The Leupold 600 uses two CR123 batteries, which are available at most electronics stores. These batteries will last approximately one year if used properly.

If you want to increase the life of your rangefinder, you should charge it every night before bedtime. This will ensure that the batteries don’t lose any power overnight.

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Leupold x RXi Laser Rangefinder BH Photo Video

This rangefinder has a powerful laser that can see up to 125 yards away. It also has a built-in camera that can take pictures. You can use this rangefinder to measure distances and take photos.

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Optical Performance

This scope is designed to be used by snipers who need a long range rifle scope. It magnifies objects up to 6 times. It has an objective lens diameter of 23mm.

It has a field of view of 328 feet. It has a 6 degree angular field of view. It has a 6 yard close focus. It has a 3.8 mm exit pupil. It has an eye relief distance of 21 millimeters.

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Use and Handling

  • DNA is an advanced rangefinder that is accurate to ±0,5yds at 125yds, with 1/10ths of a yard resolution, within 1 second.
  • Quick set menu makes using and customizing rangefinder quick and easy.
  • Fast focus with textured ring and auditory clicks. Measurement in yards or meters.
  • Scan and spot mode.

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what battery for leopold 600 rangefinder

What Battery for Leopold 600 Rangefinder?


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