Where Are Zhumell Binoculars Made? – Complete Overview with FAQs & More

If you are planning to buy Zhumell Binoculars then you might be wondering where are they made?

Let’s find out.

Where Are Zhumell Binoculars Made?

Zhumell makes a lot of binoculars, but most of them are made in China. These binoculars are not designed for long-term use.

Zhumell Company

Zhumell is a company that makes high-quality binoculars. They sell them online and through other stores. They don’t sell them directly on their own site because they want to give their products more exposure.

Zhumell started by offering binoculars that perform as well as what was available for less money. Their goal was to create value at entry-level prices.

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Where Are Zhumell Binoculars Made?

Where Are Zhumell Binoculars Made?

Zhumell Binoculars

Zhumell offers a wide variety of products including binoculars, telescopes, and spotting scopes. Their main focus is on astronomy but they also sell other types of optics. They also sell accessories such as tripod stands and eyepieces.

Zhumell Binocular 42 mm

Zhumell binocular 42 mm weighs 29 oz. (846 g) and are ideal for general use. Other brand binoculars weigh less than half as much but cost more.

Collimation Screws

You should always check the location of the collimation screws before using the binoculars. Otherwise, you may damage them.

Zhumell’s Tachyon 25×100

Zhumell 20×80 super giant astronomy binoculars are nearly as known as Zhumell’s tachyon 25×100 model.

  • These binoculars provide a metal case and enough magnification to see the craters on mars and beyond.
  • They weigh about 164.8 ounces and are slightly heavier than other models in this category.
  • A tripod is recommended for handheld use.

Zhumell 20×80

The Zhumell 20×80 super giant astronomy binoculars include the binoculars as well as a tripod, yet weigh in at only 4.5 pounds (71.2 oz.).

  • They are light enough to be used by hand for fieldwork, designed as astronomy binoculars.
  • They can also be used for terrestrial observations.
  • The tripods included in the Super Giant and Tachyon packages are likely to be serviceable for the average person.

Garrett 5000 Model

For those budgeting cautiously, the Garrett 5000 model may provide good service – especially if you get a suitable Manfroto or Garrett tripod. For the more careful budgeter, we recommend the Garrett 5000 model.

Zhumell 10x 42

Zhumell 10x 42 Short-Barrel Water Proof Binoculars are

  • Compact, lightweight, and offer excellent optical quality.
  • These binoculars are ideal for bird watching, nature observation, and hunting.
  • Rubber pads
  • Zhumell textured rubber coated focus knob


How to Store Zhumell Binoculars?

Zhumell binocular users should always store them safely in a dry place away from direct sunlight. They should also clean them regularly as dirt or dust may affect the lenses.

What Is Included with Zhumell Binoculars?

They include

  • Binoculars
  • Objectives lens covers
  • Eyepiece
  • Neck strap
  • Case with shoulder strap
  • Cleaning cloth.

Where to buy Zhumell binoculars from?

High A Point

High A Point is a brand Orion name for a type of telescope. High A Point sells an updated Highpoint version of the same telescope as the original Zhumell.

High Point sells the new version under the brand name Apertura. There was a time when people were able to buy the original Zhumell telescopes. Now they’re hard to come by.

Note: Did you know that Bushnell 7×50 Rangefinder Binoculars work on CR2 batteries?


Telescopesplus John is still active and selling telescopes. You may want to Zhumell contact them directly.


Zhumell sells telescopes from Betcha to many different manufacturers. Their prices are competitive and their customer service is very good.


Zhumell Binoculars sought out good components and workmanship and added features not typically seen in similar products. They made their binoculars a reasonable value for the cost. They then expanded into other areas such as marine and astronomy.

We hope that now you have a better insight into Zhumell Binoculars.

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