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How far can you see with a 4 12×50 scope?

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The x Scope Big Game and Long Range

Big Game Hunters are using their rifles for long-distance shooting. Mule Deer and Antelope Hunters are using their rifles to shoot far away. Small Game Hunters are using their guns for small game hunting.

What Does × Mean on a Scope?

A 4-12×50 means that you have a 4 power zoom lens. This is a very common magnification used by many shooters.

Riflescopes are used by hunters to see farther than normal eyesight allows. A scope magnifies an object so that it appears larger than it is. This helps the hunter to aim accurately. Scope magnification varies depending on what type of weapon you use. For example, a.22 caliber rifle uses a 10x power scope, while a.308 caliber rifle uses a 50x power scope.

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Scope Magnification Explained

Scope magnification is measured by how much an object appears larger when viewed through a particular scope than if viewed without a scope. For example, a scope set to 4x magnification would make objects appear four times as large as they do when seen with the naked eye. A scope set to 24x magnification would make objects seem 24 times as large as they would otherwise.

This magnification against the naked eye is universal in the scope industry. Scopes from every country or region use the power magnification as opposed to the naked eye approach because it makes objects appear larger than what they are.

Scope Types

Riflescopes are used to help you aim your weapon. You use them by looking through them. There are fixed power scopes and adjustable powered scopes.

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Fixed Powered Scopes

A fixed power scope is a type of rifle scope that doesn’t allow you to adjust the magnification. These scopes were very popular in the 1960s and 1970s because they were inexpensive compared to other types of scopes. Most fixed power scopes are fairly easy to use because they don’t have any adjustments.

Simple, but effective. A simple scope allows you to see what you’re aiming at, and nothing else. This is great if you want to be able to quickly identify targets.

Fixed power scopes were once popular but now aren’t as popular as adjustable power scopes.

Variable Power Scopes

Variable power scopes feature a range of magnification from 1-25. The magnification adjustment is made by rotating an adjustment ring on the eyepiece. Early models had a very low magnification range, while modern models have a range of magnification that average 8 magnifications but can reach 25 magnifications.

Variable power scopes are becoming more common than fixed power scopes. Most people use 3x to 9x magnification.

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How to Read Scope Numbers

Fixed Power Scopes have two numbers and look something like this: 4×32. The first number represents the magnification power and the other number represents the size of the objective lens in millimeters. The object lens is located on the end opposite from the end you view through. For example, if you were looking through the eyepiece, the object lens would be on the left side of your eye.

A scope is a device used to magnify objects. Fixed power scopes have a specific magnification and a specific objective lens. Variable power scopes have three numbers indicating the range of magnification and the size of the objective lens.

Variable power scopes start low and go high. This is how the numbers should be written.

Variable powered scopes are used by photographers who want to be able to change the magnification without having to move the camera or zoom lens. A 4-16×44 scope has a magnification range starting at 4x and ending at 16x. A 6-20×50 scope has a magnification range that starts at 6x and ends at 20x.

What Rifle Scope Magnification Should I Get?

Power scopes are still very popular today. You can buy them in different sizes and configurations. There are even some high-end models that offer magnification up to 10x.

In the past, there were some higher-powered scopes available, but they were considered specialty riflescopes and cost a lot of money. Today, there are many different types of scopes available. Some people shoot a.22 caliber match with a fixed 20 power scope. A 20-power scope is still very expensive today.

Fast forward to today, and shooters have many different options for scopes. Fixed 4x models are still used by some people, but there are also higher magnification models available. Shooters should know what caliber their gun uses before buying a new scope.

A lever-action 30-30 should be used if you hunt in areas where the average shot is under 75 yards. A 3×9 or 4×12 should be used if you are hunting in the 800 yards to 1,000 yards range. A 6.5 Creedmoor should be used if you have a rifle that you use for everything.

Optimal rifle scope magnification depends on many factors. Your rifle, target distance, wind speed, etc. You need to know these things before buying a scope.

The scope question is about the size of the lens. You should choose a larger lens when you want more light or a smaller lens when you want less light. A zoom lens lets you change the focal length of the lens without changing the size of the image sensor. Zoom lenses are useful because they let you get closer to an object while still maintaining the same field of view.

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How Far Can You See with a 4 12x40 Scope

How Far Can You See with a 4 12×40 Scope?

Scope Magnification Vs Distance

A rifle scope magnifies an object by making it appear larger than it is. This makes it easier to see what you’re shooting at, but if you’re too close to the object, then it may make it harder to shoot accurately.


Magnification is a great tool. You should use the lowest magnification that allows you to see your target. This means that if you’re using a rifle, you may need to use a low power setting. However, if you’re using a handgun, you’ll probably want to use a high-power setting.


Hunting is usually done at 200 to 400 yards. The scope should be magnified to identify the target and the best shot. Also, you need the best lighting, less mirage, and a larger field of view to see the target and other better targets.

Your scope should be low enough to see your target. At 500 yards, you need a magnification of at least 6x. For 1000 yards, you’d need a magnification of at most 10x. Higher magnification would help you shoot smaller targets.

Target Shooting

Higher magnification settings are useful when you want to shoot targets accurately. Magnification does not affect the field of view.

These targets won’t move, so you don’t need to worry about trying to spot them through your optics. Longer shots are better suited for these scoped rifles. At 16x power, you’ll get a much higher target resolution. However, you might miss it more often than usual.


Mirages are caused by heat from the gun barrel or ambient temperature being magnified. Your target may seem to move or be distorted as well. You must take into account wind conditions if you want to make sure you get the best shot possible.

Variable Scopes

Variable tactical scopes are useful for military personnel who need to switch between long-range and close-range shooting. These scopes allow the user to easily change magnification without having to manually re-zero the scope.

Variable power scopes are great for hunting because they give you the ability to zoom in or out depending on what you’re looking for. They also tend to be more expensive than fixed-power scopes.

A red dot sight is a type of firearm sighting device that projects an illuminated aiming point (red dot) onto the target. This allows the shooter to aim accurately without having to align the crosshairs of the optic directly over the target.

Tactical riflescopes are made of strong materials and come with a sunshade. They are designed to be used in any condition. They include free 20mm rails for easy installation.


We hope that now you know what numbers mean on a scope.

If you want to know more information about scopes, click HERE.


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