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Industry Insights

Night vision devices are used by military forces to help them see in the dark. These devices are also used by law enforcement officers to train and prepare for missions. The night vision devices are expected to be in high demand due to increasing usage in the military and law enforcement sectors.

Night vision devices are being developed by many companies. Integration of weapons locators into night vision devices allows soldiers to aim accurately. Binoculars offer high optical quality.

BAE Systems, L-3 Communications, Harris Corp., and DRS Technologies are developing enhanced night vision devices (ENVGs). These devices improve the ability of soldiers to see targets during low light conditions. This technology allows them to shoot more accurately because they can see better than before.

Stringent norms and regulations set up by governments on product usage, and the high intensity of competition represent a major challenge for a key player. Significant costs of manufacturing limit the production capacity, limiting the market growth. Commercial availability of the device for the general public increases the chance of security breach in government premises, restricting the market growth.

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Type Insights

Scope devices had the highest market share in 2018. This product category is primarily used as weapon sights but also offers some other uses such as navigation and scouting.

Goggles are used extensively by the defense sector across the world. Automobile manufacturers are emphasizing integrating goggles with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Night tours for photography are also increasing the demand for goggles.

Cameras are used by people to record events. People use them to take pictures or videos.

Technology Insights

An image intensifier is a device used to amplify light intensity by a factor of 10 or more. Thermal imaging is a type of night vision equipment used to detect heat emitted by people or objects. This type of device uses infrared radiation as an energy source. To achieve this, the device must be cooled down to very low temperatures.

The image intensifier is expected to be the fastest-growing segment due to the high popularity and importance of devices based on the technologies. These devices are categorized into generations with each significant change in the night vision technology giving rise to a new generation of devices. Generation 3 devices are extensively utilized by the US military owing to better resolution as well as sensitivity. Generation 4 devices have been termed as filmless and gate since they work effectively in both low as well high light environments.

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Application Insights

The defense segment accounted for the largest market share in 2018 and is expected to grow at significant CAGRs over the forecast period. Military activities at night and during bad weather conditions have increased significantly due to the increasing number of terror attacks.

Thermal imaging devices are commonly used for hunting purposes. These devices amplify the light and enable high visibility for objects perceived as identical in the daytime, making them suitable for spotting the difference in body temperature. This allows hunters to distinguish between animals and humans.

Regional Insights

North America led in 2018 owing mainly to the extensive usage of military-grade weapons in the United States army. Intensive research and development activities are undertaken for developing new technologies also contributed to the promising growth of the region. The value of the global military equipment market is projected to increase from USD 4.1 billion in 2019 to USD 5.4 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 2.2% during the forecast period (2019–2024).

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how much is a night vision scope

How Much is a Night Vision Scope?

Night Vision Device Market Share Insights

Some of the key market players include American Technologies Network Corporation; FLIR Systems; Raytheon Company; Bushnell; Fire-Field; Apresys, and L3 Technologies. These companies focus on product developments, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and business expansions to maintain a stronghold on the market.

What Is Night Vision Technology?

Night vision devices are used by soldiers to see in dark areas. They use green light to see objects. They are also used by police officers to see what’s going on when there is darkness.

Night vision optics use natural ambient lights such as moonlight, stars for object detection. In absence of these light sources, the IR illuminators generate artificial light. Humans and other animals can’t see these light sources. IR illuminators work as flashlights at night. Bright lights can damage the intensifiers tubes hence NVDS.

Night vision optics are used by soldiers to see in dark conditions. Their objective lenses collect light from objects. The intensifiers then transform this light into an image. This image is magnified using the eyepiece. You can adjust the brightness and other settings using knobs.

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Difference between Thermal Scope and Night Vision

Both of these technologies are used to make things easier. But there are differences between them.

Field of Uses

Night vision scopes produce high-resolution and reliable images that will allow you to identify the target. Thermal imagers do not provide any information about the person in front of you.

Night vision scopes are perfect for hunting and tactical use. Thermal scopes are great for both hunting and tactical use.

Night vision scopes are used in a variety of temperatures. Their wide-angle lenses make them ideal for hunting or observing wildlife.

Magnification and Range

Night vision scopes and thermal scopes both have different features. Thermal scopes have higher magnification than night vision scopes. Thermal scopes also have better detection ranges than night vision scopes do.

Daytime Use

Night vision devices do not allow for day uses. Thermal scopes work for both day and night viewing purposes. Digital night vision scopes do allow for daytime usage. You can buy thermal scopes that include lens cap pinholes that let light pass through them in the daytime.

Night Vision Devices

Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) are used to enhance visibility during nighttime operations. These goggles allow soldiers to see better in low-light conditions. NVGs work by taking in ambient light and amplifying it. This amplified image is then projected onto a screen. Cameras made from these goggles have the same limitations as cameras without them.


NVG and other lowlight cameras are not very useful during Twilight hours when there is too much light for them to function effectively, but not enough for you to see with your naked eye.

Thermal cameras are not affected by visible light and can give you clear pictures, even when you are looking at the setting sun. You can aim a spotlight at a FLIR and still get clear pictures.

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