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How to Adjust Airsoft Sniper Scope?

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Get Set Up Securely

You should always try to reduce human errors when using guns. Gun safety is very important. Rifle rest sandbags are easy to make yourself. Denim on denim sandbags is also easy to make.

Shooting from a bench is the easiest way to get stable shots. You can use a vice, sandbag, or other tools to help stabilize your rifle. Make sure you know what range you are shooting at, that you are shooting straight on at your targets, and that your targets are secured and won’t move around.

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How to Zero Your Airsoft Scope The Breakdown?

Zeroing your scope comes into three main steps: preparation for zeroing.


There isn’t much to it? This sounds like something that should be hard!

Choose a Good Location to Test

You must fire your weapon several times before it is properly zeroed. Pick a place to shoot. Ensure it is safe. Ideally, you should choose a range where you know the terrain as well as the target distance. Set up some sort of marker or post to ensure you test at typical engagement distances.

Some people prefer shooting ranges because they are safer than going into the woods. When people go to shooting ranges, they usually practice shooting guns. Practice shooting guns means using guns to fire bullets at targets. Targets are used to help people learn how to aim guns.

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Ensure Hop Up is Well Adjusted

Hop-Up is the distance between the barrel and the rear sight. You should be aiming at the center of the target. If you’re shooting at a moving target, you may need to adjust your hop-up depending on how fast or slow the target moves.

A straight line is a very important part of aiming. You need to make sure that you aim at the center of the target. You will also want to shoot straight at the target. Aiming too high or low will result in inaccurate shots.

Now before you get frustrated trying to adjust the scope, you will need to look it over and ensure that you know how to do everything. You’ll also want to make sure you know how many clicks it takes to move the crosshair.

Adjustment knobs are used to adjust windage and elevation. These adjustments are usually found on the sides or tops of scopes.

This is a very important part of gun shootings. You must know how to measure your shots. A good shooter always measures the distance before firing.

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how to adjust airsoft sniper scope

How to Adjust Airsoft Sniper Scope?


You will see optics that describe MOA. Now, MOA stands for Minute Of Angle. This is the same concept as explained earlier, which means MOA number translates to the ability to cover much more range. A simple turning of the turret will shift the crosshairs down or up, or sideways. If you turn the windage turret by 1MOA, the scope will move to the center of the target, meaning you will hit an inch off where it was before. The same goes for elevation.

Understanding Parallax

Scope Parallax is a term used to describe how the crosshairs move when you’re looking down the barrel of a gun. This is caused by the fact that the reticle isn’t perfectly aligned with the bore of the weapon. When you look down the barrel, you’ll notice that the crosshairs move with the bullet. You need to adjust this movement by adjusting the parallax setting on your scope.

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Adjusting for Parallax

Adjust the rile securely, adjust the ring until it’s the closest to you as close as possible to the range, you’ll also want to double-check the distances. Align the eyes with the sight and point the scope. Now shift your eyes slowly, and watch your reticle.

Do you notice it staying on target? If it does, then you’re good!

You should shift your eyes to the right when something is moving to the right. Increase the distance if the target is moving to the right, and decrease the distance if the target moves to the left.

Increase or decrease the distance depending on whether you’re looking left or right.


You’ll need essential safety gear for airsoft beginners. Your gun should be zeroed before you start shooting.

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