How to Mount a Scope on An AK-47 – In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

How to mount a scope on AK 47?

It is a question many people ask.

We are here to answer it.

How to Mount…

A rifle with a powerful cartridge is very effective. This rifle has a scope that is mounted on the side rail. This means that it is easy to install. The barrel is long, which allows the bullet to travel far.

This rifle has a side rail allowing you to attach an optic without affecting your balance. You can also attach a scope if you want. The side rail is made by Saiga, but it doesn’t affect your balance because it’s mounted low on the barrel.

Any rifle with a side rail mounted optic will interfere with this and needs to be removed if the user wants to fold the stock.

Rear sight rail

Rear sight rail mounts are minimalist replacements for the rear sight assembly. They retain the rifle’s handling and don’t add much weight. Micro red dot shooters will love them because they allow normal cheek weld.

This mini-rail mounts without interfering with any stocks, under, or side-folding, and does not interfere with any optics. It is designed to fit smaller rifles than full-size rails, but it works well with them as well. The height of the rail makes it impractical with any reflex sights, so removing the rear sight can be difficult for new shooters. The diminutive size limits the number of options for optics.

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Railed Dust Cover

Railed dust covers are lighter than factory dust covers. They are installed by simply sliding them into place over the barrel. They are idiot-proof, simple, and require no tools.

A great rail estate for mounting optics and accessories. This hinging VEPR-12 Dust Cover works well with the relatively higher-mounted Eotech 552 Holosight. Cons. Rail-estate mounted dust covers are primarily held into position by the rifle’s recoil Spring and lose zero after a couple of rounds of ammunition. These replacement covers tend to be made of thin steel or aluminum, and in some cases, plastic. They are fragile enough to break when used moderately.

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Dog Leg Rail

The TWS Dog-Leg Rail mounts below the factory dust cover and above the factory rear sight. It provides shooters with more space than the factory dust cover and factory rear sight combined. It also allows shooters to mount a red dot/holo sight and a magnifier if desired.

This rifle is designed for use by shooters who want a compact, lightweight weapon that folds up easily into a small package. It does not interfere with other types of folding stocks. It costs more than some other rifles, but it is worth the extra money because of its quality.

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Railed Gas Tube

Ultimak rails are simple and easy to mount. They offer great view angles and are perfect for both reflex sights and magnified optics. This gun comes with an Aimpoint Micro Red Dot Sight.

This Ultimak Railed Gas Tube replaces both the factory gas tubes and the factory handguards. It also comes with a new barrel nut and an extra bolt.

Railed Handguard

Railed handguards take the place of both the upper and lower portion of the factory handguard. This allows you to mount scout-style optics and offers more rail room than the railed gas tube.

A SAR-1 rifle digests the contents of the ammo boxes behind it without its rail losing zero. The rail does not clamp to the barrel. Traditional rail type

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how to mount a scope on an ak 47

How to Mount a Scope on An AK-47?


Mounting requires permanent alterations to the rifle. A scope can be removed, and the mount will leave holes. Most shooters will need to take the rifle and mount it to a firearm expert.

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