How to Shim a Scope – Step-by-Step Instructions

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How To Shim A Rifle Scope?

Riflescopes are used to help people aim accurately. When you attach a scope to your gun, you must first level the scope by adjusting the elevation until the crosshairs appear centered over the target. Then you adjust the windage or horizontal adjustment until the crosshairs are centered over the target. This process takes time and effort.

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When you’re shooting a rifle, you may need to adjust your scope. You might be using a scope that was dropped or damaged. To fix this problem, you’ll need to use a scope shim.

A scope shim is a thin piece of metal that goes inside the scope tube. It helps make sure that the scope is properly aligned.

You’ll need a toolbox before you go out into the field.

These are some things you’ll need: Wrench(s), level, and shims.

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How to Shim a Scope

How to Shim a Scope?

Some Things You Will Need

Mounted Rifle Scope – Shims are used to adjust the position of the scope when it is mounted to a gun. Adjustable scope rings are used to correct misaligned scopes. Elevated mounting bases are used to elevate a scope above the ground level. Shimming can damage the scope, so it’s better to use other methods instead.

Hex wrenches are used to remove scopes from scope rings. They should be made out of sturdy materials such as metal, wood, or plastic. They should also be very thin and flexible. Credit cards are too thick to use as shims.

A pair of scissors and a level are essential tools for any hunter. You should also consider carrying a small level in your hunting pack just in case.

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How To Shim A Rifle Scope?

Remember that this is only an emergent or temporary fix. You don’t want to have too many Shim layers if you can help. One layer only is best. If more is needed, be sure to decrease the number of shims in size to improve stability.

  • Select And Cut Your Shims: Whatever you want to use for your shims or have on-hand. Aluminum pop cans work well and form to the scope ring easily. Cut them out a bit smaller each time so that the layers align properly and cause minimal damage to your scope.
  • Remove Scope From Scope Rings: Remove the rifle bolt. Use your hex wrenches to take off the scope from the rings then you should be left with the bottom part of the rings attached to your rifle.
  • Place Shims: Place your shims with the larger ones towards the rear of the scope.
  • Remount The Scope: When you’re shooting a rifle or shotgun, you need to make sure that the gun isn’t moving around too much. This could lead to bad shots.
  • Sight in: Your scope should have been zeroed before you started hunting. Now you are ready to shoot. Don’t worry if you need to add shims to your scope. You’ll be fine.

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We hope that now you know how to shim your scope!

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