How to Sight in a 243 Rifle with a Scope – Step-by-Step Guide & Tips

How to sigh in a .243 rifle with a scope? It is a question most of us ask…

So, let’s find out!

Sighting in a .243 Rifle with Scope

You should use your rifle for hunting or target shooting. Don’t use it for self-defense.

Steps to Sighting in a Rifle

We’ve written a more in-depth description of how to sight a rifle in another article, so if these terms below are unknown to you, you can check out that article and get some clarity.

  • Step 1 – Install the rifle scope properly and securely
  • Step 2 – Adjust the rifle scope to the proper eye-relief distance from your shooting eye to the rear of the scope.

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Sighting in an at Yards

A 25-yard zero is the best zero for practical hunting purposes. At 300 yards, the.243 does not travel above or below your line of sight by much. It also maintains enough killing power to remain an ethical and efficient deer hunting bullet at that range.

Deer-sized animals can be killed by a 100 grain.243 bullet at 400 yards. But if an animal moves away from you when you shoot, you’ll miss. At 400 yards, a 100 grain.243 bullets’ kinetic energy is down to 880 feet pounds.

The.243 Winchester is a great cartridge for hunting large game such as deer and antelope. It is also an excellent choice for varmint shooting. The bullet weight is very light, but it packs plenty of energy into a relatively small package. It is accurate out to about 200 yards. At longer ranges, the bullet loses velocity, and accuracy suffers.

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Sighting in an at Yards

A.243 rifle has a maximum effective range of about 300 yards. This means that if your bullet drops 5 inches per 100 yards, then you’ll need to drop your bullet by 5 inches to get an effective range of 300 yards. In this case, the bullet dropped 3/8 inch per 100 yards, so you’d need to drop your bullet 3/8 inch to get an effective range that matches the 300-yard limit.

How to Sight In a Scope in Steps

You should always use a zeroed riflescope before shooting. To get a zeroed riflescope, first, make sure you know how to sight in a riflescope.

Get on Paper With a Boresighter

You should align your rifle before shooting. This means getting your barrel and scope (if you’re using one) in rough alignment.

Boresighters are used to help shooters line up their rifles quickly. Removing the bolt allows them to do this without having to remove the rifle from a rest. Single-shot rifles have an opening in the receiver that makes it easy to see the bullet path through the barrel. This helps shooters line up their shots.

A bore sighting device is used to determine the correct elevation of the gun. It is often used to adjust the sights of a firearm. Boresighting devices may also be referred to as collimation devices.

Make Your Ammo Decision

When you decide what load you want to shoot, you should postpone your shooting until you get a perfect zero. Shooting groups instead of trying to achieve a perfect zero gives you more flexibility.

A 100-yard zero is usually used for short-range shooting. You should aim for the center of mass of the target. This means that if you shoot a deer, you’ll hit the heart. Aiming higher gives you more accuracy at longer distances.

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Use Good Shooting Technique

To get an accurate zero, you need to be sure that there is no human error involved. You should use a good rest that doesn’t cause any recoil. Take your time and make sure you’re concentrating before you fire.

When shooting from a bench rest you should be sure to hold your rifle perfectly still. You should also make sure that your supporting hand is snugged up against your body. Your trigger finger should be the forward-most contact point. Clean your rifle after every 20 shots.

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Cold and Clean Rifle Barrel

A rifle scope should be adjusted properly before shooting. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the rifle pretty close in three or four shots, but sometimes it takes quite a few extra shots. Most scopes have very precise and consistent adjustments, but it’s not unusual to go back and forth several times to get it right. When you think you’ve got it right, let the barrel cool down completely and then check again, because depending on how many shots were used, there’s a good possibility it’s now time to wash the barrel. Cleaning the barrel after firing no more than 20 shots is usually optimal. After cleaning the barrel, try firing a couple of fouling shots, which means firing a shot without any bullets in the chamber. This lets you check the zero one more time before going hunting.

You should always check your zero. This is important when traveling with your rifle, because it may have lost its original zero.

Doublecheck Then Check Again

Bipods are useful tools for precision shooting. Some guns require a bipod to shoot accurately. Shooting aids such as bipods help shooters stay steady while aiming.

how to sight in a 243 rifle with a scope

How to Sight in a 243 Rifle with a Scope?


Hunting away from home requires checking zero one last time before starting the hunt.

We hope this guide helped answer all your questions.

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