How to Sight in a Slug Gun Scope – Easy Guide, FAQs & More

What is a Slug Gun Scope?

And how to sight in it?

Let’s find out!

Items Needed For This Tutorial

  • Slug guns are used by hunters to shoot slugs at targets up to 100 yards away. A slug is a large bullet that doesn’t leave much of an impact when it hits something. A hunter sights in the rifle at 50 yards and shoots at a target at 100 yards. The slug travels at high speeds and drops quickly. Even slight winds can change the trajectory of a slug.
  • Lots of padding or rifle rest can help you get a better aim when you’re aiming at a target. You need to make sure that you have enough padding on your rifle. This helps you get a better aim.
  • Using a heavy weight as a rest is an effective method of shooting accurately. A heavy weight should be used when aiming.
  • Eye and ear protection is needed to protect your eyes and ears from flying debris. Sharpie markers are used to mark targets before shooting.

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How To Sight In A Slug Gun Scope

Setting Up Your Target

Your target should be set up 50 yards away from your bench. You may only be shooting at 50-100 yards, so this is the perfect distance to get a shot off. Make sure your target is placed between two and three inches above the bullseye. This will give you an accurate shot at 100 yards.

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Get Ready

Guns are very dangerous weapons. You should be careful when using them. Wear safety goggles and earplugs. Make sure you are aiming at the center of the target.

First Shot

You need to take your first shot. If you miss, you need to adjust your aim.


A bullet fired from a rifle travels at about 3200 feet per second. You need to know how far away the target is before you shoot. For example, if you’re shooting at a target 50 yards away, you’ll need to know how fast the bullet is going when it hits the target. That speed is called the velocity. To calculate the distance, you multiply the velocity by the time it takes the bullet to travel to the target (in seconds). In this case, the distance is 50 x 3200 150,000 feet. Since the bullet is traveling at 3200 ft/sec, the bullet will be moving at 1,800 ft/sec when it reaches the target. That means the bullet will take 1.8 secs to reach the target. Thus, the distance is 150,000 ft / 1.8 75,625 ft.

Second Shot

You’ve got it! Your first attempt was perfect. This time, try aiming for the center of the target.

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how to sight in a slug gun scope

How to Sight in a Slug Gun Scope?

Common Questions

Low-powered scopes are great for close-up shots. You can use them for hunting because you won’t need as much power to shoot your prey. You’ll get better results if you’re using a low-powered scope.

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You’ve learned how to sight in a Slug Gun Scope. Hopefully this guide was helpful to you. Remember, you’re aiming for that 100-yard shot, but 50 yards is much easier to work out. Play around with it a bit, and practice more.

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