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How to use an ACOG Scope?

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How to Use a Tactical Rifle Scope

The ACOG is an optical sight developed by Trijicon for use with tactical weapons. It features illuminated reticles operating without battery power. It uses fiber optics that react to light, giving optimal reticle illumination regardless of lighting conditions. It uses hydrogen-3 (also called tritium), which emits radiation that illuminates the Aimpoint even in complete darkness.

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How to Use an ACOG Scope

ACOG Scope Weapon is a weapon used by soldiers to shoot down targets. It has a flat top scope mounting rail. A flat head screwdriver is also included.

Step 1 

Cleaning an ACOG should be done with care. Use the brush side of the lens pen to clean the lens. Then use the felt cleaner to polish the lens.

Step 2

Cleaning an ACOG is easy. Use the brush side of the lens pen to clean off any dirt or debris. Then use the felt cleaner to get rid of any remaining dirt.

Step 3

Cleaning an ACOG is easy! Use the brush side of the lens pen to clean off any dirt or debris. Then use the felt cleaner to make sure there’s nothing left on the lens.

Step 4

Clean your ACOG by using a lens pen to clean the lens. Use the pen’s felt cleaner after you’ve finished cleaning the lens.


Your ACOG scope may contain radioactive material. You must repair it by contacting the manufacturer. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before repairing your scope.


If you encounter resistance while zeroing in your ACOG (or any other optic), do not force the reticule adjuster. This can damage the interior prism assembly. In this case, contact the manufacturer for further instruction. If the ACOG does not work, contact the manufacturer.

How to Use a Trijicon ACOG Scope?

Trijicon is a famous name in the world of ammunition accessories. Their Tactical Optics line includes a variety of scopes for military weapons. These scopes use fiber optic technology to provide maximum visibility in low-light conditions. They come equipped with an illuminated reticle.

You need to prepare your equipment first. Then, you should read this guide carefully.

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how to use acog scope

How to Use ACOG Scope?

The Primary Function of ACOG Scope

This is an ACOG Scope. It is made for the M16 rifle. It is a great weapon for hunters, collectors, and hobbyists. It is durable and versatile. It dominates the market because of its design and features.

Steps on How to Use a Trijicon ACOG Scope

Using the Trijicon AC-OG scope is not as difficult as you might think. Just follow these simple instructions to get started.

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Check Your ACOG Scope

When peeking into an ACOG, make sure to check the brightness level. You should be able to see the illuminated reticles easily.

Install the ACOG Scope

The next step is installing the scope. Loosen the knobs found at the base of each clamp assembly. Position the scopes on the flat top rails, align the studs inside the rail grooves. Then tighten the knobs and use an ¼ inch head screwdriver to make sure it doesn’t get loose.

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Zeroing the ACOG

The rifle’s point of impact should be near or almost the center.

Zeroing your ACOG will make you more accurate when shooting. You can adjust the reticule to be smaller or larger depending on what kind of gun you use. Your ACOG should be zeroed at 100m (328ft).

The ACOG reticle increment is at ¼ inch per click. You need four clicks to move the crosshairs at a distance of 100 meters. The adjustment knobs are located on the right side of the scope.

Clean the ACOG

Cleaning your ACOG should be done after every use. You need to clean your ACOG because it collects dust and debris. Dirt and other foreign objects may cause the lens to become cloudy. To clean your ACOG, you must first remove the lens pen. Then, use the brush side to remove the dirt and debris. Finally, use the pen’s felt cleaner to polish the lens.


We hope that this guide helped you.

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