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Scope mounts come in many different designs and sizes. They are typically made from aluminum or other metal alloys. There are many scopes mounts available out there.
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What is a Cantilever Scope Mount?

What Is A Cantilever Mount?

Scope mounts come in many shapes and sizes. Some are designed for specific purposes while others are universal. There are also some mounts that are made specifically for long-range shooting. You should always choose the right type of mount for your particular needs.

A cantilever mount is a type of mounting system used by rifles and other firearms. Cantilevers are commonly used as bipods or monopods. Bipods are attached to the stock of a firearm and support the barrel when the weapon is fired. Monopods are mounted directly onto the gunstock and hold the barrel steady while firing. Cantilever mounts are used to attach accessories such as scopes and lasers to the rifle.

Mounts Rings and Rails

For mounting your scope, you would have heard many times the terms mount, ring, and rails sort of used interchangeably, but there is actually a difference.

The rail (base) is the base that your mount (scope) is attached to. Generally, you’ll have a base that is a Weaver style, Picatinny, Dovetail, or a combo.

Rings and mounts are basically the same things, but a mount is one piece and rings are two pieces. A mount can be mounted onto a base rail, which can be either one piece or two pieces.

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The Base

Weaver and Picatinny are two different bases. Weaver is a flat rail with slots that help to prevent movement due to recoil. It accepts Weaver-style rings. The Weaver and the Picatinny are very similar but the Weaver is wider than the Picatinny.

Picatinny bases are the best choice for scopes because they can fit any type of receiver and can be adjusted to match any length of a rifle barrel. They can also hold many other accessories besides scopes. They are easy to install because of factory drilled holes and screws.

Dovetail bases are one of many types of bases used by woodworkers. They are heavy-duty bases and are often made of metal or plastic. Dovetail bases are usually larger than other bases, and they are strong and sturdy. Dovetail bases are also known as “twist lock” bases because you twist them down into place.

One Piece Or Two Piece

One-piece mounts are typically stronger and offer more stability than two-piece mounts. Rings are automatically aligned so you don’t need to worry about alignment issues. They offer a little more height and are a good choice for a tactical rifle.

A disadvantage of a one-piece mount is that it is heavier and gets in the way of the rifle’s receiver when using a bolt action rifle. The alignment of the drilled holes for an optic can cause mounting problems. The recoil factor can be affected by the weight of the mount.

Two-piece rings are lighter than one-piece rings, allowing them to clear jams easier. They are also cheaper and less expensive than one-piece rings. They are easier to align than one-piece rings.

The Cantilever Mount

A cantilever mount is a type of mounting system used to attach optics to rifles. There are many different types of cantilever mounts available. Some are made out of metal, some are made from plastic. Most cantilever mounts require no tools to adjust. They can be easily adjusted without having to remove them from the rifle.

Some cantilever mounts come with a stabilizing device called a bipod. This allows the shooter to use the scope on uneven terrain. Bipods are not necessary if the shooter has a steady hand and the ground is level.

Description of Cantilever Scope Mounts

Cantilever scopes are used for long-range shooting. They’re usually mounted on top of rifles or handguns. They allow you to use both eyes to aim. A cantilever scope is attached to the rifle or handgun using a mount.

Cantilever scopes come in two types: fixed power and variable power.

Fixed power means that the magnification stays the same regardless of how far away your target is.

Variable power means that the magnification changes depending on the distance. This allows you to see further targets.

About An AR Cantilever Mount?

There are a number of AR-15 scopes mounts that mount at a slight angle to accommodate large objective lenses. Each person’s preference and setup will be different. If someone wants to use a scope with a large lens, he or she should consider using a cantilever mount.

Scope tubes come in two sizes: 30 mm (1″) and 12.7 mm (0.5″). High-quality scope mounts are one-piece units with the rings and mount integrated into a single solid piece. Products such as the Aero Precision Scope Mount offer great lightweight solutions.

A single-piece cantilever mount may be easier to position than a two-piece system. However, it is more expensive and requires more time to assemble.

Value For Money Mounts

High-quality products cost more money than low-quality ones. Higher-priced items usually offer better performance and durability than lower-priced ones.

We have also taken a look into the wide range of one-piece scopes available, and it would be worth taking a look at them if you’re looking to gauge whether they’ll suit your shooting needs.

What is Eye Relief in a Scope?

Eye relief matters more than a bunch of gun nuts and bloggers who write about them. If you’ve ever watched someone bust their eyebrow wide apart or come to work with an eye black eye, it’s because their eyesight was not correct.

Eye relief is how far away your eyes need to be from the front sight when you shoot. For most rifles, you want your eye relief to be around 1 inch. A cantilever scope mount is perfect for an AR because it doesn’t require as much adjustment as other mounts do.

Cantilever Perfect for an AR?

Most ARs have a Picatinny rail system that is stretched along the entire length of the barrel. This includes both the hand guard and the upper receiver. AR owners should know that it’s more difficult to stabilize an optic when it’s attached to the hand guard. They’ll be less likely to lose their zero after the first magazine.

A scope mount that fits on top of the upper receiver and doesn’t put any pressure on the hand guard.

Piece Cantilever Scope Mount

This scope mount is made for AR-15s. It offers great eye relief. It’s adjustable, and it doesn’t interfere with other accessories.

The cantilever system offers the highest level of security. It is designed to work with the 6-screw design. People who use ARs want to be able to fire as fast as possible. Wheeler knows what people want and makes sure there is enough room for them to do it.

Having 6 screws on each side offers incredible security. Anti-cant mechanisms are easy to see and easy for you to read. If you want to challenge yourself with longer shooting, anti-cant mechanisms are essential.

What are the Sizes of the Wheeler Piece Cantilever?

There are three different diameters for the wheeler cantilever. A 1″ tube is used for scopes up to 10×50. A 30mm tube is used for scoped up to 12×50. And a 34mm tube is used for any larger scopes. Always make sure you know what size tube you need before buying.

Tool You Should Have to Mount Scope?

Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench is a precision tool that ensures you won’t ever break any other scope mounts, rings, or strips. You’ll also save money by using this tool instead of buying new ones every time you need to tighten a scope mount.

Rails refer to a single piece of equipment with many slots/positions for you to attach rings and mounts. Rails are generally more rugged than bases. Bases are less flexible than rails because you can’t easily change out optics.

Rails are commonly used by shooters to attach accessories such as scopes, lasers, lights, grips, fore-ends, etc. Rifles with rails usually have higher prices than those without them. Some people prefer using rails because they allow you to switch out different types of optics. Other people prefer using bases because they don’t obstruct the action of the rifle.


We hope that now you know what are Cantilever Scope Mounts. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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