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What is a Red Dot Optic?

Red dots are simple sights that work well for shooting at targets. They’re easy to learn and use, and they’re great for teaching people how to shoot.

Red dots are used by snipers because they are easy to use, and they provide clear images without having to zoom in. They are also very accurate, and they are great for hunting.

Smaller-sized rifles and handguns are now being used by police officers.

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How Do They Work?

Red Dots use the same principle as an optical illusion called Pepper’s Ghost. They use mirrors coated with a special material that only reflects red light, preventing other lights from interfering with your reticle.

A beam of light shines on a piece of glass, which then reflects the light back to the eye. This creates a reticle, allowing you to see your target. However, someone behind the optic cannot see your target.

Aperture holes control the size of the dot. Bigger apertures make bigger dots, but also make them slower to see and shoot. Smaller apertures make smaller dots, but also make the dot cover more of the target making it harder to see and hit.

Different Types of Red Dots

Red dots can be used as sights for rifles, handguns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and machine guns. There are also some types of red dot sights that are designed specifically for use by police officers.

Standard Rifle Optics

Most of the red dots are tube-based designs made for full-sized firearms. These optics often have a 2 to 3 MOa red dot, a 25 mm or more objective lens, designed for close to moderate rangeshooting. Standard rifle optics can also be combined with a magnifying or night vision optic to improve the range and versatility of a platform.

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Miniature Red Dots

Miniature red dots are the most affordable of the small. This fast firing red dot optic is designed and fitted as both a pistol sight and backup sight for standard rifle optics.

Red dots are simple and easy to use. New shooters feel good when using red dots because they’re easy to aim. Red dots are also great for training new shooters because they’re simple to use.

Red dots are faster than irons. You need to align them before you shoot. Irons take longer to load.

Red dots allow you to shoot through the optic at less-than-perfect angles. You can switch weapons without missing shots. Red dots can be used on shotguns.

A red dot sight is a great addition to any gun. It offers a lot of advantages over traditional sights. It allows you to aim farther away than normal sights, and it gives you a better chance of hitting your target.

Red dot optics continue to be used by many people today. They’re used in sport shooting, home defense, and even military applications.

The Future is Red

Red dots are amazing little optics. They are used by military and police forces everywhere. They are going to stay around for a long time. They are going to grow and evolve, but the future of red dots isn’t going to be very bright.

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From Burris

A versatile product that is popular for use on handguns, tactical weapons, short range rifles, shotguns, and even on spotting scopes.

I am going to hunt this morning!

Burris AR-332 is an amazing sight! It’s a great weapon for close-quarters combat. You can see everything right in front of you. It’s also easy to use. You can easily aim and fire your gun. It’s very accurate. You can even shoot while moving around.

What is MOA?

Red dots are used for shooting guns. Smaller ones are more precise and accurate for longer distances. Bigger ones are less precise but better for short ranges.


A red dot scope is used by hunters to find game animals at night. It has a light source that shines through the lens and reflects off the animal’s eyes. The hunter then aims the scope at the animal’s eye and adjusts the focus until it appears bright red. This allows them to see where the animal is looking.

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A Brief Guide To Red Dot Sights What They Are How They Work

Reflex sights are a type of scope that uses an optical system to help aim your weapon. Iron sights are old-fashioned and need to be replaced by reflex sights.

How Does A Red Dot Optic Work?

A modern red dot optic shares many similarities with Grubb’s reflectors from the early 1900s. It uses similar parts, but it also adds some modern technologies.

A scope is an instrument used to magnify distant objects. Scope is usually mounted on a rifle or handgun. A red dot sight is an optical device that allows you to aim your weapon by aligning the crosshairs over the target. Red dots are placed near each other

What Is a Red-Dot Scope?

What Is a Red-Dot Scope?

Pros and Cons


  1. It’s cheap
  2. You can buy it from any store
  3. It works for most rifles.


  1. May not be accurate enough.
  2. May not have enough power

Why Are They So Great?

Red dot sights are great because they allow you to see your target without having to aim directly at them. You can also use them to shoot at targets that are behind other objects. This makes it easier to hit targets that are farther away than if you had to aim at them directly.

Sighting systems are used by both military and civilian shooters. Iron sights are still used by many people. But, there are some advantages to using optics over iron sights.

A smaller dot means more precision. But if you use a big dot, then you won’t be able to see your target at long distances.

Red dots sights are cheap, but they can easily break. Replacing them is expensive if the manufacturers’ warranties don’t cover damage from use.

Red dots sights have batteries that last for years. If your red dot sight is set to a high brightness setting, you should change the batteries every week or two.

Optics aren’t plug-and-play. You’ll need to spend some time getting used to them before you start shooting.

Red Dot Sights

The best red dot sights are designed to provide fast target acquisition at close range. They usually come equipped with a laser aiming system that allows you to aim down the sight without having to move your head. A number of different features are important to consider when choosing a red dot sight, including battery life, magnification, reticle type, and size.

TRS AR Optics

We understand not everyone has $40 to spend on a Red Dot sight. The Bushnell TRCS-25 is our go-to for something around $70, it’s served me well on both my first AR and currently lives on my AK Pistol…which has even more recoil!

C X ACSS Vulcan

This gun is a collaboration between Holoson and Primary Arms. It comes with a solar backup and 20,000-hour battery life. It also has Shake-awake, night vision compatibility, extreme durability, and a reticle that looks like a dot.

Holosuns are great rifles. They help you learn how to shoot accurately. They also have a nice chevron reticle that helps you figure out if your shot is centered or off-center. You can turn off the chevron to save battery life.


A holographic sight is a type of optical device used to project an image onto the retina of the eye. This allows the shooter to see the target without having to turn their head or move their line of sight.

Eotech pioneered the reticle that became synonymous with other holographic scopes. Their large 68 MOA circle gave them both quick acquisition and precise targetting. Their battery life was less than most holographic scopes. But they had a much larger view window and the great reticle!

We took an EXPS model and also subjected it to torture in the High-End Optical Torture Test. After being tortured by the.22LR Mini-Mag, the EXPS model was destroyed.


Red dot scopes are very handy. 

We hope this article answered your question.

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Happy shooting!


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