What is Zero Stop on a Scope – Full Overview, FAQs & More

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What is a zero stop on a scope?

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What Is Zero Stop On A Scope?

A rifle scope has a zero stop feature that allows you to set your desired distance for shooting. Zero stops are usually built into the turrets of riflescopes. These features allow you to shoot accurately without having to adjust the magnification of the scope.

A zero stop is a feature used by shooters to lock in the settings of a scope. Once locked in, the shooter can easily change distance using the turrets.

A zero stop is an important part of any rifle. It allows the user to easily adjust the height of the target while shooting.

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Reasons For A Zero Stop

A zero stop is very useful for shooters who shoot at different distances. It makes them less likely to forget the elevation.

Shooting is a sport that requires concentration. A 0-stop setting allows shooters to focus on other things.

Is A Zero Stop Necessary?

There are many different types of scopes available today. Some are more expensive than others, but they all work well. Most shooters use a red dot sight or iron sights when they go out to hunt.

You’re not forced to use any features, but if you want to save time, you should use them.

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What is Zero Stop on a Riflescope?

A rifle scope has an elevation adjustment knob. When you rotate this knob clockwise or counter-clockwise, the scope moves up or down. This is called the elevation adjustment knob. There is also a zero stop feature. When you use this feature, you can set the scope to be at a certain height. You can do this by turning the elevation adjustment knob until the scope stops moving.

A zero stop is useful when you need to adjust your elevation turret to a specific setting. This allows you to quickly set the elevation turret to a specific position without having to move the crosshairs or zoom buttons.

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What is Zero Stop on a Scope

What is Zero Stop on a Scope?

Vortex Offers Four Different Zero Stop Configurations

1. Vortex CRS Zero Stop

The elevation turret can only be adjusted a few clicks past the zero point. This makes it difficult to adjust the elevation turret back to the original zero point when returning to the original position.

2. Vortex RevStop Zero System

RevStop Zero Set-Up is a new type of zero stop. It is a combination of a shim-based zero stop and a mechanical one. It allows you to return to zero after shooting.

3. Vortex RZR Zero Stop

The Vortex RZR Zero-Stop system is an actual mechanical system where the elevation turret cannot go beyond the zero point.

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4. LTec Zero Stop

The L-Tec Zero-Stop System is an easy-to-use mechanical zero-stop system. It is integrated into the LTC Turret System.

Out of all the Vortex zero stop systems they currently offer, I think the L-tec is my favorite for ease of configuration and use.

What is the BEST Vortex Zero Stop System?

Best is always open for debate. I think the L-Tec system offers the best performance and ease of use. However, you won’t find this system on many rifles.

Conclusion and things to remember…

  1. The reticle size changes with magnification settings and
  2. Reticle values remain constant in relation to your target. 

We hope that now you know what is a Zero Stop on the scope and why is it important.

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