Where are Feyachi Scopes Made? – Full Analysis, Tips & More

People often ask, what are Feyachi Scopes and where are they made?

Let’s find out!

Where are Feyachi Scopes Made?

Feyachi scopes are made in China. They have many positive reviews on Amazon. Their products are priced lower than name brands.

Are Feyachi Products Any Good?

Feyachis make sights, scopes, etc. Their selection usually costs much less than name-brand versions. Quality isn’t always as high as name brands.

That doesn’t mean that their product isn’t worth buying. We purchased and tried Feyachi RS-30 Red Dot Sight. We were surprised by the look and feel of the Feyachi RS-30. In short, it feels like it should cost twice as much, and it would still cost less than a similar brand name scope.

Feyachis are great products. Their products are very reliable, and they have a 1-year warranty! So if you want to try them out, go ahead!

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What Does Feyachi Sell?

Firearms are weapons used to kill people. They are also used for hunting. There are many types of firearms, but they all work in the same basic way. A bullet is fired out of the barrel of a gun. This bullet travels down the barrel until it hits something. When this happens, the bullet explodes into pieces and kills whoever or whatever it hits.

Feyachi Falcon × Specifications

Aluminum aircraft-grade scopes are made out of very strong materials. Nitrogen-filled scopes are used to prevent moisture from getting into the lenses.

Fogproof scopes are designed to be used in low light conditions.

Waterproof scopes are designed so you can use them while swimming or diving. High-powered magnifications allow you to see details that other scopes wouldn’t show. A rangefinder allows you to quickly zero your scope in. Scope adjustments are easy to make without tools. Scope covers are included to protect the lenses when you aren’t using them.

Did The Feyachi Falcon Pass The Return To Zero Test?

The Feyachi Falcon 3- 9×40 Rifle Scope was tested at 100 yards, from an elevated position. The first two shots were very close together, but the remaining shots were all within one inch from the horizontal and vertical axis. All of the shots were also within three to four inches of the center shot.

where are feyachi scopes made

Where are Feyachi Scopes Made?

This Feyachi Falcon × Rifle Scope Took A Beating

This scope is very sturdy and durable. It took a beating and still worked perfectly.

You fired your gun at a target at 100 yards. Your first shot missed by an inch. The rest of your shots were within 3 inches of dead center. Your last shot was very close to the first.

A rifle scope is a tool used to help aim a gun accurately. This scope was tested to see if it could withstand being dropped from a height of 10 feet onto concrete several times. The scope survived the test without any damage.

Holding Zero

Innovative design spring-loaded hex screws with retention feature an integral recoil stop for a secure zero hold.

Easy to Use

This scope features rounded edges and corners to prevent snagging or scratching of other gear. It also has an easy-to-use windage and elevation turret system.

Inch Diameter Ring Mount for Scope

This scope is designed for use with a rifle or shotgun.

Feyachi Tactical Rifle Scope

Feychi is an excellent brand name for a camera kit. It comes with a lens cap, a lens, a battery charger, and an adjustment tool. All of these items come together to make a great camera kit.

Fog proofing is very important. Adjustments can be made using the tool. Variable zoom scopes work well, but adjustments need to be done carefully.

This lens has an adjustable range from 8x to 32X. You can use the drop-shot markings to precisely line up your shots.

A laser rangefinder is used by hunters to measure distances accurately. This device includes a reticle and illumination. It is shockproof, fog proof, waterproof, and has a magnification of 8x. This product is great value for the money.


We hope that you have a better insight into Feyachi scopes now. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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