Where are Huskemaw Scopes Made? – All You Need to Know

If you have Huskemaw Scope or you are planning to buy one, you must be thinking…

Where are they made?

Well, let’s find it out!

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Where are Huskemaw Scopes Made?

Huskemaw scopes are made in Japan.

Huskemaw Rifle Scopes

Huskemaws is the most precise, fastest, and most user-friendly rifle scopes on the market. They are built to withstand years and years of use and provide reliability in all field conditions.

Huskemaw HuntSmart Reticle

The design is simple, yet effective. Used in tandem with the BCD turrets. The same principles apply to all HO scoped models. However, there are some differences.

Wind holds with corresponding MOA numbers are unique to Huskemaw. These assets are utilized by dialing to an unknown distance, then holding for the wind deflection as indicated by the turret directly above the number

. It is as easy as ranging for distance, then dialing the appropriate yardage, and holding for wind as applicable.

Note: If you want to know a complete guide and tutorials about scopes click HERE.

Where are Huskemaw Scopes Made

Where are Huskemaw Scopes Made?

Customized Huskemaw BDC Turret

Turrets are elevation turrets that are calibrated in yards instead of the standard MOA indicators. They are both simple and precise because they have been verified with real-world data that was shot in the field in an unknown environment.

Each turret is laser engraved to precisely match the actual trajectory of a particular rifle and bullet combination.

Windage Enabled

The Huskemaw BDC is the only windage-enabled turret in the industry. The Hunt Smart reticle is the only RFBC (rapid field ballistic compensator) turret in the industry.

This is the most reliable, fast, and precise tool for wind compensation in a variety of field conditions.

Huskemaw optics has an available DVD ‘how to dope the wind beyond belief’ that provides many tips, techniques, and tools for gaining knowledge.


Huskemaw Scopes are made in Japan, we hope that now you have a better insight into what they are!

If you want to know more information about scopes click Here.


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