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Where Are Sightron Riflescopes Made?

Sightron scopes are made in Japan. Sightron is a renowned American brand of sport optics that produces high-quality optics for hunting, nature exploration, target shooting sports, army, and law enforcement purposes.

Sightron USA was founded by Mr. Masahiko Kato who started the company in 1968. The company has two factories located in Japan and the Philippines. Sightron USA offers a series of sports optical products, particularly riflescope, reflex sight, red dot sight, binoculars, and spotting scopes.


Sightron is an American manufacturer of high-quality sporting optics. Founded in 1993, Sightron produces world-class optics for hunting, shooting, and fishing. Sightron is headquartered in Youngsville, NC.

Sightron is an optical equipment manufacturer based in Japan. The company started as a producer of binoculars, but now produces various types of optical equipment, such as cameras, telescopes, microscopes, etc.

Sightron offers an impressive range of lenses. Their FAST focus system allows you to quickly adjust your focus without having to move the camera or zoom in/out.

Their ZACT-7 Revcoat Plus coating provides superior scratch resistance and durability. Their ExacTrack technology allows for precise adjustments of both windage and elevation. Sightron also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

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Production Facilities

Sightron is currently headquartered in the United States, but its factories are located in both Japan and the Philippines.

Scopes Made in Japan

Sightron is a Japanese company. Their first rifle scope was made in Japan. All of their products are made in-house. This means that their products are not outsourced to third-party companies.

It has a field of view of three meters. It has a parallax correction from nine-point one meter to infinity. It has an elevation/windage adjustment from seventy points sixty millimeters to eighty points sixty millimeters. It also has a one-eighth of a millimeter click. There are two reticles available for this scope: target dot one and one millimeter.


Long-range target shooting is an exciting sport. Competitors must be accurate and precise when shooting at distant targets. A scope designed for bench rest shooting is best suited for this type of competition. This scope features ED lenses and 10-to-50x magnification.


The SIII Precision Long Range rifle scope series from Sightron features high-performance optics that are designed to perform well in long-range target shooting and competitive shooting sports applications.

These scopes feature a large objective lens and high magnification, making them ideal for acquiring extremely long-ranged targets with high accuracy and precise aiming.

This rifle is very accurate, but it doesn’t have any special features. It has an aluminum alloy body, and it’s waterproof.

This rifle scope is great for medium to long-distance shooting. It is equipped with a 6-24x magnification range. You can use the scope to shoot targets up to 1,000 meters away. It also comes with an eye relief of 96.6mm.

The eye relief allows you to see more than your target while using the scope. The field of view is 5-16m/100m. The main tube size is 30mm. There are three different reticles that you can choose from. These are illuminated Mil-Hash-3, MOA hash marks, and MOA hash marks.

The Mil-Hash-3 reticle gives you a magnification of 3x. The MOA hash mark reticle gives you a 2x magnification. And the MOA hash mark reticule gives you a 1x magnification.

This scope offers great value without breaking the bank. It’s designed to give you confidence before firing your rifle. It has 8x magnification, 4x zoom, 56mm objective, a field of vision of 3.7m/100m, 101.6-92.8mm of eye relief, parallax adjustment from 27.3m to infinity, and the main tube of 30mm diameter.

There are two reticles available: the illuminated Mil-Hash- 5, MOA-H and MOA-2, and the MOA-IRMH-5 reticle. The elevation/windage adjustments are 20.4/20,4MRAD with a click value of 0.1MRAD. For the MOAs, the elevation/windage adjustment is 70/70MOA with a ¼MOA click.

This scope is great for long-range shooting. You need to be careful when you use it because you might miss your target if you don’t adjust the zero stop properly.

This rifle scope is designed for hunting big game. It features an adjustable range of magnification from 10x to 50x. It also includes a variable power of up to 50x.

The scope offers a field of view of three meters or 100 meters. It comes with a parallax setting of eleven point nine meters to infinity. It also allows you to adjust your elevation and windage by half a meter each.


This scope is designed for long-range shooting sports. The reticle is placed in the first focal plane, which means that the reticle remains accurate at any magnification. An FFP reticle makes it easier to measure distances.

This rifle is very accurate, but it doesn’t have any zoom capabilities. It also has a scope mount that allows you to attach different scopes. It is made out of aluminum alloy, and it is waterproof and fog proof.


A great riflescope for hunting or target shooting. This scope is perfect for any type of shooting competition.

SIII Long Range Series

A series of mid-range riflescopes designed for long-range shooting. These scopes feature tactical-type (resetting) turrets along with an internal Zero Stop feature.

This rifle scope is perfect for hunting or tactical shooting sports. It offers a wide range of magnification (6x) and an excellent field of view (5.1m). The zero-stop feature allows you to engage targets up to 549 meters away.

The reticle options are Mil-Hash and MOAR-2. The Mil-Hash reticle offers a magnification of 23.3/23,3 MRAD with a click value of 0.1 MRAD. The MOAR-2 reticle offers a magnification ranging from 80/80 MOA to infinity.

SIII Long Range SFP X

This scope is designed for shooters who want intermediate to long-range capabilities. It has adjustable zoom and reticle options.


This riflescope is perfect for long-range target shooting. It offers a 10x magnification and a 60mm objective lens. It also comes with a multi-coated objective lens and a 5x zoom.

It has a field of view of about 5 meters or 100 meters. It has an eye relief of 91.4 – 96.5 millimeters. It has parallax correction between about 36.6 meters to infinity. It has a windage/elevation adjustment of 50/50 MOA.


This rifle scope is great for long-range shooting. It has a zero-stop feature that allows you to set your zero at any distance. It also has a mil-dot reticle that makes it easy to see when you’re aiming.

SIII Field Target Series

The SIII Field Target is designed to excel in air gun and lightweight rifle competitions. These scopes feature a large 60mm objective lens with Zact 7 Revcoat multi-coating. Internal zero stop and daylight useable reticle illumination with eleven brightness settings.

This rifle features a sight system called the ExacTrack W& E system. The ExacTrack W&e system uses an optical sensor to measure the distance to the target, then calculates the exact point of impact.

The system also includes a second focal plane reticle that allows you to see the bullet drop at different ranges. The sight also has a built-in rangefinder that lets you know how far away your target is. The sights come packaged with a cap-style turret that resets automatically when the weapon is fired.

The SIII Field Target series includes three different models: “SIII-1”, “SIII-2” and “SIII-3”.

SIII Field Target X IR Zero Stop

This scope is made for competitive airgun shooting sports. It has a zero-stop feature to allow you to instantly dial back to a pre-set zero. The scope also has a daylight reticle and precision parallax adjustment. The scope comes with the illuminated mil hash reticle.

SIII Field Target X IR

This scope is designed for competition shooting. It has a very large range of magnification (10x) and a wide field of view (3m). It also has an extremely accurate reticle system.

SIII Competition ED Series

These scopes are designed to be used in any condition. They are equipped with an internal nitrogen charging system that allows them to work even when there is moisture inside the lens. Their optics are made of extra-low dispersion glass, which makes them very clear.

This rifle is designed for competition shooters who want to win competitions. It has many features including a second focal plane reticle, capped target type turrets, etched glass reticle, parallax correction, etc.

A high-quality riflescope for target shooting. It is equipped with fixed power of 45X which is enough for most precision long-range shooting applications.

It is also equipped with an extra-low dispersion glass lens, 45X magnification, a 45mm objective, a field of vision of 0.7 meters/100 meters, 91.4mm of eye relief, parallax correction from 9.1m to infinity, and elevation/windage adjustments of 50/50 MOAs with a 0.1MOA click. There are two types of reticle choices, Target dot 1 and fine crosshair.

SIII Competition ED X

This scope is designed to be used by shooters who want to compete in the Precision Rifle Series. It has an excellent field of view and great optics.

where are sightron scopes made

Where are Sightron Scopes Made?

Made in the Philippines

Riflescopes made in the Philippines are listed below: This rifle scope was first released in 1996. It is a multipurpose scope that is perfect for long-range shooting competitions and professional hunting. It is a lightweight and compact scope offering a fixed power of 36x magnification.

It is ideal for target shooting sports such as bench rest BR50 and F-class competitive shooting. The main feature of the scope is an adjustable objective focus, capped Target (resettable) turrets, Exactrack W&E system, and high-quality optics with full multi-coating.

This scope has a magnification of 36x, an objective of 42mm, a field of view (FOV) of 1m/100m, an eye relief of 91.4mm, a focus range of 13.7m to infinity, a windage range of 60/60MOA, a click range of 1/8MOA, the main tube length of 25.4mm, and aluminum construction, and is nitrogen charged.

SIH Rimfire ×

This rifle scope is designed for hunters who want a versatile scope for both hunting and target practice. It comes with a second focal plane reticule, fully multi-coating lenses, and capped hunting turret.

This scope is very lightweight and easy to use. You can easily adjust the zoom level without having to take off your glasses. It also comes with a crosshair reticle.

STAC Series

The S-TAC series of riflescopes from Sightron are designed for a variety of shooting applications. They’re packed with features, such as a five-times optical zoom, ExacTrac windage, elevation adjustment system, Zact 7 Reticle coating, and Second focal plane reticle.

Real-life situations demand hunters to carry all-weather equipment for an interrupted day of shooting. The S-Tactical Series adheres to these requirements because it offers a shockproof main tube, made of industrial-grade aluminum and nitrogen-filled waterproof/fogging proof.

Additional features of this series include etched glass reticles, side focus parallax correction, capped target style turrets, and a resettable windage turret.

The S-Tac 4-20×50 rifle scope is a reasonably priced riflescope that is suitable for a range of shooting situations. It features a 4-20x magnification, 50mm objective, a field of vision of 6.8-13m/100m, 94-99mm of eye relief, and a parallax correction of 9.1m to infinity.

The elevation/windage adjustment for both reticle variants (MOA-2 & Duplex) is 80/40 MOa with a click value of 1/4 MOA.

A rifle scope is used to shoot targets at distances up to 457 meters. The scope provides a 3x magnification, an objective lens of 42mm, a field of view (FOV) of 9-1.2m/100m, an eye relief of 91.4-104mm, and a parallax adjustment range of 9.1m to infinity.

Reticles available for this scope include MOA-3 and duplex. Elevation/Windage adjustments for either reticle are 70/70 MOAs with a 1/4 MOA click.


This scope is great for competitive shooters who want a high-quality rifle scope. It features a zero stop and a bright daylight reticle.

Some other features include 5x optical zoom, an etched glass reticle, and side focus parallax correction. The series features a 30mm main tube made of industrial-grade aluminum, shockproof design, and IPX 7 nitrogen-filled waterproof/fog proof. The S-Tac FFP series is offered as follows:

STAC FFP Zero Stop X

This rifle scope is designed to be used by intermediate to long-range shooters. It features daylight reticle illumination and is suitable for tactical or target shooting. It has an eye relief of 91.4-104mm and a field of view of 10-14m/100-300m. Parallax adjustments are available from 9.1m to infinity. Reticles include Mil-Hash- 2 and MOA-5 with click values of 0.1 MRD and ¼MOA respectively.

STAC FFP Zero Stop X

This rifle scope is designed for use with intermediate to long-range targets. It features daylight reticle illumination. The scope is well suited for tactical and target shooting practices up to a 457m distance.

The specifications include a 3-16x magnification, a 42mm objective, a field of vision of 9-1.80 m/100m, an eye relief of 91.4-104mm, and parallax adjustments from 9.10m to infinity.

The reticles available are Mil-Hash-2 (MOA) and MOA-5 (Mil-Hash-2).

The elevation/windage adjustment for the Mil-Hash 2 reticle variant is 20,40/20,40MRAD with a click value of 0,1MRAD. For the MOa-5 version, the elevation/windage is adjustable 70/70MOA with a click value of 0.25MOA.


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