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Where are Primary Arms Scopes Made?

Where Are Primary Arms Riflescopes Made?

Primary Arms Optics® is an American brand of optical equipment, mainly riflescopes. Their main product is rifle scopes, but they also make red-dot sights, prisms, and other accessories. They operate on the principle that technologically advanced optical products are made available to professionals, hunters, and sportsmen at affordable prices without compromising quality or functionality.

Primary Arms Optics is an online retailer of firearm accessories. Their main website lists products from international brands such as Bushnell, Vortex, Leupold, EOTech, Aimpoint, Nightforce, Trijicon, Nikon, and many more. In addition to rifle scopes and other shooting equipment, they also sell items such as laser sights, magnifiers, lights, and ammo.

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What is the difference between primary and secondary arms scopes?

The term ‘primary’ refers to the main scope of a firearm. Secondary means additional or auxiliary scope(s).

There are two types of scopes: Primary and secondary. The primary scope is the main sight. It has a crosshair reticle and usually comes with a magnification range from 2x to 6x.

The secondary scope is typically attached to the primary scope using a dovetail joint (also known as a Picatinny rail) and allows for mounting accessories such as red dot sights, magnifiers, lasers, etc.


Primary Arms Optics® was established in 2007 in Houston, TX. In its early years, the business was highly successful and the company decided to launch a new range of high-quality products under its own brand name. The main idea was to offer sporting optics of high quality at very affordable prices.

Outsourcing is an effective strategy for companies who want to save money. The founders of Primary Arms started by contacting manufacturers in Asia because they wanted to save money. Soon after, riflescopes, prism scopes, and red-dot sights were brought into the US market.

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Production Facilities

All products from Primary Arms Optic® are made in Japan. Their high-quality Platinum riflescope is sourced from Japan. Their entry-level and affordable riflescopes are made in China.

The company makes sure that the quality and performance of the product are up to par before it ships them. The company also checks the factories to make sure the product is made according to specifications.

ACSS Reticle System

The world’s most advanced reticle system is called ACSS. It offers unparalleled accuracy and systematic information that eliminates the ambiguities and inaccuracies associated with traditional reticle systems. The small chevrons do not obscure the target and provide an infinitesimal targeting point.

These reticles come with calibrated hold points, ranging ladders for estimating distances, and moving target leads, depending on the variant.

Series Origin

Primary Arms scopes are made by two companies in Japan and China. Since 2019, there are four different models available.

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Primary Arms Platinum Series PLX

The Platinum Series from Primary Arms offers multiple high-end features. These include the first focal plane reticles and are designed to perform in short-range as well as medium to long-distance tactical shooting.

This rifle is great for hunting big game. It has a large scope and is very accurate. It also has a lifetime warranty.

This scope is great for taking out targets from close range to medium range. It also doubles as a red dot sight when needed. It is a compact scope that fits into your gun case easily.

Primary Arms Classic Series CLx

This product line is made by a reputable manufacturer with high-quality products. All riflescope models come with a lifetime warranty.

This scope is great for hunting because it is very easy to use. You can easily see your target even if you are far away. It also has a lot of power. It is a great scope for people who want to hunt.

A scope optimized for short-range hunting. This scope pairs well with.22 caliber rifles. It has a fixed magnification of 6X. It has an adjustable focus mechanism. It comes with a reticle called ACSS 22 LR. It has a field of view ranging from 5 meters to 91 meters. It has elevation adjustments of 50/50 MOAs. It has a click of 0.25 MOA. It has an eye relief of 3.10 inches. It has a main tube size of 1 inch.

This scope is great for hunters who want to see the faraway games. It also works well for stalkers and tactical shooters.

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Primary Arms Silver Series SLx

The Silver series from Primary Arms Optics® is a line of Mid-Range Rifle Scopes and Prism Scopes that aim to provide a great price-to-performance ratio by striking a balance between a number of premium features and affordable price point. The silver range is offered in both First and Second Focal Plane Reticle Designs, with further variations in Objective Size, Optical Zoom, Magnification Range, and Type of Reticles, Suitable for a range of Applications, Such As Tactical Shooting And Sports Shooting Competitions.

This series of riflescopes is designed to engage targets up to 300 meters away. It has a large field of view and powerful magnification. It also has a wide range of settings, including elevation/windage adjustments, parallax adjustments, and reticles.

This compact scope is equipped with an 8x optical zoom. It is perfect for shooting close-up or long-distance targets. At the same time, this scope is also suitable for hunting.

This rifle scope is great for shooting targets at close to medium distances with high accuracy. It has a 24mm objective lens, a large viewing window, and a wide field of view range. It also has a fast focus speed, and it has a built-in illumination system.

This scope is great for hunters who want to see what they’re shooting at. It has a lot of magnification power, and it’s easy to use. It also has a very wide field of view.

Primary Arms Gold Series GLx

Gold Series Rifle Scopes from Primary Arms Optical® are considered next to the flagship platinum series of rifle scopes by Primary Arms Optics. These riflescope variants include different optical configurations, which are designed to be used for various applications such as hunting, sport shooting competitions, and tactical use. The Gold series riflescopes are perfect for those who want high-end features at an affordable price.

The primary specs of this series include fully multi-coat optics, first focal plane (FFP) reticle, partial red illumination, elevation/windage adjustment, parallax adjustments, 30mm main tube, nitrogen-filled waterproofing, and lifetime warranty. This series is available in 3 optical configurations: 2.0-10×44 FFP, 4.0-16×50 FFP, and 5.6-24×50 FFP.

This scope is great for hunting and precision shooting. It has a 4x optical zoom, a 2.5-10 x magnification range, a 44mm objective lens, a field of view of 3m-11m at 91m, elevation/windage adjustments of 125/80 MOAs, a 0.1 mil click, a partially illuminated reticle, an exit pupil of 4.3-16.7mm, an eye relief of 1.9-2.6 inches, and a side-mounted parallax adjustment. The reticle options include ACSS Raptor M2 5.56 and ACSS GRIFFI MIL.

This rifle scope is a great choice for hunters who want to engage targets located at medium to longer ranges. It also works well for tactical shooters who need a scope that can be used for both close quarters and long-distance engagements.

This rifle scope is designed for competition shooters who want a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, accurate rifle scope. The main specification includes 4x optical zoom, a magnification range of 6-24x, a 50mm objective lens, and a field of view range from 3m-11m at 91m.

About the optics database

This website provides information about different types of firearms optics. It also lists the specifications of each type of optic. It includes pictures of the different types of optics.

The focal length ranges from 100mm to 1000mm. Focal planes range from 5X to 50X. All scopes are long-range riflescopes. Some scopes are for short-range shooting while others are for long-range shooting. There are many types of scopes available for different purposes.

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This is a product list. You can use the Sort drop-down or the Search box at the very top of each category to sort and filter the products. Display Brand-Line price Magasc Magdesc type Weight Primary Arms SLx advanced rotary knob microdot Primary Arms SLx advanced Rotary Knob Microdots.

Design and Construction

A lifetime warranty is granted by Primary Arms. This rifle is made of strong aircraft-grade aluminum. It is a durable and solid feeling. It comes with a lifetime warranty. It is compatible with many different types of mounts.

This scope is waterproof, shockproof, fog-resistant, and made for harsh weather. Nitrogen purging keeps this scope free of rust. It’s designed to withstand damage and recoil from heavy calibers like the.308 Winchester caliber. Some.223 Remington loads, or.223/.5.56 AR- 15 calibers.

The scope should not lose zero when fired. Keep in mind that you’ll have to calculate your own ballistic if you mount it on an a.270 Winchester rifle. Other than that, the scope houses a true first-focal plane reticle that can easily be leveraged at almost any magnification level with versatility and efficiency.

Parallax Windage and Elevation Adjustment

This rifle is designed for long-range shooting. It has a side adjustable parallax adjustment knob. It has a fast-focus eyepiece. It has a generous eye relief.

A PA 4-14× 44 scope is the most expensive scope because it uses 0.1 mil clicks. It is made by Nikon. It is also called a Nikon 4-14×44. It is used for hunting. It is a fixed power scope. It is a rifle scope. It is a long-range scope. It is a high-quality scope.

Other scopes in this price category almost never have a zero-stop, but I won’t be complaining. You just have to remove the turret and replace it with an Allen screw to make this model work. While we’re talking about modifications, check out our list for best rifle bipods for 2020 if you’re interested.

Quality Lens for a Scope

This scope is great for hunting because it offers great clarity and brightness. You’ll also get a lot of range for your money.

I personally don’t like how this scope doesn’t have a sunshade or night vision compatibility. It’s also not scratchproof. But if you’re looking for a cheap scope, then this is the one for you. This scope has a 44mm objective diameter, and it has great illumination and lets you see everything from all ranges.

The ACSS is unique because it has a unique feature. The ACSS has a unique feature.

The Different Reticles of the Primary Arms SLx × FFP Rifle Scope

Primary Arms brings us five different reticles. All of them are very nice. The Mil-Dot and the ACSS Orion are both illuminated. The other three are not.

The ACSS offers great accuracy and precision. However, be careful when using the reticle because you may forget how to adjust your scope.

This scope has an objective diameter of 44mm, a multi-coated lens, an illuminated reticle, night vision compatibility, eye relief low, exit pupil diameter low, focus/parallax adjustment 10 yards to infinity, and a FOV of 27.2 to 7,85 feet at 100 yards.


This is an excellent scope for hunting. It has five different models to choose from. It has great glass quality and light transmission. It is durable and has recoil tolerance.308 Winchester calibers. It is waterproof, fog-proof, and resistant to shocks. It does not have night vision compatibility.

“The primary purpose of this scope is to provide an excellent view of the target when shooting at long distances. This riflescope features a magnification range of 3X to 14X, allowing you to see your targets easily even if they’re far away. In addition, this riflescope also includes a wide field of view (FOV) of up to 50 degrees, making it easy to acquire your target quickly. You may also use this rifle scope as a hunting scope because it offers a high degree of light transmission. The brightness level of this riflescope is adjustable, allowing you to choose the ideal setting for your environment. “

Should I Go for First Focal Plane Rifle Scopes?

An FFP reticle is an affordable scope that stays true to size. This means that it gets smaller as you get further away from your target. This allows you to shoot farther distances without having to adjust the size of the crosshairs. A primary arms SLx 4-14×44 FFP rifle scope has a unique design with a magnification of 14x.

Second focal plane reticles are used for short-distance shooting, but they work well for long-range shooting as well. This is because the reticle covers your target with precision, no matter what magnification you use. Math can be hard to understand why this works for long-range shooting, but it does.

The Primary Arms × Have An Illuminated Reticle?

Mil-Dot ACSS Orion models do not have an illuminating reticle. But Mil Dots do have a larger objective lens and a very crisp crosshair. You can always check the Primary Arms 4- 14x44mm FFP 308/223 crosshair with an illuminated ACSS HUD-DMR.

FFP First Focal Plane Reticle Better Than an SFP Second Focal Plane Reticle?

Reticles are used by snipers to help aim at targets. There are two types of reticles: fixed-power (SFP) and variable-power (FFP). Both types of reticles work well for different purposes. An SFP reticle doesn’t change its size when zooming in or out. An FFP reticle does change its size when zapping in or out.

FFP reticle optics are made for long-distance shooting. You can see more of the reticle when using them. Reticles are used by hunters who need to know how far away an animal is.

Primary Arms SLx × Work on a Creedmoor Rifle?

This gun is designed to be used by both men and women. It is mainly made for the.308 caliber, but it also works with the.223 and 5.56 calibers as well. The primary purpose of this weapon is to kill people, but it can also be used to hunt games.

Primary Arms SLx × FFP Rifle Scope

There are many great rifle scopes available at similar prices. Some are more expensive than others. Amazon sells them at $200-$300. Primary Arms sells them at $250-$350. Sportsman’s Warehouse sells them at $300-$400. But the cheapest option is the Vortex Optics Crossfire 2. This is a second focal plane rifle scope. What this means is the reticle remains the same as you zoom in or out.

This scope is designed for long-range shooting. It’s ideal for hunting and sports shooting. It has an illuminated BDC reticle, and it’s easy to adjust.

This is a high-end FFP optic for you, and it comes from a reputable company. The Leupold is a premium option, but also offers long-term durability, unmatched optics quality, and accurate aiming points up to 500 or 600 yards.

This scope is a lightweight 4.5 – 14 x 40 mm rifle scope that provides superior optical clarity and light control, thanks to its unique LEUPOLD XTENDED TWILIGHT LENS SYSTEM. The VX-4 HD is an option best suited to those who like to enjoy top-of-the-line light transmission and glare reduction while enjoying a strong long-range resolution and balanced day/ night clarity.

The main conclusion from this review is that there is not enough high-quality evidence to recommend one type of scope over another. There are some advantages to using a rigid scope but it is important to consider what you want out of scope before buying.


Primary arms scopes are quality optics with reticle illumination. These budget products are available in the market for professional shooters.

Most of them come with a black finish with multi-coated optics.

If you want to know more information about scopes click HERE.

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