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Who makes the Thompson Center scopes?

The name “Thompson” is a registered trademark of Thompson Center Inc., which was founded in 1872 by William H. Thompson and his two sons as a manufacturer of hunting equipment. In 1891, the company began producing rifles and shotguns under its brand name. Today, Thompson Center Inc. manufactures over 100 different products including riflescopes, shotgun scopes, rangefinders, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision devices, and more. The company also produces custom-made gun cases and accessories for both sporting and law enforcement applications.

In addition to manufacturing their line of products, Thompson Center has licensed other companies to produce some of their products. For example, they have licensed Bushnell to manufacture their line of rifle scopes. They have also licensed Leupold to make their line of scopes.

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Center Point Scope Background

Crosman makes some great products. These scopes are designed for use with airguns.

Crosman Centerpoint line offers entry-level scopes. These scopes are very affordable but still offer high-quality optics.

This is an inexpensive scope, but it doesn’t perform well. You should expect poor accuracy and low resolution.

Centerpoint scopes are made in China for the Crosman Corporation. There are several factories in China that produce center point scopes. Some of these factories also make other low-cost scopes for other companies. These scopes are similar to the ones made by YOH Optics.

That being said, some of these Chinese-made optics on the marketplace are extremely low quality and deserve their reputation of being junk! While I wouldn’t place them all into the junk category, as I’ve certainly seen worse, I’ll say that their ideal market is the budget-minded shooters who need a basic scope with no extra frills.

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Who Makes Thompson Center Scopes

Who Makes Thompson Center Scopes?


Frequently Asked Questions about center point scopes

What is a center point scope?

A: A center point scope is one where the reticle (crosshairs) is centered at the eyepiece when looking through the scope. This means that there is no parallax error between the crosshair and what you see through the scope.

How does a center point scope work?

A: When you look through the scope, the image formed on the retina will appear to be aligned directly below the crosshairs. If the crosshairs are not centered at the eyepieces, then the image will appear off to the left or right of the crosshairs. This causes the bullet drop compensation to be incorrect.

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Do center point scopes really help me shoot better?

A: Yes!

Is my scope center point if it says so on the box?

A: No! That’s just marketing hype. Most manufacturers put the center point designation on the box to sell more units.

Can a center point scope be used with a red dot sight?

A: Yes.

Do I need a special mount to use a center point scope? Or can I just attach it to my stock?

A: You can use any standard AR15/M16 type mounting system.

Will a center point scope give me a clearer view than a side focus scope?

A: No. The only advantage is that you have zero parallax error.

Does a center point scope have less eye relief than a side focus scope?

A: Not necessarily. Both types of scopes have the same amount of eye relief.

Are center point scopes worth buying?

A: They’re cheap, but they aren’t always bad. Check out our reviews section to find out which models we recommend.

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Which brand of center point scope has the best performance?

A: We haven’t tested every model available, but we’ve found that the best performing center points are those from CZ and Vortex.

Are Centerpoint scopes any good?

Asking whether or not something is “good” is very subjective. No two people will ever agree on what makes something “good”. Therefore, there is no universally accepted definition of “good.”

These scopes are very popular among shooters because they’re affordable and easy to use. They’re also pretty accurate.

Now, is this scope brand comparable to major brands like Nikon, Vortex, and Burris? The answer is no. These scopes do offer a lot of features that you normally don’t see on a $150 and under a scope. Those features include side focus and other features.

A parallax rifle scope is an optical device used to increase the apparent size of objects viewed through it by moving the image of the object away from the eye as the observer moves farther from the object. This effect is called parallax.

The CenterPoint 4×32 Crossbow Scope is a great crossbow scope for the money. People who use them love them.

Who makes Center Point scopes?

All the Centerpoint scopes are currently made at a Chinese optical factory. That could change in the future if Crosman decides to make them there.


We hope that now you know who makes Thompson Center Scopes.

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