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How to Dial in a Scope

Dialing for Better Accuracy in Your Hunting Rifle

You need to adjust the scope for bullet drop.

Dialing for Elevation

You will need to input data into a ballistic calculator, including muzzle velocities, bullet weights, ballistic coefficients, temperatures, elevations, and pressures. Once those figures are entered, you will be given a table of bullet drop values. These numbers will be used to dial for accuracy.

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MILS MOA and Inches

Elevation dials offer adjustments in mils, roughly 3.6 inches. Mils are commonly known as MOA, but most elevation dials offer adjustments of minutes of angle, roughly 1 inch at 100yards. Most elevation dials allow you to adjust your scope’s elevation using a screwdriver. Some elevation dials require loosening screws before adjusting them. After you’ve zeroed your scope, you should tighten the screws back into place.

You can use the turret to adjust the elevation of the gun. Adjusting the elevation allows you to shoot targets at different distances.

Leupold’s offer many options for scopes. You can choose the caliber, weight, velocity, and ballistic coefficient of the ammunition you use. Then, you can select the type of reticle, magnification, and other features.

A simple hunting scope was made by Bushnell. You can easily adjust the distance using the dial. When you reach the desired distance, the gun will stop rotating. This makes sure that you won’t accidentally shoot someone else or yourself.

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Dial or Not To Dial

Scopes today are designed to track extremely accurately. Dialing has become very popular among long-range shooters, so scopes must be tested to ensure they track correctly. A scope that doesn’t track correctly won’t hit your target.

This shows the extreme precision that Tract scopes provide. Gone were the days when you had to worry about whether or not your adjustments will work correctly. Every Tract rifle scope comes with the High Profile Turret Kit, which includes a zero-stop and lock feature for improved precision.

Custom Dial Options

A TRACT scope is a rifle scope designed specifically for hunting. It offers a high degree of precision and accuracy. You can use this scope to hunt games such as deer or elk. You can also use this scope to shoot targets such as clay pigeons.

Reticule Compensating Scopes

Choosing a rangefinder scope is a matter of personal preference. A thin scope works best for shooting rabbits while a thicker scope is ideal for hunting deer.

Crows are birds that eat insects. Their eyesight is poor, but they have excellent hearing. They fly low over fields or forests, looking for food. They also have sharp beaks that help them catch bugs.


Reticules are used by hunters to help them aim at long distances. Windage dots are added to compensate for wind. Ladders are used to measure distance.

Zeiss offers their very good Rapid –Z system; the Rapid –Z 5 is for 100–500m, whilst the Rapid – Z 7 is for 100–700m. The reticule is just enough aiming points to be able to quickly acquire targets, the view is uncomplexed so won’t obscure the targets, unlike some similar systems which are just too busy. You have differing stadium lines on the vertical 6 o’clock position, with intermediate-sized stadiums for fine-tuning your trajectory drops, and best of all the stadiums extend on the horizontal for your windage adjustments too.

Leupold’s offer great scopes for hunting, but they’re expensive. Their Deer Hunter reticle is designed specifically for long-range shots. Their Varmint Hunter reticle is designed for short-range shots.

Hawkes offer great scopes at reasonable prices. Their Vantage models are very accurate and easy to use. Their Endurances are specifically designed for.223/5.56mm rifles. Hawke also offers a high-quality rifle scope called the Frontier. This scope is made for shooting big games like elephants and other large games.

Dial in Scopes

Zeroing in is an extremely important part of shooting. You need to be sure that you’re aiming at the exact spot you want to hit. This means knowing how far away your target is. There are several different ways to do this. The easiest method is to use the reticle.

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Minute of Angle

Minute of Angle (MOA) is the measure of how much a rifle scope can be rotated from zero to target. MOA is measured in minutes of angle, where 1 minute of an angle equals 60 degrees. The higher the number, the greater the amount of rotation needed to hit the target. A typical hunting rifle has an MOA range between 100 and 200 MOA.

Adjustment Dial

An adjustment dial is used to adjust the magnification of a rifle scope. The magnification of a rifle scope is determined by how far away from the target the shooter is when he/she looks through the scope. If the shooter is too close to the target, then the magnification will be lower. If the shooter is further away from the target, then the magnification will be higher.

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Scope Dial

Scope dial-in riflescopes is used for adjusting the magnification of the scope. The scope has two knobs at the top of the lens tube which allows you to adjust the magnification from 1X to 10X. This allows you to zoom in and out of the image.

Elevation Turret

Elevation turrets allow you to adjust the elevation of the riflescope for precise aiming at different distances. The elevation turret allows you to change the elevation of the scope from 0 to 100 meters.

Windage Turret

The windage turret is used to correct for errors in the elevation adjustment of the scope. The windage turret is usually located at the rear of the rifle scope.

Elevation Adjustments

Elevation adjustments are important and are crucial for the shooter.

Wind Adjustments

Wind adjustments in riflescopes are used for adjusting the reticle of scope when hunting. The wind adjustment allows you to adjust the elevation of the crosshairs to compensate for the effects of wind. This helps hunters to accurately aim at their prey.


We hope that this article answers your questions about scopes.

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