How to Sight in a BSA Sweet 17 Scope – Full Analysis, Tips & More

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How to Sight in BSA Sweet Scope?

A scoped rifle is hard to aim, but once you learn how to do it, it is very accurate. It takes some practice to get used to using a rifle, but once you master it, it is much easier to use than a pistol. Recoil is the force that pushes back when a bullet is fired. This recoil causes the barrel to move backward. To counteract this, there are devices called mounts. These mounts hold the barrel steady while aiming. Scope mounts also help stabilize your rifle. Scopes are helpful tools because they allow you to see what you’re shooting at more easily.

Scopes are used to help shooters aim better. This scope gives you the ability to adjust your sight for parallax error, or the difference between where the target appears and where the bullet hits.

Sighting scopes are used by hunters to help them get better shots. A hunter uses a sighting scope when he or she wants to make sure that the bullet hits the target. This helps the hunter to be more accurate.

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Prepare For the Process

You should always be prepared when using a rifle or shotgun. Make sure your weapon is ready to shoot by practicing with it often. Try to make sure that you know how to use your gun properly.

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This preparation will entail a number of things

You should always be prepared before shooting. Carry an amount or a sandbag to make sure you’re comfortable. Also, bring all your safety equipment to avoid injury.

You should choose your location carefully.

Fix the Scope on the Rifle

You should mount your scope before buying it. The scope must be mounted properly or it won’t work correctly. This scope is designed for use on.17 caliber HMR bullets rifles.

The scope should be mounted properly so that it doesn’t move or fall off during shooting.

This is because you will not be able to see the target properly if you do not use a proper scope. You should tighten the scope as much as possible before firing.

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Test the Accuracy Of Your Shot

This is the most important step of the entire process. You must experiment with different distances from your targets until you get the desired effect. Start by being a bit far away from your target. Then use the built-in mechanisms provided by the manufacturer to sight the scope.

In the BSA Sweet 17, the sighting is done using the turn dials on the scope. You must be comfortable before taking your shot. Once you’ve found your target, you’ll need to adjust your scope to fit the distance.

You should shoot your gun at the same distance every time. Don’t change your shooting position. Shoot your gun 100 yards away from your targets. This will help you get better accuracy.

Factoring In Other Issues

Parallax means an object appears to be closer or farther away than it is. Magnification means how big something looks when viewed through a scope. A low power setting makes things appear smaller. High power makes them bigger. You can adjust the magnification by using different levels of power.

All you need to do is adjust your settings according to the instructions.

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BSA Optics Sweet Series Overview

This rifle scope is made for mid-to-long range shooting. It has a matte black finish and an etched-on-glass crosshair reticle for easy aiming. It also has a fast zoom eyepiece and an adjustable objective lens for correcting parallax. The scope has a 40mm objective lens, and a multi-coated optical system. It has a 70 MOA windage range and a 1/4 MOa impact point correction. It has a 4-inch eye relief.

A flashlight made out of aluminum is very lightweight. It is also waterproof and fog proof. It has a main tube, knurling knobs, and texturized objective and eyepiece adjustments.

Use and Handling

This rifle has 70mm of adjustment, 1/4 MOA accuracy, and an impact point correction of 1/4 MOA.

Construction Details

  • 1 diameter main tube
  • Aluminum housing
  • Matte black finish
  • Knurling
  • Objective and eyepiece adjustment ring
  • Fast-focus eyepiece
  • Nitrogen purged fog proof
  • Waterproof
how to sight in bsa sweet 17 scope

How to Sight in a BSA Sweet 17 Scope

BSA Optics Sweet Series Specs

Magnification 6 to 18X. Objective Lens Diameter 40mm. Eye Relief 4″. Reticle Type Crosshair Reticle (second focal plane). Impact Point Correction 1/4MOA per click. Windage Adjustment 70MOA. Elevation Adjustments 70MOA. Parallax correction yes, 10yds/9.1m to infinity.

This product is waterproof, fog-proof, nitrogen-filled, and maintenance-free. It comes with an extra-long tube and weighs less than two pounds.


We hope that you have your answer through this article.

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