What is a Rimfire Scope – Full Overview, FAQs & More

If you are researching scopes, you might have come across Rimfire Scopes and you might be wondering, What is a rimfire scope?

We are here to answer all your questions about this kind of scope.

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What is a Rimfire Scope?

Rimfire scopes are used by shooters who want to shoot close up. They are made for rifles that have low recoil. They are specially designed to be used with rifles that have low levels of recoil.


Rimfire scopes are ideal when you shoot at small, moving targets while centerfire scopes are ideal if you want to shoot at large, strong, fast-moving targets.


Centerfire scopes have a higher magnification than rimfire scopes. A centerfire scope may be magnified up to 14 times while a rimfire scope may be magnified up to 7 times.

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Eye Relief Parallax Adjustment

Rimfire scopes are generally used for close-range shooting while centerfire scopes are generally more suitable for long-distance shooting.

Centerfire rifles are usually used by snipers because they can shoot farther than rimfire rifles. Scopes with adjustable parallax are better than those with fixed ones.

Long-range scopes are great for hunting big game. You need to adjust your parallax to account for the distance you’re shooting at. Rimfire scopes are used for close-up shots. Your parallax needs to be calibrated for this type of shot.

Adjustable objectives are still very popular today. Rimfire scopes are also quite common.

Parallax-free sights are usually used by snipers. These scopes are designed to be used without any kind of adjustment. This means that the user doesn’t need to adjust the scope when shooting at different distances.

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Rimfire scopes are used on rifles that have low recoil, making them easier to use. You can get better accuracy when using rimfire scopes because they don’t create much recoil. Your rifle won’t need to be sighted after firing.

Both of these problems can impact your accuracy if you’re using a centerfire scope and ammunition. Centerfire scopes usually have a wide range of distances covered. Having a large number of ranges to cover means there are many different types of targets to shoot at. This makes it difficult to get accurate shots.

What is Rimfire Ammunition?

Rimfire ammunition is cheaper than centerfire ammunition because it doesn’t require expensive components such as flash suppressors or sound suppressors.

Rimfire ammunition also does not need to be reloaded. Centerfire ammunition needs to be reloaded after every shot.

Rimfire is often used by new hunters because it is easy to handle and cheap. Centerfire is better suited for a big game. Rimfire is easier to reload than centerfire.

Rimfire ammunition is not suitable for large guns because the bullet doesn’t expand when hitting an object. This means that if you fire a round into a wall or other solid object, the bullet will stop right away. Rimfire bullets are also unsuitable for long-range shooting because they do not expand as they travel further.

Buyer’s Guide – Tips To Consider Before Buying A Rimfire Scope

Rimfire scopes should be avoided as they are cheap and unreliable. Airguns have a lot of recoils, and if you use them with a rimfire scope, they might get damaged. Avoid purchasing used rimfire scopes.

Some of the Ring Scopes

Tract Optics FIRE X BDC or TPlex

Tract Optics 22 Fire is an excellent scope for shooters who want to save money while getting great performance. This riflescope comes with a lifetime warranty.

The 22 Fire is an accurate rifle with a T-Plex Reticle or BDC OptiMized for High-Velocity Ammo like CCI Stingers, Zero with Stingers or Similar 1,400 to 1.6K+ FPS Loads at 50 Yards With the BDC Version, And the Reticle’s Dots Show Where To Aim Out To 150 Yards In 25 Yard Increments. A Very Deadly Small Game Setup.

Nikon Prostaff P Target EFR × AO

Nikon is leaving the rimfire market. Rimfire shooters should buy up any remaining inventory before prices rise. This scope is great for hunting.

Forge × SFP Deploy MOA

Bushnell’s Forge 4.5-28×50 SFP Deploy reticle is a great option for varmint hunters who want to get close to their prey. It offers a wide field of view and easy aiming. The scope is perfect for shooting prairie dogs and other small games.

Optics Ares ETR ×

A beast of a scope. It weighs almost 3 lbs! It’s 15″ long with a big exposed locking turret and a 56mm bell! It’s a beast! It’s a beast of a scope.


Nightforce ATACR 7x56mm F1 -MSRP $4,000 Nightforce If you want a high-quality long-range precision optic, budget be damn. This is your scope. At NRL22 Nationals in Las Vega, 11 of the 60 rifles that filled out an after-match gear survey topped their rifle using a Nightforce ATAC R.

Five of the top 7 Open Class winners used this scope. Paired with a voodoo rifle, it was by FAR the winningest rifle / scope combination in the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look out for with a Rimfire scope?

Rimfire scopes are generally inexpensive. They’re made out of plastic, and they won’t withstand much recoil. Airgun scopes should never be used with rifles.

What is a Centerfire scope?

Centerfire scopes have a fixed parallax adjustment of about 100 yards or a little less. They also have adjustable objective lenses which make parallax adjustments easier.

What are the differences between a Rimfire and a Centerfire scope?

Rimfire and centerfire scoped rifles are different types of firearms. A rimfire rifle fires bullets out of the barrel while a centerfire rifle fires bullets out the front end of the barrel.

What is a Rimfire Scope

What is a Rimfire Scope?

Are Rimfire scopes better for short range shots?

Rimfire bullets are light in weight and can only fire for short range. Crosswinds affect them greatly. Centerfire scopes are stronger and faster than rimfire ones.

Can you use a Rimfire scope on a Centerfire rifle?

Rimfire scopes are usually of lower quality than centerfire ones. So you can mount a centerfire scope on a rimfire rifle without worrying about damaging the lens. But if you do this, you should know that you’re using a low-quality scope.

Rimfire scopes are suitable for low-caliber weapons.

Can you use a Centerfire normal scope on a Rimfire rifle?

The centerfire rifle is designed to be used as a hunting weapon. It’s a powerful gun that can shoot up to 100 yards.


We hope this guide helped answer all the questions you had. If you have any queries feel free to reach out in the comments section below.

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