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Were Redfield Scopes Discontinued?


Redfields are still being made today. They are very popular among shooters who want a high-quality scope.

Redfield scopes were invented by an Englishman named William Henry Redfield who was born in 1856. He started as a gunsmith and then became interested in optics.

He began making rifle scopes in 1886 and sold them under the name W.H. Redfield. He made several improvements over time and eventually came up with the idea of using a prism instead of lenses to correct vision problems. This allowed him to make more compact scopes than he could have if he had used lenses. He also developed a new type of lens coating called “Redfield” which improved light transmission and helped reduce glare. In 1902 he founded the Redfield Optical Company.

By this time, he had patented many different types of optical devices including binoculars, cameras, and telescopes. He continued to develop new products and improve existing ones until he died in 1937. After his death, his sons took over the company and expanded it into other fields such as microscopes, medical equipment, and even television sets.

Today, the Redfield brand is owned by Zeiss Optics, but the original company still exists and continues to manufacture high-quality optics.

In 1893, John Hill Redfield started a business called Redfield Gun Shop. He made guns and sold them to hunters and fishermen. He also repaired guns.

In 1946, he moved his headquarters once more to Springfield Massachusetts. In 1950, he moved his headquarters one last time to Phoenix Arizona. In 1952, he moved his headquarters into a building in Phoenix Arizona. In 1954, he moved his headquarters out of Phoenix Arizona. In 1955, he moved his headquarters from Phoenix Arizona to El Paso

Redfield was the first company to offer a fully adjustable rifle scope. Their scopes were also the most expensive ones available. In the early ’60s, Redfield offered a fixed 4x model as well as a fixed 6x model. Both of these scopes were extremely popular among hunters. Later, Redfield introduced the 3-9 variable model. This scope allowed you to adjust your magnification by turning the knobs on the side of the scope. Finally, Redfield released a few specialty scopes such as the BDC, which was used for hunting big game. These scopes were designed specifically for use on rifles chambered for.300 Winchester Magnum cartridges.

Redfield management was against the idea of using foreign parts but eventually gave in. This happened around the 1994/1995 time frame.

The company was accused of polluting the water supply. This led to a major fine by the Environmental Protection Agency. The company lost many customers because of this incident.

Redfield was once a well-known brand name in optics. When the company went bankrupt, Blount bought up all of the remaining inventory. Afterward, Blount offered Redfield branded scopes as an alternative to Weaver and Simmons.

The scopes produced by Redfield during this period were not identical to those made earlier in the company’s history. Scopes produced at the Low factory in Japan were generally more expensive than scopes produced at the Philippine plant.

Meade bought Redfield, Weaver, & Simmons, who were once a leading brand in riflescopes. But now, Meade is just another name in the industry. Their plan to revive Redfield was unsuccessful.

Redfield rifles were first introduced in 1866. They were used by the US military during the American Civil War. Their popularity increased after World War I, and they became popular among hunters. They were also used by the US Navy during World War II. As of 2020, the Redfield line of rifles is owned by Leupold.

Redfield scopes were originally made in Denver Colorado. When Redfield went out of business, they discontinued making them.

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where are redfield revenge scopes made

Where are Redfield Revenge Scopes Made?


What is the Redfield scope warranty and is it still being honored?

The first-generation Redfield scopes had a limited lifetime warranty. That warranty ended when Redfield went out of business in the late 1990s. Nowadays, there is no longer any support for the original Redfield scopes.

Blount International bought the Redfield brand in 2002. In 2002, Blount offered warranties on Redfield branded scopes. After Blount sold the brand, they stopped offering or servicing warranties on Redfield branded scope.

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Is there a way to find out a Redfield scope date of manufacture?

Redfields were made by both Redfield and Blount International. Serial numbers were used to identify each model. Records from the original Redfield factory in Denver Colorado have been destroyed.

Do you know where I can find Redfield scopes parts?

Ironsight is the best place to buy replacement scopes for Redfields.

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Where can I buy replacement original Redfield scope adjustment caps?

There are two places to buy original Redfield scope adjustment screws. One place is eBay. Another place is an online store called Iron Sight.

Which Redfield scopes are made in USA?

Redfield scopes were first made by Redfield in Denver Colorado. Most of them were later sold under the brand name Blount International. Some of these scopes were also made in Japan, but mostly in the Philippines.

The Redfield Revolution series was made in the United States. Other Leupold scopes made overseas include the Battlezone, Revenge, and Counterstrike series.

Does Leupold still make Redfield scopes?

Leupold still makes Redfield scopes. But they’re now marketing them as the Revolution line. This means you’ll pay less money for more features than if you bought a Redfield scope.

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Redfield Hunting Rifle Scopes

Redfield scopes are high-quality hunting scopes that are built to last. They’re designed to be used in the field and on a range. Redfield has partnered with Leupold to make a wide variety of scopes.

Magnification: The first digit indicates the magnification. For example, if the scope is set up for 10x magnification, then you would be seeing objects ten times larger than normal.

Variable power scopes are great for hunting because you can change the magnification without having to take off your glasses or move around. Telescopic sights are great for long-distance shooting because you can see more detail.

Telescopic sights are lightweight, but if you’re going to be carrying them around, you might as well get something heavy. Parallax is the problem when looking through a scope. You need to make sure your eyes aren’t moving while you aim.

A Redfield telescopic sight is useful for shooting at varying distances. You should get a fixed scope if you plan to shoot at similar distances. Variable scopes are better for shooting at varying distances because there are many settings.


A reticle is an aiming point and target acquisition device. It is used by snipers to help them aim accurately. It could be a crosshair or any number of different shapes.

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