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There are numerous questions about scopes and Sonar systems.

What is a live Scope is one of them.

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What is Garmin Livescope?

Garmin Live Scopes are advanced sonars that allow you to see the fish, structure, and anything underwater in high definition.

This technology has brought many advantages to bass fishing. Anglers can see what fish are biting on the water. They can also see if the fish are feeding or not. There is no need to guess when a fish might bite. A lot of people think that this technology is expensive but it is very affordable. You can get a full Garmin Live Scope system for less than $1000.

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What Are The Best Budget Friendly LiveScope Options?

LiveScope Transducers

A Garmin LiveScope transduces sound waves into electrical impulses. This allows us to see what’s going on underwater. The transducer is attached to the hull of the boat.

This system is very expensive, but it is the minimum setup needed to set up LiveScope. You should also consider getting a second transducer if you want to use two transducers simultaneously.

The LVS12 transducers retail at around $500, but it doesn’t come with the GLS10 sonars box. This means that you won’t be getting the full power of forward-facing sonar. I think that the GLS10 Sonos box is essential if you’re going to get the full power out of the system.

The LVS12 transduce is a very low-quality system compared to the rest of the LiveScope Systems. It doesn’t show as many details as the other systems do. It also has a smaller range and a narrower sonar cone, and so only shows an area in front of the boats.

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What display units should you use with LiveScope?

The smallest display size is 7 inches. The larger displays are 9 inches and 10 inches. The smallest display is cheaper than the other two.

A 9-inch display is recommended because it provides the highest quality image possible. You get a great picture without having to spend too much money.

You should get an Echomap UHD 73sv without a transducer, and pair it with the LiveScope System for less than $2000.

Bottom line: Retailing at $650, the EchoMap UHD 73SV is the cheapest display unit you can pair with a live scope system, but in my experience, the small 7-inch screen doesn’t provide a good user experience when using Live Scope, which is why I suggest going with a 9-inch display instead.

A 7″ screen isn’t big enough to fully utilize LiveScope imaging. You should consider a 9″ screen if you want to fully take advantage of LiveScope imaging.

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What is Live Scope?

What is Live Scope?

How Does LiveScope Technology Work?

Fishfinders use sonar technology to help fishermen find fish. In the past, they were used to tell people how deep the water was. Nowadays, they show more information about the fish. They also let fishermen know if there are any obstacles in the way.

Sheppard uses a device called a LiveScope to scan for fish. This device allows him to see what’s underwater.

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Panoptix or Livescope?

Livescope is the newer technology, but it’s more expensive than panoptic. Anglers who fish around cover or structure prefer the panoptic system because it has a longer range capability. If you fish around the structure, Livescope offers a higher resolution and pinpoint accuracy.

Yes, the Garmin Livescope does work well. However, if you’re more of an old-school angler, you might want to consider the cost before buying. If you enjoy the thrill of the unexpected, then the LiveScope might not be for you.


We hope that now you know what LiveScopes are!

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