What Scope Comes with Remington 770 – In-Depth Guide, Tips & More

What scope comes with Remington 770?

It is a question most of us ask.

Let’s find out!

List of Gun Calibers

The Remington 770 is a next-generation model of the legendary 710. This rifle is a centerfire, semi-automatic weapon. It is available in seven different calibers; this includes.308 Winchester,243 Win.,.270 Win., 6mm Creedmoor,30-06 Springfield,300 WSM, and.338 Lapua Magnum. The gun is ready for action right out of the box. You need to sight in the gun before you use it for a hunt.

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Calibers and Magazine Specs

The Remington 770 comes chambered in seven different calibers, including.243,.270,.308,.30-06,.7mm RM,.300 WM. It holds up to four standard cartridges in each caliber or 3 magnums in the case of magnums. The magazine’s latch upgrades from the 710 model.

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Barrel Specs

The.243 Winchester is a popular round for hunting deer. The youth-model 770 comes with a 20-in barrel. Regular 770s come with barrels ranging from 22 to 24 inches long. Ordinance-grade steel barrels are cold-forged and button-rifled. Six-groove rifling is used in all models.


This gun is very accurate because it uses a solid steel receiver and a strong bolt. The bolt locks into place by using three locking lugs. The bolt itself is short and set with a 60-degree throw. The camming action means the gun can be cammed quickly in the field for quick follow-up shots.

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Length Weight and Other Specs,mp

The Remington 770 is a powerful rifle that weighs about 8.5 pounds. Youth models have a shorter barrel while magnum models have a longer barrel. The youth model has a blued barrel while the magnum model has a stainless steel barrel. All models come with a synthetic stock, blued barrel, and a 3-9×40 mm scope.

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what scope comes with remington 770

What Scope Comes with Remington 770?


We hope that you have your answer through this brief article.

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