Where are Athlon Scopes Made? – Ultimate Guide, Advice, Tips, & More

Athlon Scope is known for its high-quality riflescopes. They also manufacture other types of optical equipment such as binoculars, spotting scopes, rangefinders, and night vision devices. 

But the question is, where are they made?

This article is all about Athlon Scopes and where they are made.

So, let’s get started!

Where are Athlon Scopes Made or Manufactured?

Where are Athlon Scopes Made?

Athlon Optics is located in Kansas. Their products are made in America.

Now I completely understand why that is asked, and it comes down to two main reasons. First, there are many different types of people who ask this question, and second, there are many different ways to answer it.

Which Athlon scopes are made in Japan?

Currently, only the top of an Athlon Cronus scope is made in Japan. Other Athlons are made in China. Nikon is exiting the riflescope business.

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Production Facilities

All Athlon Optics products are sourced from outside of America. Sports optics brands operating in America follow the same routine because this approach helps them to lower the price of the product that would cost a lot if they were manufactured in America.

Asian manufacturers are more than capable of making high-quality riflescopes. Their production methods are similar to those used in Europe.

Athlon Cronus B TR is made by a Japanese company while other Athlons are made in China. Athlon Cronus B is the most expensive rifle scope among the Athlons.

Series Origin

Athlon Optics outsourced its entire product line to China. All of the company’s products are now manufactured in China. Their Cronus BTR scope was made in Japan.

Athlon Cronus BTR

The Cronus BTR series can be used in both short-range and long-distance hunting situations, tactical shooting, and precision shooting in sports competitions, and is equipped with several outstanding features.

This rifle is a great weapon for hunting or combat. It has a 6x zoom lens, an etched glass reticule, high definition extra-low dispersion glass lenses, AFMC coatings, and a Zero Stop.

The Cronus BTR is a great weapon for close-range hunting. It provides a wide field of view and a fast target acquisition rate. It also has an excellent zoom ratio.

A versatile rifle scope that is optimized for medium distance hunting, target shooting, law enforcement.

The scope has a large 56mm objective that brings low light shooting to a new level and is fitted to a high magnification of 29X, parallax adjustment of 20m to infinity, a 34mm main tube, a field-of-view of 7.5-13m at 91m, and an eye relief range of 91-96mm. The elevation/windage adjustment for the MOA Reticle is 110MOA/64MOA or 32/12MIL for the MIL Reticle. The Cronus BTR 4 5-29 x 56 is available with 3 different reticles in the 1st focal plane: APLR 5 MOA, APRS 1 Mil, and APRS 6 Mil.

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Athlon Ares BTR GEN HD

The first generation of the Ares was designed for short-range to long-distance hunting, tactical, and shooting. This rifle is now in its second generation and features multiple high-tech features and appealing pricing.

Both optical configurations are available in MOA and MIL reticle options. The Ares BTR G2 rifle performs easily in low-light conditions.

The main specification of this camera is a 6x optical zoom lens. This camera has an AFMC coating on the outer lenses. This coating helps reduce glare and reflections. The XPL coating also reduces reflection. This camera has a 30mm main tube. This tube allows you to shoot video without having to change lenses. This camera has a built-in electronic viewfinder.

This scope is designed for mid-range to long-range shooting. It has a broad magnification band, which is ideal for long-distance shooting. It also has a 50mm objective lens, which makes it very useful for target shooting. It has a field of view of 1.2x, which means you’ll see more than what your naked eye sees.

You’ll get a lot of information about what’s going on around you when using this scope.

Athlon Ares ETR UHD

This rifle scope is one of the most advanced tactical scopes available today. It provides enhanced features for tactical shooters and hunters. The Ares ETR comes in three optical configurations, including Mil/MOA, 3×9, and 4×16.

This rifle is designed for long-range shooting. It has extra-low dispersion lenses, a fully multi-coated optical system, and exposed tactical turrets. Other features include an etched glass reticle with variable illumination, first focal plane, parallax adjustment, and elevation/windage adjustment.

Ares ETR offers the following scopes: This lower power variable optic scope works wonders for short-range tactical shooting, but it is also equally suited for driven hunting and stalking, as well as long-distance shooting.

The main features of the scope are a field of view 35.7-3,6m at 91m, 94mm of eye relief, a locked elevation turret, and a capped windage turret.

It offers elevation adjustments of 110/80 MOA (0.5 MOA per click) or 32/25 MIL (0.1 MIL per click).

This scope is great for shooting long distances. It’s also great for shooting close up. There are many different types of scopes available. Some are more expensive than others. Some are better than others. You should choose the right type of scope for what you want to do.

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Athlon Argos HMR

This scope is designed for hunters who want to be stealthy while shooting games. It is an excellent choice for those who hunt in remote areas or stalk prey. It is also ideal for hunters who enjoy long-distance shots.

This scope is great for hunters who want to be able to see far away objects. It is also very useful for people who hunt big games such as deer and elk. It is easy to use because there are three different reticles available.

Athlon Argos BTR GEN

The Argos BTR Gen 2 from Athlon is a fairly priced optic for those who want to shoot long range. It comes in four different optical configurations, 1x-8x, 6x-24x, 8x-34x, and 10x-40x. All of these are designed for acquiring medium and long-distance targets with high accuracy.

The Argos BTR series offers many great features. Fully multi-coated optics are used, as well as XPL coating. Precision zero stop, exposed tactical turret, variable magnification, FFP reticle, parallax adjustment, etched glass, adjustable illumination, lockable turrets, and 30mm main tube are some of the features offered.

This scope is very useful for shooters who want to use this type of rifle. The optics are great and the price is reasonable.

This rifle is designed for long-range shooting and bench rest competitions. It is equipped with a large magnification lens. It has an objective lens of 56mm and a magnification power of 10-40x. It also has a 4x zoom lens. It has a maximum range of 91 meters. It has a field of view of.9-.3 at 91 meters. It has elevation and windage adjustments up to 50/50 mils with a click value of.125 mils.

Athlon Helos BTR GEN

The Helos BTR is a great rifle scope that is also very affordable. This riflescope comes in many different models with different magnification levels and objective lens diameters. These scopes are made for both hunting and tactical shooting.

The Helos BTR uses fully multi-coated optical systems, XPL protective coatings, windage and elevation adjustments, direct dials, zero stop, etched glass reticle, variable magnification, one-piece main tubes, aluminum alloy construction, and argon purged fog and waterproof bodies. This rifle is available in both mil-style and MOA-style turrets and reticles.

This rifle is designed for long-distance shooting and low-light conditions. It is equipped with an objective lens and a magnification of 4x. It has a main tube of 34mm, and an eye relief of 93mm. It also comes with a parallax adjustment of 9m to infinity, and a range of 6-1.60 at 91m.

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Athlon Midas TAC HD

Midas TAC HD riflescopes are precision riflescopes made by Athlon Optics. These scopes are built to be used in a variety of situations. They come in 3 different optical configurations, 4-12×40, 5-15×42, and 6-20×50. All of these scopes are optimized for a wide range of shooting applications.

Primary features of Midas TACTHD are high-definition glass lens, advanced fully multi-coatings, XPL dirt-repellent coating, etched glass Reticle in the first focal Plane, non-illumined Reticle, Parallax adjustment, True Zero Stop, Direct Dial Elevation Adjustment Turret, Capped Windage Adjustment Turret, Argon purged waterproofing and a lightweight aluminum alloy one-piece tube. The Athlon Midashd is available in the following configuration:

This camera has an amazing zoom lens that allows you to take pictures from far away. It also has a great zoom range. It has excellent optical quality. It has a wide-angle lens. It has a fast aperture. It has a large sensor size. It has a long zoom range. It has a fast shutter speed. It has a low price.

Athlon Talos

The Athlon Talos series has a large objective lens. It is important for successful hunting in low lighting conditions. The main feature of this series is an etched glass reticle in the second focal plane. This reticle illuminates when you turn the power switch on. The other features of this series are fully multi-coated lenses, capped turrets, elevation and windage adjustments, parallax adjustment, and one-piece construction.

This scope is great for short-range hunting. It’s ideal for driving and stalking. It has a magnification of 3x – 12x, an objective lens diameter of 40mm, a field of view (FOV) of 10.4m – 2.7m at 91m, an eye relief of 97mm – 85mm, capped turrets, parallax adjustments from 9m to infinity, and the main tube length of 25.4mm. There are reticles available including center crosshair, BDC600 illuminated, and mildot. The elevation/ windage adjustments can be made in increments of 0.25MOA or 0.1MIL, with a click value ranging from 0.25MOA to 0.1MIL.

A reasonably priced riflescope for stalking or mountain hunting. This scope is equipped with several options including a 40mm objective, 4x magnification, a field of vision of 7.3-13.6m at 91m, an eye relief of 97-83mm, capped turrets, and Parallax adjustment from 15yards to infinity. The Talon 4-12×40 rifle scope is available in center X, BDC600 illuminated, and mildot reticle. Elevations/Windage can be adjusted at 30/30MOA or 10/10MIL, with click values of.25MOA or.1MIL.

The Talos 6-48×50 scope is an outstanding rifle scope for medium to long-range hunting. It offers several impressive functions without costing too much money. This budget scope features an objective lens diameter of 50mm, a magnification of 6-48x, a field of view (FOV) of 5.1-14m at 91m, eye relief of 77mm, capped turrets, and an overall length of 710mm. The Talos 6×44 comes in two different reticles: ATMR1 Mil and BDC600 Illuminated. Elevation/Windage adjustments for this device are available at 50/50 MOAs or 18/18 MILs, with click values of.25MOA or.1MIL.

Athlon Talos BTR

The Talos BTR is a very powerful scope with a range of features that make it ideal for both target shooters and hunters. This scope is designed for competition shooting and hunting.

This product is designed to be used by shooters who want a compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, high-quality scope. It also offers many features such as an adjustable windage and elevation system, a quick focus eyepiece, and a large magnification ratio.

The Talos B TR 1-4×24 model is a great optic for hunting. It comes in lightweight and compact housing. It offers a wide-angle field of view that ranges from 110 to 26 feet at 100 yards. Another feature includes a true 1x magnification. 4x optical zoom. 114-89mm of eye relief. Parallax fixed at 91m. And an AHSR14 Reticle in the second focal plane. Elevation/Windage adjustments can be made as high as 40/40 mils with a click value of.1 mil.

This rifle scope is designed for long-range shooting. It has a 44mm objective lens, 14x magnification, and a field of view of 7.2-3.6m at 91m. It has a parallax adjustment of 9-20m and an eye relief of 80-100mm. It has a click value of 0,1 mil.

Athlon Neos

This cheap rifle scope is designed for hunters who want something inexpensive but still of decent quality. It comes in three different models and has some cool features.

Primary features of the Athlon Neo range include fully multi-coated optic, a 3x optical zoom, reticle illumination, the etched reticle in the 2nd focal plane, capped turrets. Elevation/Windage adjustment, Fixed Parallax, a one-piece tube made of Aircraft-grade Aluminium Alloy, Nitrogen purged Fog & Waterproofing.

This rifle is perfect for close-range hunting. It has a 40mm objective lens, a 3-9X magnification, a field of vision of 11.5-13.2 meters at 91m, an eye relief of 76-82 mm, an elevation/windage adjustment range of 80/80 MOAs, a click value of.25 MOA, capped turret, and a 25.4 mm main tube. It comes with a BDC 500 reticle and BDC 22 rimfire reticle.

This scope is a cheap scope for stalking and mountain hunting, but it doesn’t come with any accessories. It comes with a 40mm objective lens, a 4-12X magnification, a field of vision of 8.3-to-2.7 at a distance of 91 meters, an eye relief of 80-81mm, elevation/windage adjustments of 60/60 MOAs, a click value of.25 MOA, capped turret, and a 25.4mm main tube.

Great scope for medium to long-range hunting. It features a 44mm objective, 6-18X magnification, a field of vision of 8.3-27m at 91m, an eye relief of 80mm, elevation/windage adjustments of 60/60MOA, a click value of 0.25 MOA, and capped turrets. The Neos 6 18 x 44 scope comes in two reticles: center crosshairs and BDC 500 illuminated reticle.

Who is Athlon Anyway?

That’s a question I asked myself a lot lately. It seemed to me, and many others, that Athlon Optic burst onto the scene back when I started writing about guns and shooting. If you look at their corporate blog back then, particularly the earliest posts in 2014 or 2015, you might notice some trends. There was a significant engagement in early versions of influencer marketing campaigns with blogs, influential members of certain forums, and review aggregator sites like The Wirecutters. I don’t say that’s a bad thing. Rather, I think it was pretty clever and showed that the folks at Athon were paying attention to their customers, where they were located, and what they were reading

Top guys at Athlon all know what they’re talking about when it comes to Bushnell optics. Kevin was in charge of global purchasing for the brand, and he brought a lot of industry knowledge to the table. Trent was a product manager for Bushnnel among others.

He worked for Bushnell as VP of Marketing, then left to start his own company.

Large companies are not as fast as startups to adapt to changes in the market. Starting your own business is a great way to make an impact.

The preference to buy only American made rifle scopes

There are very few, and I do mean very few, Rifle Scope Brands that source their rifle scope components & assembly in the U. S. Most U.S.-based brands source the glass (Lenses) from sources in Asia-Pacific or Europe and do the assembly in the U.s., or they source the entire complete rifle scope from a 3rdd Party Optical Facility in Asia-Pacific.

Most scopes imported into the US are assembled here. Some companies source parts from overseas but still assemble them here.


What’s the Athlon scope warranty and is it any good?

Athlon Optics offers lifetime warranties on almost all their optical equipment. Warranty transfers to owners without requiring proof of purchase. Scope paint voids warranty coverage.

Are all the Athlon scopes FFP models?

Athlon currently offers some SFP models.

How Good is the Athlon Optics Warranty?

A lifetime warranty is on par with the highest quality optics brands you can think about. Your optic is covered for life and there is no need for a receipt or registration. You can use your optic deliberately, but if you do, you’re out of luck. Alterations, theft, and loss aren’t covered by this warranty.

How to Contact Athlon Optics?

Athlon is an approachable company that provides an email, phone number, and address on their website. Their social media presence includes YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Is Athlon Optics a Customer First Company?

Athlon is a customer-first company. Their products are top quality, and they provide excellent customer service. They also have a blog with helpful information about their products, and they give out free prizes to people who post pictures of their gear online.

Who Owns Athlon Optics?

Athlon Optics is an American company that makes sports optics and accessories. Founded in 2014, they’re independent of any parent company subsidiaries.

Does Athlon Optics Offer a Military Discount?

There are no military, law enforcement, and first responders discounts available through Athlon. You may qualify for these types of discounts through Athlon authorized dealers or retailers online and on the shelf nationwide.

What Optics does Athlon Make?

Athlon manufactures rifle scopes and binoculars. Their products include riflescopes, binoculars, and spotting scopes. Their products include laser rangefinders, Red Dot Sights, Prism Scopes, Magnifiers, Binocular Harness, Scope Accessories, Tripod Adapter, and more.

Does Athlon Optics Sell Clothing?

Athlon sells brand-name equipment that includes hats, shirts, jackets, and more.

What does Athlon BTR stand for?

BTR stands for “Bright Reticle” and is often used on Athlon optics.

Do Athlon Products Include Accessories?

Athlon optics include additional lenses, carrying cases, cleaning cloths, and instruction manuals. Athlon does not include rings with rifle scopes.

Does Athlon have Good Glass?

The Cronus line of optics is manufactured by Japanese companies. Other optics are made in China and inspected at their Kansas facility before being shipped out. Quality has been highly praised as a worthwhile feature of Athlon’s products.

What type of Materials are Athlon Optics made from?

Athlon optics are made with magnesium, aluminum alloy, and polymer composite materials. One-piece body construction is a standard feature for rifle scopes and Red Dot Sights. Argon gas is the most common use gas by the brand with Nitrogen reserved for the entry-level model.

Satisfy Your Optic Needs with an Athlon

Athlon Optics is a company that makes great products at an affordable price. Their lenses are very popular among consumers because of their quality and affordability.

With an Athlon on the Menu, you’ll leave satisfied. There’s no better feeling than Buyer Satisfaction. Bushnell Scopes Reviews, Rifle & Spotting Scope Burris Scopes Review, & Binoculars: Eliminator, Droptines, Signature & Fullfield Optical. Leupold Scope Reviews, Rifle & Spotter, Lasers Rangefinders & Binoculars Maven Built Optics, Binoculars & Riflescopes Field Tested & reviewed Meopta Scopes.

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Glass Clarity Reticle

For $300, you get an excellent scope. You’ll need to spend more money to get better performance.

APMR Mil reticle is great for hunting because it’s illuminated and doesn’t require batteries. It’s also very durable and won’t break easily.

First focal plane riflescopes are great for long-distance shooting because they don’t need any adjustments. You can shoot without having to calculate anything. Holdovers never change regardless of your magnification settings, so you’ll always get the same results.

Eye Relief Eye Box

The scope is big enough to handle any caliber. It has a generous eye box. Be sure to practice good cheek welding.


The scope is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It’s also O ring sealed and nitrogen purged making it completely water-resistant, fog proof, and dustproof. Athlon applied Xplo coating to the lens protecting it from dirt, grease, and oil.

This scope is designed to be used in almost any condition.

Elevation Windage Knobs

Turrets are spongy. They move easily without any resistance. There’s an easy solution to the problem: Grease them again.

You should be able to hear the difference after cleaning your gun. Your scope may or may not hold zero.

Tracking is an important part of hunting. But you need to know how to use your weapon properly. You should always aim high when shooting at a target. And if you want to shoot accurately, you should practice using your weapon before going out into the field.

Magnification Parallax

The 6x – 20x magnification is very versatile, but anything above that, it becomes blurry. A higher degree of magnification makes your vision clearer.

Mounting Rings

The scope mount system is quite sturdy. It’s easy to adjust and lightweight. You should buy a scope mount system if you want to use a scope. Get the Burris PEPR mount if you want to save money. Buy high-quality rings if you plan to use them.

A scope permanently attached to a rifle. You use a square recoil control key to engage the rings onto the scope. The rings screw into the scope using four Torx style T-25 socket cap screws. Scope mounts securely onto your rifle using four Torx style screws.

This rifle is great for hunting big game. It’s durable, and you get all the features you want at a low price.

This rifle features an advanced multi-coated lens system that provides maximum light transmission. A first focal plane reticle allows you to use the scope at full magnification without losing sight of your target.

Reticles are etched on the glass which provides excellent backing support for complex designs. This type of glass is used for rifle scopes. Recoil resistance is very high because of this feature.

The Turrets

The elevation turret is easy enough to grab with a good deal of resistance and feedback as it rotates through its 32 mil range. The elevation knob uses a visual indicator below the edge of the knobs to show how many rotational movements you’ve made.

Windage turrets are locked when you pull them out. You need to push them back in to lock them. There is no windage adjustment

Reticle Subtension Accuracy

I’m not equipped to test accuracy of reticle subtensions. My research tells me that this reticle is very accurate in this respect.

General Optical Performance

Athlon Ares ETR feels great to use. It’s clear enough to be useful throughout the entire magnification range, and it doesn’t make you feel like you’re missing anything by using it.

The Steiner lens is better than the Athlon lens.


Athlon Optics is one of the many US-based optical companies which outsource its products from countries in the Asian Pacific, especially Japan and China.

Athlon Optics is a great company that makes excellent riflescopes. Their products are affordable but still offer top-notch features. They have a lifetime warranty, which means you can buy their product with confidence.

Do let us know your thoughts once you read this complete guide.

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