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where are burris scopes made

If you own a Burris Scope you might be wondering how they work and most importantly, “Where are Burris Scopes made?

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Where are Burris Scopes Made

Where are Burris Scopes made?

Burris was started by a former Redfield employee named Don Burriss who also invented many innovative scopes. He contributed greatly to the rifle scoping industry and was responsible for inventions such as 4-12x and even 6-18x power scopes.

He invented the first non-magnifying scope. This was a huge step forward because it allowed people to see what they were shooting without having to use a magnifier. This made hunting much more comfortable.

Burris scopes are very popular among hunters because they perform just as well as more expensive optics, but come in at a much lower price. You also get the Burris Forever Warranty, which gives you peace of mind when spending hundreds of dollars.

This scope is made out of premium quality optics and materials. It is waterproof, nitrogen-filled, and shockproof. It is also very durable and affordable.

Where Are Burris Scopes Made? The Surprising Truth Here

There are many kinds of hunting equipment. You need to know what kind of equipment you want before you buy it. A scope helps you see better. Burris scopes are made in America.

These are frequently used optical gear, and they can do wonderful things for your rifle. So read on as I tell you the things to know, from where they’re made from and some FAQs you’ll need to consider when purchasing one.

Choosing the Best Burris Scope

Burris scopes are made by Burris company. There are many different models available for you to choose from. Their most popular model is the Burris Signature Select III 10×40. This scope is designed for hunting purposes. It offers great magnification and is easy to use.

Burris scope is a great tool for hunters who want to aim at their prey. This product is durable and waterproof with a strong design to last for a very long time. There are many models available from this brand, such as the full field II 2-7x25mm. With the powerful features, you can use them for both tactical and hunting situations. No matter what or where you’re aiming at, you’ll get precise and accurate capabilities.

Burris Scope products meet international standards. Their lenses transmit light without affecting your eyesight. A video shows how well these scopes perform.

Sighting With a Burris Scope

First, put the scope on your rifle. Next, aim at your target. Finally, pull back the trigger until you hear the sound of the bullet hitting the target.

Burris Thermal Series

A thermal riflescope, handheld, and clip-on thermal scope. These features include a high-definition display screen, an illuminated reticle, and a wide field of view.

Burris PEPR™ Mount

More details about Burris’ products are shown here. Burris focuses on accuracy, durability, innovation, value, and reliability. Their products rely on nearly 50 years of experience in optical engineering. Burris guarantees their products for life.

Burris Scopes Top Picks

The best way to find out if a scope will suit you is to try one on at a local shop. If it doesn’t fit correctly, they’ll let you know. They’re usually pretty helpful.

Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex x mm Rifle Scope

This scope is perfect for hunting because it is lightweight and compact. It is also great for shooting at distances up to 300 yards. Its reticle is perfect for hunting because its size is just right for medium-range shooting.

This scope is great for shooting in dim light. You can adjust the focus ring and zoom ring to your liking. The scope is made of high-quality glass that doesn’t fog up when it gets cold out. The scope also comes with a manual windage and elevation adjustment feature.

A very affordable scope that comes with a nice case. This scope is made out of plastic.

Burris Optics XTR II Riflescope x mm

Burris XTR II is the perfect rifle scope for beginners. It has a clear lens and a great zoom range. This scope is also very affordable.

Aside from the clear glass, this scope is a great choice for hunting. It has red dots that are helpful when aiming in the dark. The movement of the turrets is smooth and quiet. This scope is a steal for someone saving money. The value is not the scope alone, but the cover which provides excellent sun shading.

This riflescope is very useful. You can see everything clearly without any problems. It has many great features.

Adjustment knobs are easily accessed and easy to adjust. The scope is noticeably heavier than other scopes.

Burris Veracity Riflescope x mm

Burris Veracity 4x 20x 50mm Rifle Scope – Matte Black Amazon.com Check Price Burris Veracity 4×20 mm Rifle Scope – Matte Black

Burris makes great scopes, but their knobs are too hard to adjust. You should buy this scope if you want a scope with easy-to-use knobs.

The Veracity scope is robust and sturdy. It features five times zoom with 50mm objectives. This makes it ideal for hunting. The frontal focal plane technology provides excellent eye relief. The scope is made from high quality glass that offers clear and brilliant sights, even in low lighting conditions.

The reticle on this rifle is located on the front focal plane, meaning that it won’t fog up when it rains or gets very cold. This scope also doesn’t feel as crisp as other scopes I’ve used.

Burris Droptine Riflescope with Ballistic Plex

A scope that you can use to see farther distances than your eyesight allows. You can also shoot more accurately because you can see what you’re aiming at.

This scope is calibrated for.22 rifles. It features positive steel adjustment knobs. It is made from a single piece of tube. It is stronger than other scopes.

The Droptine scope is a very expensive rifle scope. It is waterproof, nitrogen-filled, and comes with hi-limited lenses. It reduces glare and provides shade from the sun. It is made out of quality glass and is designed to reduce glare and provide shade from the sun.

Rugged, simple, and elegant design. Use hi-lume coating to make the lens brighter. Easy to use and affordable. Ideal for bench shooting. The matte finish feels a little rough.

Burris Scopes Predator Quest

Burris collaborated with Les to develop this rifle scope specifically designed for varmints and predators.

The 3-9x magnification predator quest comes with a removable anti-reflection device. The 4.2-14x version comes without an anti-reflection device. The dials are solidly built positive and covered. This line was designed for hunters who wanted to go full stealth mode

A predator quest scope is an excellent choice for hunters who want to hunt hogs. It has a BDC-style reticle that works well for fast-moving small games.

The tube of the Burris predator quest scope is filled with nitrogen and doesn’t fog even in cold temperatures, making it ideal for hunting in cold weather. The ballistic plex E- 1 reticle is easy to see in any lighting conditions. This scope is robustly built to withstand harsh environments.

Multi-coated lenses provide great clarity in low light. They are quite heavy, weighing about 1,5 lbs.

Why Burris Scopes?

Burris makes high quality riflescopes. Their scopes are designed to be as accurate as possible. They are built to withstand harsh conditions. Burris knows that you need to be sure about your shooting before you pull the trigger.

Burris makes a wide range of rifle scopes for all uses – including bench shooting and hobbyist hunters. Their scopes are finely tuned for Predator Hunting. Varmint Hunting. Small Game Hunting. Big Game Hunting. African Plains Game Hunting. Turkey Hunting. Handguns. Tactical Scopes. The tactical line of scope is made to provide absolute precision and unrivaled reliability. Because they are built for personal defense and law enforcement, they have no chances of failure. The tactical line of riflescopes is ideal for those who are serious about long-range sports shooting competitions.

About Burris Optics

Don Burris started his business in 1972. He worked there for almost 10 years before he left to start his own business. Burris’ scope company grew rapidly and was very successful. Burris made many improvements to scopes and had a lot of success. After Don died, his son took over the company and continued making great scopes.

The scopes the company makes, are used by law enforcement across the country. Other product lines include handguns and other scopes. Burris scopes are made in the United States at their Colorado facility.


Is Burris a good company?

Burris scopes are some of the brightest and clearest scopes available. Their quality is unmatched by other companies.

Does Steiner own Burris?

Steiner is an optical company that makes binoculars. He is based in Bayreuther, Germany, and employs over 100 people. He will be integrated into the Burris group through its optics subsidiary, based in Colorado.

What is Plex Reticle?

Plex reticle is used for long-range shooting. They allow shooters to accurately hit targets at distances greater than 300 yards. The best way to use them is to aim at a target and then hold the crosshairs on the target until the bullet hits the target. This allows the shooter to focus on the target instead of trying to keep the sights lined up.

Final Verdict

These hunting scopes can be the perfect scope for you. Because it is a quality scope. It is a popular product among the shooting community as it uses thermal optics and is available at a cheaper price.

In 1971 Burris opened the sporting optics company that bears his name at a small warehouse on 8th Street just east of the U.S. 

Well, now you know where are these scopes made, also have a better insight of what they are and what the market has for you!

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