How to Mount a Rifle Scope on An Ar15 – What You Need, Step-by-Step Guide, and More…

Are you the proud owner of an Ar15 rifle but do not have a scope set up with it? Then it is unfortunate to say that you are not using the complete potential of the weapon. 

An Ar15 is a powerful rifle that shines the most during mid to long-range shootouts and to make that happen you need to know how to mount a scope on it.

Quick Summary

In this article, we will discuss the following things:

  • How to mount a rifle scope on an Ar15?
  • Adjusting a scope on an Ar15 and the tools needed

Let’s get into it.

Owning the best rifle and scope is only the tip of the iceberg. The actual ordeal that you need to get through is the process of mounting that scope on your Ar15 rifle, the right way. 

This might seem like a trivial task, but has a lot of technicalities involved, so it’s best to be prepared before taking on the mounting job.

To get yourself equipped to do a good scope mounting job on an Ar15, you would require a certain set of tools:

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Tools You Need For Mounting A Scope On An Ar15

Regardless of the mount you are using for your Ar15, the process of putting them on your weapon remains the same. 

To make sure that you perform this process properly, you would require this set of tools:

  • Hex Bit Tool: This tool is the lifeblood of all gun-related maintenance regardless of the make and model. This tool is composed of different bits and wrenches that work perfectly on weapons and make it easier to work on them.
  • Torque Wrench: If you have read other guides on the subject, you would know that no mounting job is completed without the torque wrench. This handy tool can help you through with the trickiest tightening or loosening job with ease.
  • Leveling Device: A scope is only good if it has been set up properly. And to make sure that the scope is properly aligned and centered, you would need to have a bubble leveling device.
  • Cleaning Alcohol: You would need to get rid of all the dust particles that have developed on the parts of your gun and mount, before setting it all up together.
  • Gun Vice Or Other Stabilizing Setups: Working on an unstable surface will only make your job unnecessarily harder so it is always advisable to get your hands on a gun vice or a homemade stabilizing contraption that is able to keep your gun steady and in place.

How To Mount A Rifle Scope On An Ar15 – A Step-By-Step Guide

mount a rifle scope

Now that you have everything you need, ready to go, it is time to get right into it and start with the mounting process. This step-by-step guide will help you through the entire process in easy to follow steps:

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Step 1: Get Your Ar15 Ready

The first thing you need to do when setting up your scope on your Ar15 realizes that a weapon with a loaded magazine is always a safety concern. So to start off, take out the magazine and ensure that your weapon is neutralized. 

Afterward, set up the gun in a gun vice or your stabilizing device and make sure that it is balanced with the help of the leveling device.

Now, take a swab of cotton and use the cleaning alcohol to clean the surface of your gun where the mount is going to be placed. 

Make sure to clean the mount, rail, and screws to rid them of any excess oils that might cause a hindrance during the installation process.

Step 2: Time To Add Your Scope Mount

Now that your gun is all prepped up, take the scope mount and open up the rings. 

Place the lower section of the rings on top of the upper receiver of your weapon, and make sure that they don’t rest upon the free-floating rail when placing the rings. 

This will avoid any unnecessary stress on the tube of your weapon and make sure the longevity of it isn’t affected.

Tighten the mount in place with your hands to make sure it isn’t tightened all the way to make room for adjustments. You can use the torque wrench for this process as well.

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Step 3: Add The Scope

Now that the scope mount rings are set into place, get your scope and make sure it’s prepped to be placed on the weapon. 

When placing the scope on the mount, make sure the flat surface of the scope goes against the rings to ensure that no unwanted movement is made after you secure it in place.

Now take the upper section of the rings and place them on top of the scope and tighten them in place, but not all the way. 

During this process, it is also advisable to adjust the eye relief of the scope to make sure it isn’t affected by the recoil during the firing process.

Step 4: Level It Up

Now the most important step, before you tighten everything into place, take your bubble level and make sure everything is aligned perfectly. 

Align the reticle horizontally and vertically to the point where you want it to be. Once all of that is done, start tightening up the screws with a torque wrench. 

Make sure to consult the scope guide during this process as each mount has different torque levels and over-tightening them can create problems as well. 

After tightening the screws, consult the bubble level once more, and if everything is in order, you are good to go.

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Ending Note

If you have made sure that the process is followed completely and properly, you would end up with an Ar15 with a scope properly attached to it. 

Now, all that is left to do is take the scope out for a whirl, make final adjustments to the reticle and eye relief, and you are set to enjoy your weapon with its maximum potential unlocked.

With a scope-mounted Ar15, this hunting season is sure to be a lot more exciting.

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