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A Little about Swift’s History

Swift Binoculars are a great brand of binoculars. They’re made by an American company, and they’ve been around since the 1920s. Their products include binoculars, riflescopes, pistol scopes, spotting scopes, and microscopes. They make most of their products for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen.

Swift Optics has a small but dedicated following who appreciates quality products and customer service. Swift makes it a point to listen to their customers and gather feedback. Because of this, they’re confident that they’ve designed some of the finest optics available anywhere on the market.

Opened for business during the booming times in the US and with advancements in optical technology and their numerous innovations, they continued to thrive during the poorer economic times following. According to Swift Optic, it is this staying-power that has helped them to be a trusted brand to those who know.

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The Swift Binocular Range

Swift binoculars focus on the birder, naturalist, and those who want marine binoculars. However, they also have binoculars for general use, sports, and hunting. Their Premier high-performance binoculars include the Eaglet, Audobon, and Sea wolf. The Swift premier binoculars include the ultra, seahawk, and horizon series. The standard collection includes aerolite and compact binoculars.

Binoculars are usually used by people who want to see things far away. The most expensive ones are the SeaWolf Marine 10×50 binoculars and the Audubon ED 8×44 binoculars. These are made out of metal and cost around $300.

The Swift Audubon Binoculars are designed as birding binoculars. They are popular among birders and for general observation of nature and wildlife. The Eaglet binoculars are also popular. They were designed by an American ornithologist who was born in Haiti.

Roof Prism Swift Audubon’s are great binoculars. They are made out of quality materials and are very sturdy. They are easy to adjust and focus on.

These binoculars are made for people who want to see things up close. They’re great for hunting or fishing. They also work well for police officers because they allow them to see everything around them.

Roof prisms are used in solar panels to reflect sunlight into space. Prism coating technology (CFT) is used in solar panels to increase efficiency. Solar panels are used to generate electricity.

These binoculars are great for watching birds. They have a 25-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. They come with a neoprene neck strap, rain guard, tethered objective lens cover, microfiber lens cloth, and padded field case.

Swift Eaglets are binoculars made by Swifts. These binoculars are very popular among people who want to see birds.

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Where to Buy Swift Binoculars?

These binoculars are a great choice for those who want to buy cheap binoculars. It is a very good product.

This camera is very lightweight and easy to carry around. It has an optical zoom lens that allows you to take pictures even if you’re far away from your subject. You can also use this camera as a webcam. It comes with a USB cable, a memory card reader, and a tripod.

where are swift scopes made

Where is Swift Scopes Made?

Swift Spotting Scopes

The high-performance night hawk scopes have ed glass and coaxial, coarser and finer focus with high-quality optics targeted at the top end of the market. Whilst the compact swift spotting scopes are designed to be a great value for money scope aimed at price-conscious consumers.

The night hawk range is 851-82mm. The premier range is 943-65mm. The premier zoom range is 945-80mm. The birdfeeder range is 10×40. The reliant range is 837-838. The reliant zoom range is 839-840.

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Swift Riflescopes

Riflescopes are used by hunters to aim their weapons. They are made in America using superior optics. Riflescopes are available in different ranges including the premier range and the cheap range.

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Swift Pistol Scopes

The Swift Reliant Pistol Scopes are both waterproof and fog proof. They are made from aircraft-grade aluminum with multi-coated optics, a self-centering Qudraplex Reticle that is designed to endure the unique recoil generated by Magnum Handguns. The Swift Reliant Pistol Scope range is 2-6×32, 4×32, and 4×32.


We hope that you have a grasp of Sofft’s history and its products!

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